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RIP Anon.R.mous.

anonymous said...
We regret to inform you that the man known as Anon.R.mous died a hero while fighting a blaze in southern California. His name is being witheld at the request of family, nontheless I will say that he was a firefighter often sent to many places in the country both to fight fires and train others to fight fires. He died a hero, and will be fondly remembered by those who knew him.
September 11, 2008 3:04 PM The Super Happy Fun Blog is no more.

Anon.R's first post: Welcome to Super Happy Fun Blog!
Humboldt County is so full of super happy fun people, I have to make a super happy fun blog to talk about them all! Weee!

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And, yeah, I am archiving some of his posts in the comments thread below - he had some good ones - and whoever posted the notice above may pull the Super Happy Fun Blog down.

Anon.R was a master at finding info online, and he loved to dig deeper and find out stuff about people who wrote letters to the editor - and sometimes it was hysterically funny.

I say he was one of the good guys. And I miss him. Still haven't figured out who he was, or might be.


  1. Humboldt in the NY Times!

  2. Har har har

    ...Begin in Arcata, the Humboldt State University town that was founded by loggers. Today, it’s populated with dreadlocked hippies and is known, in these parts at least, for the high number of houses where marijuana is covertly grown. It’s also home to a minuscule airport and is a no-fuss place to rent a car, grab a fortifying granola breakfast and start your drive.....

  3. Well, bully for Humboldt. Surely this is not the first time that place & the redwoods have made the Big Time News. The real story here is whether or not Anon.R.mous is really dead.

  4. Is that really a big story?

  5. Which? Humboldt or the redwoods?

  6. I've been checking in on his blog for 2 months now and have been missing his pungent comments. I'm sorry to hear this.

  7. I call bullshit. But seriously, you people actually give a shit about someone who makes fun of the disabled?

    Died a firefighter? Uh huh...

    More like from mold in his trailer.

  8. We once had an Anon.R.mous-type who wrote letters to the editor of our little newspaper (yes, we knew who he was)who actually built up quite a following. When he got tired of it, he wrote his own obituary in which he claimed to have died of flatulence on the post office floor. And that was that.

  9. exrepublican9/21/2008 9:19 AM

    the only following that anon.r.mousy had was the one that wanted to lynch his hateful ass.

    funny how a guy dies and NO one knows his real name or can say ANYTHING good about the guy. what a waste of food, water and air.

    i guess if you live a life with no honor, you will die with no honor also.

  10. No need for you to guess, Exrepub...

  11. This Anon situation sounds suspiciously like an episode of M.A.S.H.

    Dave Smith's M.A.S.H. Episode guide states:

    "Hawkeye creates a fake doctor, Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle, to give supplies to the local orphans. Henry wants Tuttle to be officer of the day, so Hawkeye creates a fake personnel file, and all his back pay is given to the orphanage. When General Clayton wants to reward his generosity, Hawkeye is forced to invent a story about Tuttle jumping from a chopper without his parachute! Of course, Trapper's new friend, Captain Murdoch, obtained the fake dog tags and parachute...!"

    It's one thing to fake your own death. But to fake your own death after never having been alive! That's one for the books!

    Anon.R.mous, rest in peace. We salute you! You and Tuttle.

  12. Well, I hope he comes back and says the rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. But somehow, I don't think that is going to happen.

    And you are wrong, ex - many of us like(d) him. I did.

  13. One of his funnier posts:

    I'll take a stab at it.
    So who corrupted me, do you think -- the Maxxam people or the anti-Maxxam people? If it takes you more than a couple of seconds to hazard a guess, you're already out of the game. And as anyone will tell you, John Driscoll is much more fair than I.

    Hank Sims

    It's the black market caffine dealers. How many cups of free coffee have you had in the last 10 years?

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    And hank sims said...
    You're talking about my Colombian hook-up? Good guess.
    March 15, 2007 12:56 PM

  14. This is classic anon.r.mous:
    The on again off again Ph.D of Larry Hourany
    Supporting president no matter what is illogical, unwise

    Dear Editor,

    The editor of The Eureka Reporter wrote a column explaining his opposition to the Iraq war. Those responding to his initial column were equally divided in support and opposition. Obviously, this is not a random assortment of opinions, as extensive polls show that about 70 percent of the nation is in opposition to this horrendous miscalculation of a war.

