Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another funny quote:

When Stoen talks about the PL suit, his complete confidence in its success is disarming. "I will win this case," he says. "If Paul's not recalled, I am guaranteeing you that we will win this case. I don't know what the penalties will be, but this case is as solid as a rock."NCJ Cover Story

Yeah. He also said he only needed two pieces of paper and a couple of expert witnesses and this case was a SLAM DUNK.


  1. Maybe he meant to say "sink like a rock." Perhaps he was misquoted.

  2. Or "sink like a Stoen."

  3. Tim Stoen, Jeff Schwartz, Arnie Klien. PVG's dream team.

  4. You know the DA's office is on solid ground when the assistant DA begins his public statements with: "If Paul's not recalled..."
    Sounds like something from Monty Python!


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