Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two bodies this week

☛ TS Officials investigating death of woman found in river
☛ ER Woman’s body found along Eel River near Fortuna
...Three men who were near the River Lodge and provided information to police spoke to The Eureka Reporter about what they saw on condition of anonymity.

The three men said they talked with the man later questioned by police outside the River Lodge at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday and that he said he was looking for a black-haired woman.

The witnesses said he rode away on his bike down a nearby dirt path behind the lodge and returned later at approximately 4 p.m., his pants covered in dirt and appearing distraught.

The unidentified man told the men that he had found the woman, but that she wouldn’t wake up after he said he attempted to resuscitate her with CPR.

Witnesses also said that the man said he and the woman got “pretty toasted” together the night before and that he had left her there after he couldn’t wake her....

☛ TS Homicide investigation in SoHum
☛ ER Sheriff’s investigating possible murder in SoHum

☛ TS Suspected homicide victim died of gunshot wound
A suspected homicide victim from San Francisco, whose body was found near Alderpoint last week, died of a gunshot wound, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office reported Thursday.
Authorities are still working to uncover the details of how 35-year-old Reetpaul Singh Rana died, and are withholding additional information about the investigation.
Rana's body was found Saturday in a wooded area along Dyerville Loop Road, near Alderpoint. The body was found nearly 100 miles from the burned-out remains of his light-blue 1996 SAAB four-door sedan, which was found along the north side of Big Lagoon, Sept. 10.
According to Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Lt. George Cavinta, the body appeared to have been dumped in the area. County Coroner Frank Jager said the man likely died about four or five days before he was discovered.

☛ ER San Francisco man died from gunshot wound
☛ TS Woman's body recovered from Eel River
Authorities are investigating the suspicious death of a 48-year-old Fortuna woman, who was found in the Eel River Tuesday afternoon, Humboldt County Deputy Coroner Charles Comer said Wednesday.
The body of Rosemarie Voyd was found in the water along the bank of the Eel River, near the River Lodge in Fortuna. But Comer said “it's not obviously a drowning. We're considering it a suspicious death.”
According to Comer, a man was said to have been drinking with Voyd along the river bank the night before she was found. Lt. George Cavinta of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office said that man has been interviewed by law enforcement, but is not being detained at this time.


  1. How mamy homicides does that make for Humboldt County this year?

    How many last year?

    How does the Humboldt homicide "rate" compare with Alameda County? Sacramento County? Is this information avaliable on line?

  2. The CA AG's office has statistics online, 7:19, but they're probably not as current as we'd like. You can find it at:
    Click on the "Statistics" button & you can find the breakdowns by county, city, crime, etc.


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