    But there remains a coterie of diehards who feel that this president must be supported no matter how many people die to satisfy his agenda. Anyone supporting this war should be closely monitored for other aberrant behavior.

    How can I be so rude as to make such an unrelenting assertion? Let me give an illuminating example. Some months ago I was part of a group working to select a new Boy Scout leader. I mentioned that leadership was in crucially short supply, at least on the national level. A committee member, taking the cue, said “Well, I didn’t vote for Bush, but he is the president and we must support him.” After suppressing the regurge factor, I said, “Well, suppose we select a scout leader, and after six months we find he has molested 50 percent of the boys. Do we leave him in until he’s finished?”

    Is this an unreasonable comparison? Not at all, folks. We have a very bad situation here and extreme measures are called upon to correct it. Patriots must stand up for honor and the rule of law. The Constitution has been trampled on and the appropriate remedy is impeachment.

    Larry Hourany


    Larry Hourany, I hope they remove you from the Boy Scouts, you are mentally ill in some manner. Then again, you are a on-again, off again PhD. And we can't expect too much from a ex professor now can we?

    Here is a collection of his greatest works:

    I am writing a book on evolution as it pertains to psychology and, because Stephen Jay Gould is my lodestar, I have tended to denigrate Richard Dawkins and the selfish-gene ideas. I was also close to deleting my chapter on (non)intelligent design. But the wonderful article by Stephen Hall vitalized Dawkins's ideas and positions in a way that allows me to rethink his contributions. Thanks for the eye-opener.


    McKinleyville, California

    No Ph.D

    Of course feelings will be mixed about Mark Felt's role in Watergate. But whistle-blowers are the heroes of our time. Felt did the nation a great service. It would seem that similar actions are desperately needed in today's era of closed ranks and hidden agendas. As we found out the hard way, loyalty to corruption is perversion.
    Larry Hourany
    McKinleyville, Calif.

    No Ph.D

    Larry Hourany, Ph.D., Retired Professor


    And then out of the blue, I get this letter from a Larry Hourany of McKinleyville, which in many ways
    reflected my own thoughts:
    “It is time we get it out in the open. Whether you are conservative, moderate, or liberal, it must be clear
    that the neocons consider themselves above the law. They have capitalized on a variety of fears to
    advance an agenda that has nothing to do with the health of the nation. Whether it is the major violation of
    the Iraq war, the jettisoning of the Geneva protocolsfor international conduct, the toleration of corporate
    chicanery, the instituting of repressive tax laws, or the reversal of critical environmental protections, the
    neocons have demonstrated a total lack of regard for the average citizen. The ultimate irony is that they
    have co-opted the phraseology of decency and concern for the average citizen while violating every tenet
    of social consideration. They have a cash register where their hearts should be.
    “While CEO's make obscene salaries, corporations are laying off thousands of workers. Thispresages the
    economic disaster lurking in the near future. The '06 elections may be thisnation's last chance to rectify a
    gut-wrenching slide into the neocon quicksand.”

    No Ph.D


    Come to the Demand Your Democracy Forum presented by the Voter Confidence Committee on Tuesday, April 11, at 7 p.m. at HSU Founders Hall Room 119. For more information, go to

    (Larry Hourany, Ph.D., is a McKinleyville resident.)


    Barack Obama's popularity derives not from the tools he brings to politics: intelligence, youth, good looks, personal or political history. Those get our attention. What makes the difference is his obvious decency—something so missing in today's political climate.
    Larry Hourany
    Mckinleyville, Calif.

    No Ph.D

    Among these is Ron Kuhnel, who championed this course, asking for a vote recount. This does not make him a “sore loser” as some vacuous suggestion would have it. Rather he is doing what any concerned public figure should do: fulfill their obligation to their supporters and fellow citizens. The VCC applauds Ron Kuhnel for this effort.

    Larry Hourany, Ph.D.

    Voter Confidence Committee



    It seems when he writes to Newsweek or other things, he leaves out the Ph.D, but when he writes local, he leaves it in. I don't know if Newsweek strips out the "Ph.D" in his name or not, or does he like fluffing his own chest out here in Humboldt County? I'm glad our tax dollars went to this man for so many years while he taught classes.

