Monday, September 29, 2008

Attorney: Gundersen to post bail today - UPDATED

☛ TS Bail lowered from $1.25 million to $50,000 at a hearing this afternoon.
☛ ER Gundersen to be released from jail tonight
On Friday, Watson dismissed the emergency protective order placed on Gundersen follow his preliminary hearing in April, which prohibited him from contacting Seal.

Gundersen will be sentenced on Oct. 22 and faces at worst three years, eight months in prison, mostly related to the firearm charges.


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012



  1. Should we all pitch in and put together a ticker- tape parade for him through the main drag in Blue Lake? Who has a convertible we can drive him in?

  2. Well, Fred, the guy has spent 8 months in jail, lost his job, lost his wife, lost his kids, lost his house, lost any money he may have had to lawyers fees... both he and his wife have had their most intimate details spread all over the county, his kids have had to walk the halls of the schools with all that out there in front of the public - and he is found guilty of taking pictures of his wife while she was asleep, maybe, or maybe unconscious, but we don't really know - found guilty of having some weapons in charges that may be overturned in an appeal.

    I kinda doubt he wants a parade. Maybe a cuppa coffee.

  3. I will admit that Davey is a lousy human being and had no business being a chief of police. BUT, he got totally screwed by another lousy human being who has no business being a district attorney. Gags just had a little more juice. He just keeps getting passes after he screws up.

  4. gallegos and Margret both had lunch with his wife Joan, they were seen leaving a certain place together just a few days before Gunderson got arrested, but there was no plot right......right.....

  5. "...he is found guilty of taking pictures of his wife while she was asleep,...".

    As an aside, something no one else has brought up (that I know of):

    Seems to me I read that the pictures that were found had been on his computer- they'd been deleted some time earlier on- and were recovered using one of those forensic type programs that can uncover even deleted files.

    I suppose it might not mean anything, and I suppose it corroborates a little about the wife being "taken advantage" of while drugged or sleeping, but I think a picture that's been deleted from a hard drive might throw a little less weight with me than one that was left on.

    I'm sure a lot of, if not most, guys have had some dirty pictures on their computers at one time or another that have long since been deleted. The question is, who deleted them and why?

    Did the wife see them and delete them, or did he show them to her and then she insist he delete them? Or, did he just delete them on his own for whatever reason?

    My point being that it would show the mindset of the participants as to how and why the pictures were handled and their roles involved in the whole thing.

    I don't know that any of that was brought out in court.

  6. I agree, Fred - and were there other similar photos taken when she was awake? As in, was it something they did together? That puts another spin on it, too.

    I'll have to look back but I remember testimony that she was wanting to permanently delete the photos and that was part of why she went to the ex and her buddies at the station... it sounded like it had more to do with her wanting a divorce than anything else.

    If it wasn't so dang expensive, I'd buy a set of transcripts.

  7. Talk about Mayberry RFD

  8. Hilarious

    That George Clark would pander to the Unions about the rail, port and marina center.

    Even funnier that Heraldo would chime in and contact the Clark campaign and get a completely different answer.

    Funnier still is the strange silence emanating from Heraldo and Eric, when confronted with NAMES of Union Reps, like Sid Berg, who heard Clark speak...

    Funniest of all is the silence from H-Pup (and Eric) when asked to do the SAME THING Heraldo did for verification from the CLARK CAMP - that is, email or contact the Unions and or their reps and see what they say.

    Could it be that they do NOT want to hear the answer.

    The fact is, George Clark has been a Loon, a gadfly, a flake, and now the progressives have hitched their wagon to him for this council run, and they know what a flake he is.


  10. Wow, the conservative rag has a much different opinion than Rose. Dare I say you are as hard right as David Cobb is hard left Rose?

  11. You can say whatever you want. Doesn't make you even close to the truth.

  12. and that's a fact.

  13. Rose sways harder to the right than Ann Coulter

  14. Well, that might be a fun game - on a scale of -100 (left) to 100+ (right), where does everyone in the local political scene fall by your estimation? If you're as far off on everyone else as you are on me, this could be highly entertaining. I mean, are Eric Kirk and heraldo equal to Cobb? Konkler? Fred? Ernie? Eko? Greg and Carol are pretty far left, but not hard left, not entirely hopeless. And do we go on the entirety or on issues? Where are the reporters?

    I don't know that I could even classify someone like Cobb as even in the stratosphere.

    eh. But see there are those dumb polls out there that do this stuff for ya all the time. Boring.

  15. I thought this was about Gudnerson getting out of jail?

    I guess some of those lefties have to get the spin going away from their hero, the progressive Paul ! Cause he blew another high profile case and looks kind of stupid? Incompetent? Politically motived??????

    Question is what will PVG do next? Will he charge Douglas and Zanotti? Hell no even PVG is not that stupid. Will he go after Gunderson on the # 2 wifie charges from years ago? He will be tempted but if he looses he might as well get out his skateboard and start chasing ambulances.

    How do others, PVG supporters, feel about his performance as a DA? And leave out the BS about having the guts to take on the good ole boys. PVG and his posse are the good ole boys now.

    Oh yes and there was his support for Measure T !! Watch the 6 minute video it's a gas !!!!!


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