Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here's a question

the big money Foundations get their money from Corporations.

If your group is funded by those big Foundations, you are supported by (laundered) Corporate money.



  1. It's a puppet show Rose.

    All the things they claim to abhor, they practice. The only saving grace is that Cobb is such a monumentally arrogant snob that he has disenfranchised himself from his own base, Kaitlin will self destruct in due time.

  2. Maybe Cobb and Kaitlin make ALL their money on the pancake breakfasts, and begging people to donate to them when they shop at the Co-Op. Maybe they take in bottles and cans for the CA Redemption Value.

    Where are the reporters?

    Measure T in court is a surface story. You can print press releases.

    Dig deeper!

  3. Look up "California Center For Community Democracy" which some local alt press has mentioned before. You'll find Kaitlin and a P.O. Box belonging to Hannah Clapsadle's mom in Albion. Total moneylaundering front.

  4. Cobb is a clut leader - hussler amazaing for sure - see my other post on this on the "cobb kaitliin family ... My kid went to one of there pancake breakfasts and said "Dad it was so weird" and showed me some of the funny money they sell ...

    I said "look honey I warned you about those people their a CLUT!"

    She said "Dad your right - that's exactly how it felt, and I don't remember you warning me about them!"

    I said 'stay away - think kaitlin should be about the age of his (Cobb's) daughter - isn't that weird and 'sticky' enough to give anyone a heads up?

    -- also their known to have freaquented = in the past - sick shit if you ask me.

    I'm an old hippy but group 'designed' sex is CLUT crap for sure - its one thing when it was 1967 and free love but this 'okay we're going to do such and such at a given time and place and dresss up ' -- a bit over the top and controling for my tasts. To 'contrived' even for this old hippy! - if it don't flow natrualy - its not ment to be ...

    "What the wind don't blow really shouldn't go"

    btw - led zepplen is getting back together! (yahoo)

    TA TA for now rose et al ...

  5. WHOA! DT! That's quite a link.

    You gonna be at the Kingston Trio tonight?

  6. This goes on?
    Seven years?
    A vintner who is a local perv?
    Play space?
    & Belknap?


  8. Wow nice to see Rose's blog turning into a gutter blog.Feel bad for some reason for you all who find enough spare time to obsess over David and Kaitlin's personal lives.F.Y.I.David is 14 years older than Kaitlin.Perhaps 1:45 a.m. is a bit to familiar with a world were a 29 year old daughter would have a 43 year old father.Fred would be utterly disappointed in some folk's perversions into the lives of others.

  9. Well David and Kaitlin are risque freaks, you can't deny that.

    Maybe it's not so bad, at least David Cobb's tastes don't venture so young as those of the old DUHC cult leader, Paul Cienfuegos.

  10. No Kingston Trio - chemo has my butt kicked. I went out to a home warming and barly made it through that on Sat night, we stayed for an hour or so. I'm just too weak to do much.

    As to the Cobb thing - sure its fine and his sex life isn't important?

    What? We hung Clinton for his 'flandaring' ..

    Personaly I belive that Sara Palin's a piss poor parent one kid is busted for cutting the breaks on the elementry school bus, and a PG 17 year old daughter. (In my book that's underage so where are the stagitory rape charges?)

    But then her kid who cut the brakes on the elementry school bus was sperited away and went to Iraq.

    what i'm saying is MORALS mater, cobbis a hussler, should it be illegal? Nope - but do I want to follow someone who does group sex?

    And I think about how "loose" he is to allow this data to get out. He can't clean up his life enough for public office I guess is whaat I'm saying.

    I'd 'like'' to be into all kinds of things, but because of what I do and who I am, I have an aproprate age lady and don't go in for group sex and drugs et al.

    I do it out of respect for those who work for me, so (quite framkly) they have a boss they can respect, and also so the image of our company isn't possably tarnished by this sort of crap.

    If I was runing for office, I wouldn't be seen in a group sex party, I was asked to visit and didn't even did that, it was those same people who told me who was there. I meentioned it to him (cobb) to confirm and he treated it as something to BRAG to me about.

    Anyway just sticky - think of someone like Worth Dykman or Obama being at one of those - how would that change oppion of him / them - also that sort of thing is a bit of leverage ...

    You see having had some intresting lins of work in the past, its pertty SOP to subevert tagets by setting them up with underage or young looking sex partners - then photographing them.

    (ah uncle suger and the things we do to keep this country free.)

    anyway knowing an 'asset' like Cobb has a perdiction for 'kinky sex' (no judgement just fact) make him a potental target for setting up in a sisuation where the photos could be use to lever him once he was in a posstion of power.

    Cobb is a joke who is a low level clut leader - impresses a few kids, like other 'guru's' about ... and worthless for any real office ...

    But when people say "oh what business is his sex life" - and all that ACLU - what do you want to do put camras in people in bedrooms ...

    wake up and smell the coffee - people and goverments put camaras in bed rooms of people they want to control, and get them a bit 'drunky' and drug them and shove them in a sisuation with some young thing (male or female) then they own that politican.