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  15. And this one:
    If they want a license pulled over a Movie, how about hers?
    War on Drugs is war on our own people
    Ellen Taylor
    Article Launched: 03/11/2007 10:38:14 AM PDT

    Mike Goldsby, a highly-respected local expert in drug addiction, declared in last week's My Word opinion, “I have nothing good to say about methamphetamines.”

    The estimated 1.4 million users in the U.S. would disagree. Productivity-oriented professionals with demanding careers praise the increased alertness afforded by meth. Timber fallers, mill workers, truck drivers, and others in dangerous occupations extol the stamina it provides. The military has always depended upon meth as a source of courage and quick reaction time. Poor people, trapped in multiple low-paying jobs or the exhausting paperwork demands of public assistance, emphasize its empowering and antidepressant effect.

    These people agree that, like other drugs, meth can be fatal. But its high morbidity and mortality, they would add, rest in the fact that its use is illegal.

    Like marijuana, also a medicine, meth is a multibillion-dollar criminal industry. There is naturally violence where such huge profits are to be made.

    As revealed by Gary Webb in his San Jose Mercury News articles on crack cocaine, successful drug networks involve protection and exploitation by government agencies, including law enforcement. Police departments flourish on grants for drug interdiction. The domestic cost of the War on Drugs was $51 billion in 2006.

    The penal system, increasingly privatized, prospers as well. The public pays an annual $27,000 for each of 2.5 million prisoners. As a society, we are invested in this industry: Some cities are almost exclusively supported by their prisons.

    I recently attended a conference, “Methamphetamine, Hepatitis and HIV,” in Salt Lake City, where drug policy analysts described “set and setting” as determinants of how a drug or medicine will affect an individual.

    The law enforcement vendetta against meth, and media use of such slogans as “meth kills,” linking it to deviance, disease and violence, provides a hostile setting, and amounts to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Public opinion as reflected in Times-Standard op-eds echo the official contempt. One guest opinion praised the policies of MaoTse-tung for summarily executing drug offenders. Another called it “terrorism,” and suggested soliciting Homeland Security money.

    The recent killings by the Eureka police were attributed to the victims' use of meth, which is rapidly becoming a license to kill. Even Mike Goldsby, in saluting law enforcement's “vital role in holding addicts accountable,” regretted that “there are not enough police or jails to arrest, convict and incarcerate every addict.”

    A declaration of war is an open invitation to ignore the rights of individuals in the name of a more urgent destiny. The War on Drugs is no exception.

    Harsher sentences than for murder, illegal searches and seizures, intrusive urine testing, property forfeitures, disenfranchisement, ineligibility for public support, housing, school loans or food stamps, loss of children: Fourth, fifth, eighth and fourteenth amendment protections are widely denied meth users.

    Demonization of meth cripples democracy. A minority of our citizens even votes, let alone takes an active role in policy decisions which will affect their and their childrens' lives.

    Involvement in illegal and socially-condemned activities has estranged large segments of the population from political life. Paranoia prevents users from exercising their first amendment rights to express their opinions. Thus, in a democracy already handicapped by apathy, a stigmatized class is prevented from defending their own interests.

    This has powerful implications. One op-ed reported that 70 percent of children in some Humboldt County schools come from “meth homes.” Urine tests at local clinics confirm wide use.

    Paul Gahlinger, M.D., commander of the Davis County Jail in Utah, observed that his inmates, 65 percent meth convicts and one-third female, attribute their incarceration not to meth but to the chaotic problems of poverty. They have no plan to stop using.

    It is evident that meth is endemic, a street medicine used to treat endemic conditions of life in the American culture of speed, performance, achievement, self-absorption, alienation, waste and neglect.

    The War on Drugs amounts to a war on our own people. It is contrary to the precepts of Christianity and all other religions, and destructive to the foundations of democracy.

    We must treat the human conditions which cause suffering, instead of demonizing the medicine that relieves the symptoms, if we wish to restore family and human values to our communities.

    Ellen Taylor lives in Petrolia.

    Ellen Taylor also works in the medical field, should her license be pulled for saying meth is a great and wonderful drug? Also DOT regs will pull the license of any truck driver for awhile if they get piss-tested with meth in their system. Meth makes workplaces unsafe and gives people poor impulse control.

    But should her license be pulled? That is up to you dear bloggers, is what she did worse or better then showing that movie? And if she is so worried about people being poor up here, why does she always try and block any improvements to the area, or things that could bring high paying jobs to the area?

