Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another funny quote:

When Stoen talks about the PL suit, his complete confidence in its success is disarming. "I will win this case," he says. "If Paul's not recalled, I am guaranteeing you that we will win this case. I don't know what the penalties will be, but this case is as solid as a rock."NCJ Cover Story

Yeah. He also said he only needed two pieces of paper and a couple of expert witnesses and this case was a SLAM DUNK.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he meant to say "sink like a rock." Perhaps he was misquoted.

Rose said...

Or "sink like a Stoen."

Anonymous said...

Tim Stoen, Jeff Schwartz, Arnie Klien. PVG's dream team.

Robin Shelley said...

You know the DA's office is on solid ground when the assistant DA begins his public statements with: "If Paul's not recalled..."
Sounds like something from Monty Python!