    That's why being able to keep your sex live with in a norm and being know as a 'normal' person - then you can't be subverted ...

    God I love our spooks ...

  11. .....Wow,Armageddon is a comin'!!And crapola,soon enough them gays are gonna be thinkin' they can run for office too.....but them queers just ain't"normal" enough are they?Ah yes,David is just Caligula reincarnated.

  12. And I should add that one's osession with the sex lives of David and Kaitlin may not be considered "normal" to the very choir you are trying to preach too.As I matter of fact,I find your obsession with them to be much more perverted than anything "risque".

  13. I'm surprised you are so incensed about this, Mresquan, without saying that it is untrue.

    I have no idea, and I have had disagreements with dt in the past, but I have not found him to be dishonest in anything he has told me - the reason for my 'compromise.'

    Again I would argue that ordinarily, there business is their business - but they have chosen to attempt to set policy, to dictate how others live their lives and conduct their business - not live and let live, not leave well enough alone, but direct action to interfere with and dictate how someone else gets to act.

    Not just idly, but relentlessly, vociferously, they never sleep on that quest for domination and power over others.

    I am starting to think that their obsession with "Corporate personhood" - their dancing up and down in fury over it - has more to do with their own lack of respect for their own personhood.

    You can't invoke the 'leave them alone and respect their choices' when they have no respect for others. Quite the contrary.

    I know you like them. they may be very nice people. But their foisting this POS Measure T - and their meddling in the lives and behaviors of others -= well, how do you reconcile the two?

  14. Measure T doesn't prevent individuals from donating.The owners and the employees fro mthe companies behind the lawsuit have every right to contribute as individuals.Measure T doesn't attack individuality.David and Kaitlin are being attacked for a pereived individual choice.And I don't know if DT's spiel is true r not, and I shouldn't know, they've never brought any of it to my attention, so it's really none of my business what they do and wy they do it.

  15. Corporations, businesses, are made up of individuals, mresquan, and an individual who owns a business deemed 'acceptable' by Ms. Belknap gets to make a choice that the one(s) deemed 'kinky' by Ms Belknap do not.

    She, Cobb, and Measure T - and everyone who supports and defends it - is practicing discrimination and seeking to exercise their control over others. At the point of a gun, no less.

    That's pretty serious.

  16. Is there any transparency about Democracy Unlimited? Are their books open? How much money has come in to support and defend Measure T?

    Why are they soliciting money to defend something that is in fact being defended at County expense?

    If the lawyer they pretended would defend measure T is pro bono, why do they need money?

  17. Well imho,all unions,corporations,PAC's,501c3 and c whatever,should be prohited.T isn't perfect, but a step in the right direction.
    The tribes are a tough one for me despite disliking the political stature of their repsective governments,as well I want to respect their sovereign status.

  18. Mresquan - it used to be a $30,000 race up here was a BIG race. Not that long ago, either. In fact it was 2002. When Geist ran against Shepherd, and Gallegos ran against Farmer.

    Then, someone threatened a recall against Gallegos - and Salzman went into overdrive. He started buying Gallegos bumperstickers, and FULL PAGE ads pumping his timberyesfraudnojusticeforall message. All BEFORE the donations came from the ads running. It wasn't long and I was hearing that he had $30,000, then planned to spend $60,000 and then it was $80,000. Somewhere in there, the Recall proponents went to Palco for money, and they must've asked for alot. And they must've gone back for more. Because Palco ROUTINELY gave $5,000 to candidates of all stripes back then. I remember that they used to give to both candidates, reasoning that whoever won, they didn't want to have played favorites.

    How they ended up giving as much as they did in the Recall election, I don't know. Maybe they figured they were in for a penny, in for a pound - or they had to throw more money in because they'd given enough that they felt vested. I don't know. But I do know the popular notion that they set the whole thing up to buy their way out of a lawsuit is false. They got sued all the time. By EPIC, by Bob Martel, by Terry Farmer's DA's Office, they had lawyers, good ones - and Miller/Stoen/Gallegos' suit was weak from day one. Day ONE, mresquan. they did not need to 'buy their way out.'

    Regardless, since Salzman has come to town, elections are astronomically more expensive.

    That has nothing to do with corporations - especially outside corporations, and everything to do with orgs and pacs and outside influences that you don't even know about.

    The little fairy tale that covers this all up is wearing thin.

    And even IF you don't care about the truth - if all you can see is Walmart/Palco - remember, THEY LOST. Corporate money did not buy them anything.

    THINK, man. THINK.

  19. Regardless, since Salzman has come to town, elections are astronomically more expensive.

    Just so you realize - that means upwards of $100,000, Mark.

    And whoever decides to run against saint Gallegos will need to plan to raise $300,000. The tool is very valuable to them - even as flawed as it is.

  20. That's not thirty thousand, Mark. That is THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND.

  21. And just to drive my point home - all Measure T does Mark, is hogtie anyone who tries to go up against this cabal. It gives them a clear playing field, and means that no one can stand in their way. No one can defend themselves. Nor even try.

    If that's what you mean by T being a step in the right direction, - - - -- I don't know what to say to you. You're wrong.


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