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  16. He loved to dig deeper on the letter to the editor writers...
    Is Noel Adamson using an automatic left-wing rant generator?
    Dear Editor,

    I think it is wonderful that you published news of the “pro-life” group’s plan to demonstrate outside Patty Berg’s office and even detailed some of the hypocritical and petty rhetoric of the extreme right who, while they make a fuss about zygotes and terminally ill patients, are so steadfast in their extremely large-scale involuntary destruction of life at home and around the planet. From Osama bin Laden’s Sept. 11 attacks to Bush II’s massive destruction of Iraqi life, these (people) go largely unmolested. “Right to lifers” like Eric Rudolph and a couple of others were taken into custody when citizens finally took it upon themselves to do so, while our government has been busy using its power to fight nonthreatening socialists like Saddam Hussein and their other more benevolent political enemies like the Texas Democrats and environmentalists in the name of the phony democracy-trumping perpetual “war on terror.”

    The right-wing totalitarian MO for mass murder, impoverishment and imprisonment of our own people in wholesale quantities and other extremely immoral activities has always been a serious PR problem solved with loudly broadcast pictures of a kitten, photo ops of children’s birthday parties and other implications of moral superiority distributed via the lockstep corporate media. Hitler had many, many such photo ops, as has George Bush II. You can, in fact, always tell when they are doing something particularly bloody and evil when you see Mr. Bush in a classroom reading “My Pet Goat” or some such, and you can often deduce what they are doing when you see them starting a smear campaign to scapegoat someone for the very thing they are planning.

    I would ask that you might announce such activities as this right-to-life demonstration a little sooner that we might have a chance to counterdemonstrate.

    Noel Adamson


    I guess the whole thing is having it at normal working hours lunch time threw off Noel Adamson and the other crazys in Humboldt County. Next time you damn right-to-lifers, throw this at complete odd hours and send out RSVP letters three months in advanced to all the local nut clubs! And remember folks, your tax dollars pays for this man to live, is America great?

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  17. Heh heh

    NCJ speaks the truth!
    Link Here

    There must have been an error somewhere, leaking HTML, or a just "funny" feeling around the office that day, but even now, the NCJ has this to say about Fhrye Phoenix


    In the screencaps below, see what happened.

    spacer dingbat spacer dingbat spacer (graphic saved)

    Sometimes the laughs that Google and HMTL gone wild make are all worth it.

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  18. How quicky things can change in Humboldt County.
    North County Fair, Reggae on the River, Kinetic Sculpture race, they all seem somewhat doomed. What happened? Funny enough, greed and money. How did greed and money come into play at these hippiefests? Will we ever know why? But so far this year, it seems that the NCF has lost alot of old time supporters, many not returning, and now have both the police and the local stores upset with it. I think the next thing to have issues is going to be the Oysterfest, due to the actions of Humboldt Baykeeper INC. I've seen alot of fun things go in my time in Humboldt County.

    Driftwood Sculptures
    North Country Fair
    Lumberjack Days
    Marino's Club
    Jimmy Dunn's
    Kinetic Sculpture Race

    That's just the tip of the iceberg isn't it? I'm starting to think harder about packing my bags and moving on, it's just not worth it to try and live here anymore is it? I could sell my place here and get another, nicer, larger place elsewhere for cheaper, and get a job faster with better pay then here. I think I should pack up my donkey cart and leave.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 10:05 AM 26 comments

  19. Now I remember why I liked him -

    And how long has this man lived in Humboldt County?
    Hurwitz's intentions easy to determine from his actions with PALCO

    Dear Editor,

    For 20 years, people have been making the case that Charles Hurwitz was planning the Pacific Lumber bankruptcy ever since he bought the company with junk bonds, which is to say, borrowed money. Of all of the damning observations I have read, the most compelling is about the money taken out of Pacific Lumber in the form of dividends paid to MAXXAM.

    Hurwitz may have put the company $800 million into debt when he bought it in 1985, but he has taken out more than $900 million in dividends just since 1994. In 1998 alone, he was paid roughly $500 million for 7,000 acres known as the Headwaters Forest — and yet not one penny of that money was put toward the principal he owed.

    So now employees owed severance will not be paid and retirees need to worry about an underfunded pension plan. Meanwhile, Hurwitz is $900 million richer.

    As others have observed, Charles Hurwitz does not run companies and he does not build companies; he liquidates companies. Surely he and his apologists will try to throw up red herrings and assign blame elsewhere, but you cannot escape the clear observation that he has taken all profits back to Texas as dividends rather than to pay down his loan.

    Richard Salzman


    I'm just wondering if Salzman has lived in Humboldt County since the take-over of PL. Was he around for the tree spiking war, Julia "Mothwoman" Hill treesit parties, with free cellphone coverage? And how much money has he put back into this area with Salzman INC anyway? Does he employ people with a living wage? Health coverage? Free cable TV? Anything? Other then being a complete blow-hard and spammer of letters to the local papers and somewhat questionable ethics and morals, has he done anything to improve the lifestyle of the Humboldt County Citizen?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:30 AM 4 comments

  20. Why do they always do this?
    Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

    Just about every left-wing, pro-freedom blog does this. Why do they do this? The worthless police review blog, home to the mentally ill Noel Adamson, did this, and they claim they want input from everybody.

    It's funny, and shows their true colors right off the bat.

    And what the hell was E-R thinking printing shit from Nicky "Brave" Bravo Ryan Fenster? He is getting as bad, and as dumb as phrie, jymm, jimm, nutcase, who seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth, thank Bob.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 7:43 AM 30 comments

  21. Ken Miller, Humboldt County's drugpusher.
    Advice for the new police chief: Stop meth
    My Word by Ken Miller, MD
    Article Launched: 01/20/2007 04:29:45 AM PST

    To the the new Eureka police chief: In anticipation of your long-awaited arrival, please accept some guidance gleaned from polling many friends in the community. We are in dire need of change, and what we need most of all is to eliminate the methamphetamine plague that is destroying our community.

    Recent police shootings have highlighted the terrible consequences of meth. The elimination of the meth epidemic will take county-wide community collaboration and commitment, but you, our new EPD chief, could play a pivotal leadership role in this effort.


    Despite the cynicism, together we can, and must, rid ourselves of the meth menace. We simply cannot afford not to.

    Methamphetamine accounts for an enormous share of our county's social problems. If we add up the costs of methamphetamine to our community, including the costs of domestic and other violence, addicted mothers and babies, abnormal pregnancies and births, foster care, theft, murder, mayhem, environmental contamination, lost and ruined lives, industrial and other “accidents,” disrupted families, police time and incarceration costs, medical (Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, sexual diseases, etc.), dental and psychiatric disease, it becomes
    obvious that we cannot afford to permit this plague to continue to ravage our community.

    Methamphetamine makes people crazy, endangering everyone, and putting police into hyper-vigilant, panic-prone states.


    The control of any epidemic requires the cooperation of citizens and their relevant government agencies -- public health, native tribes, and law enforcement. Our current fragmented approach is obviously ineffective. Meth users have readily available supplies, non-users are either afraid or otherwise reluctant to turn in the known users or suppliers, police efforts are inadequate, and treatment of users and their families has been spotty and ineffective.

    Comprehensive integrated approach

    The cornerstone of a methamphetamine eradication program is intensive, readily available treatment-on-demand for patients and their families. This can be accomplished with mini-treatment centers distributed strategically throughout the county, staffed by a physician's assistant, an experienced therapist, and a social worker. An M,D, addiction-ologist based in Eureka would direct the program.

    Many users self-medicate for depression and other psycho-social maladies, which can be treated. In extreme circumstances, medical amphetamines under medical supervision can be prescribed, thereby eliminating the unacceptable collateral consequences of illegal meth use. Many medications are available in the harm reduction pharmacopoeia.

    An intensive media effort using TV, radio, and print, and an equally intensive outreach program in the schools and other appropriate venues must be conducted to transform the current culture of passive acceptance or resignation into one of determined zero tolerance.

    Law enforcement must cooperate with the district attorney and the courts to divert users into treatment, whether voluntary or enforced. Community members must feel safe and motivated to turn in suppliers, and users, confident that comprehensive outreach and treatment programs await them. Residential treatment must be available for some. Recalcitrant users and suppliers should be incarcerated, which is not exactly an inexpensive alternative. If we stop the supply, users will go away.

    Humboldt County should be able to obtain grant funding for a model three- to four-year program designed to demonstrate how to stop the meth plague in a rural community. SPAN (Speed Prevention Awareness Network) is well-positioned to help.

    The costs of such a program are minimal compared to the costs of the extraordinarily expensive consequences of methamphetamine abuse. Since most methamphetamine comes from outside the county, and drug money has been linked to terrorism, eradication efforts could qualify for antiterrorism funding.

    Professionalize the EPD

    Of course we expect you to raise the standards in EPD, requiring a broader education for officers and offering better pay, improving your collaborative crisis response capability, and stressing non-lethal strategies for apprehending non-dangerous fugitives, especially the mentally ill (including intoxication).

    We would appreciate an EPD that treats non-violent protesters evenhandedly, and is respected but not feared by the public. To this end, calls for a citizen oversight process deserve to be considered by you as an expression of desirable citizen involvement.

    We would also welcome your calling for an independent coroner's Inquest into the recent shooting of Chris Burgess, about which many serious questions remain unanswered.

    To pull all of this off, you will need all the requisite police leadership skills plus an affinity for cooperative and compassionate collaboration with the public, tribes and our agencies.

    Welcome to town. We hope that you are excited by the challenges and innovative possibilities in our beautiful, diverse and active community.

    Dr. Ken Miller lives in McKinleyville.

    Link Here

    So Ken's underhanded stab at the EPD goes with his "How can I make money of meth" plan of attack. As you all well know, Ken writes 215 cards, and he makes alot of money from them. Then he donates $5000 to the local D.A. who makes pot pretty much long as you have a prop 215 card (from Ken Miller) Part of the drug culture problem we are having here comes from Ken Miller himself. But because he hasn't found a quick and easy way to make money off meth, he wants a clean-up program paid for by taxpayer's dollars......Maybe he will piss off that other guy, who already has the meth treatment side in his back pocket.

    But listen to Ken Miller, he likes to make money off drugs.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:33 AM 5 comments

  22. What I really think about David Cobb.
    I have two orders of business regarding Mr. David Cobb. By way of introduction, let me just say that if David can overawe and befuddle a sufficient number of prominent individuals, then it will become virtually impossible for anyone to lend support to the thesis that autism has its stronghold among venom-spouting delinquents. Although I can no more change the past than see the future, it's safe to say that if my own experience has taught me anything, it's that I wonder if he really believes the things he says. He knows they're not true, doesn't he? A complete answer to that question would take more space than I can afford, so I'll have to give you a simplified answer. For starters, he cares for us in the same way that fleas care about dogs. The sooner he comes to grips with that reality, the better for all of us. What David doesn't realize is that I like to face facts. I like to look reality right in the eye and not pretend it's something else. And the reality of our present situation is this: We should not concern ourselves with his putative virtue or vice. Rather, we should concern ourselves with our own welfare and with the fact that the general public is finally starting to become aware of David's duplicity and complicity. Am I being unduly harsh for writing that? I think not. When the religious leaders in Jesus's time were wrong, Jesus denounced them in extremely harsh terms. So why shouldn't I, too, use extremely harsh terms to indicate that to deny this is to deny science, let alone the evidence of one's own powers of observation? How can we trust a flippant wheeler-dealer who actively conceals his true intentions? We can't. And besides, we wouldn't have a problem with demagogism if it weren't for David. Although he created the problem, aggravated the problem, and escalated the problem, David insists that he can solve the problem if we just grant him more power. How naïve does he think we are? Truly, if you'll allow me a minor dysphemism, David's witticisms are an audacious, insane circle that begins and ends with David. Or, to phrase that a little more politely, if David succeeds in his attempt to shatter and ultimately destroy our most precious possessions, it'll have to be over my dead body.

    Documents written by David's bootlickers typically include the line, "Deconstructionism is a noble goal", in large, 30-point type, as if the size of the font gives weight to the words. In reality, all that that fancy formatting really does is underscore the fact that the hour is late indeed. Fortunately, it's not yet too late to win the culture war and save this country. I know some crotchety individuals who actually believe that a book of David's writings would be a good addition to the Bible. Incredible? Those same people have told me that he can change his coldhearted ways. With such people roaming about, it should come as no surprise to you that every time David utters or writes a statement that supports radicalism -- even indirectly -- it sends a message that there is something intellectually provocative in the tired rehashing of phlegmatic stereotypes. I assert we mustn't let him make such statements, partly because the problem of ungrateful, xenophobic phonies serves as an excuse for him to express his own hostility and frustrated need for power, but primarily because he exhibits an air of superiority. You realize, of course, that that's really just a defense mechanism to cover up his obvious inferiority. Now, why all this fuss about a few obdurate bromides? Simply put, it's because David ignores the most basic ground rule of debate. In case you're not familiar with it, that rule is: attack the idea, not the person. In closing, I consider this letter to be required reading for everyone who still cares that what I call impetuous tightwads are intrigued and puzzled by Mr. David Cobb's amalgam of unsophisticated interdenominationalism and truculent prætorianism -- a tangled web of KKK, Freudian, encounter-therapy, populist, Ayn Rand-like, and Marxist notions. Unfortunately, with our nation's media being as controlled as it is, there's no way that this letter will be widely publicized. Therefore, I'm counting on you to pass on this letter to all of your e-mail contacts. Thank you.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:49 AM 1 comments

    A mild rant about the local Green Party.
    Please forgive me, but I told you so. I predicted long ago that The Green Party would provide cover for an ultra-impolitic agenda. Now that it has, I'd like to express my thoughts on the matter. For practical reasons, I have to confine my discussion to areas that have received insufficient public attention or in which I have something new to say. What is The Green Party's current objective? As usual, there are multiple objectives:

    * to hinder economic growth and job creation,
    * to create an atmosphere that may temporarily energize or exhilarate, but which, at the same time, will pose the gravest of human threats, and
    * to cater to the basest instincts of batty boors.

    Some people don't seem to mind that The Green Party likes to dissolve the bonds that join individuals to their natural communities. What a sniffish world we live in! If The Green Party's disquisitions get any more short-sighted, I expect they'll grow legs and attack me in my sleep. Common sense and scientific evidence agree: The Green Party's indiscretions all stem from one, simple, faulty premise -- that there should be publicly financed centers of irrationalism.

    We must do what comes naturally. If we don't, future generations will not know freedom. Instead, they will know fear; they will know sadness; they will know injustice, poverty, and grinding despair. Most of all, they will realize, albeit far too late, that The Green Party thinks that it can override nature. Of course, thinking so doesn't make it so. Sure, The Green Party may have a right to mollycoddle what I call xenophobic energumens, but we certainly don't have to stand idly by while it exercises that right. The Green Party contends that it can ignore rules, laws, and protocol without repercussion. Excuse me, but where exactly did this little factoid come from? Unless mediocrity is a worthwhile goal, it is simply wrong to conclude that factionalism brings one closer to nirvana. The Green Party's modus operandi is to control, manipulate, and harm other people. Never forget that and never let it use every conceivable form of diplomacy, deception, pressure, coercion, bribery, treason, and terror to put brazen, muddleheaded palookas on the federal payroll.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:47 AM 0 comments

  23. MEET THE NEW BOSS! I mean welcome in 2007!
    Same as the old boss!

    Let's see what crap we will have to deal with in 2007!

    Don't get fooled again, by Salzman and company!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:41 AM 3 comments

  24. Friday, September 29, 2006

    What the hell does this mean??
    District Attorney Gallegos responds in e-mail exchange

    To Paul Gallegos and Wes Keat, from Heather Muller
    If either of you has time to speak today regarding a follow-up on our Sept. 26 story, please contact me at your convenience.

    From Wes, we’re hoping to learn if he has any additional details about the phone call he reported making to the Attorney General’s San Francisco office. We have not been able to confirm with that office that the call occurred.

    From Paul or Wes, we’d like to know if the plea deal reached in the Derek Bowman case was typical of the kinds of deals reached by the DA’s Office — nine felonies, two misdemeanors, an extensive criminal history and no time requested except on a separate probation violation. An explanation is warranted.
    We would also like to clarify a statement made by Max Cardoza, who evidently is declining to speak to us. He said that Bowman was now a convicted felon, which I think is technically, although not entirely, accurate. Is it not true that because of the way his sentence was suspended, those charges would be reduced to misdemeanors at the conclusion of his probation?

    We are also waiting for the district attorney to address specific questions previously raised by this newspaper and sent to him by e-mail Sept. 22. If those questions need to be resubmitted, please advise.

    To Heather Muller, from Paul Gallegos
    As I said before, my office operates without fear or favor. Max Cardoza is (a) highly qualified, experienced, aggressive prosecutor whose judgment I respect and trust.

    To Paul Gallegos, from Glenn Franco Simmons
    We are not doubting anyone’s professionalism. We only want some answers to our questions. As the leader of your organization, we contacted you. If you are directing us to contact Mr. Cardoza, then perhaps I should send you the e-mails he sent me basically stating that he won’t speak to us. Why won’t anyone answer our questions?

    To Glenn Franco Simmons, from Paul Gallegos
    Both I and my attorneys have always made ourselves extremely available to your reporters and you. This e-mail further confirms that.

    Link here

    What? Anyone else dig the groovy non-answers? Maybe they need to send a email "Dear Paul Gallegos, ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTIONS. If a person on the stand pulled this shit, a good lawyer would we all over him like flies on shit. Does Paul Gallegos really think the people of Humboldt County are ALL this stupid? Or Paul. just do this next time.

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    Plead the 5th.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:26 PM 1 comments

  25. What to do with all these negative waves?

    Dikeman evaluation failed to consider all sides of his career
    by Antonio Llanos, 9/22/2006

    Dear Editor,

    Having just read the article regarding the firing of prosecutor Worth Dikeman (“Deputy District Attorney Worth Dikeman is fired,” by Heather Muller and Christine Bensen-Messinger, on Sept. 16), I find it interesting that in the brief review of Mr. Dikeman’s career you neglected to mention the recent ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that found he rejected potential jurors in a murder trial “on the basis of their race, in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment,” Times-Standard, Sept. 13, and The Eureka Reporter, Sept. 12. This seems relevant to an evaluation of his performance.

    The statistics presented in the article are also interesting, Humboldt County voters “voted down (the recall) by more than 22 percent.” It was voted down by 61.43 percent (Humboldt County, Election Summary Report, March 2, 2004), which is indeed more than 22 percent, but misleading nevertheless.

    Antonio Llanos

    Letter here

    Why is it that about 98% of these letters head back to Salzman's AEB? But don't take my word on it, follow the link and search for it here. You'll find him living in Bayside, not Eureka though on that list. But could it be more then that? Antonio Llanos works forH20 Designs* who could have earned more money with a sucessful PL lawsuit and clean-up, but we couldn't figure that out from the website, there wasn't much too it. Who knows.

    posted by Anon.R.mous  # 2:54 PM 2 comments

    * Hydrologic Solutions
    Michael Love, P.E.
    mlove at h2odesigns . com
    Antonio Llanos, P.E.
    llanos at h2odesigns . com
    Rachel Shea, P.E.
    shea at h2odesigns . com
    427 F. St. Ste 223
    Eureka, CA, 95501
    PO Box 4477
    Arcata CA 95518

  26. He talked about this alot - stuff going on at CR, tried to get the reporters to look into things -

    No surprise here, still no coverage on crimes and cover-ups at College of the Redwoods.
    It has been months and months of a media black-out about crimes at College of the Redwoods. Why? Why hasn't there been any questions about the security officers, or lack of them? There have been attacks on staff by a student, who is from a very famous Humboldt County family. Threats of harm to staff from other staff members, who Joe Porras and Ibrahim "Abe" Ali have covered up. Work place harassment, threats, and now, firings.

    On 5/10/2006 at about 09:45 PM, there was a 911 call made to the police. Nobody has followed up on that story, or the cover-up that has followed. There have been other calls, and other crimes. Why hasn't anyone asked about the Redwood Academy students buying pot from a school employee? Or better yet, what about the school paid tutor that forced himself on another Redwood Academy student? How about the cover-ups that go on each and every day? Is it going to take someone getting killed?

    I hope not.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:37 PM 1 comments

  27. Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Lest we forget.
    Officers who shot Moore should be in therapy

    Dear Editor,

    The police involved, and the mental health professionals who should have been but were not, are also victims in Cheri Lynn Moore’s killing.

    Many Vietnam vets suffer from post traumatic stress disorder related to atrocities they either committed or observed. Many were perversely excited by their horrific acts, an excitement and horror that plagued them with guilt and remorse they could not share, even as they repeated these terrible acts of violence over and over.

    This repetition staved off the crushing, irreconcilable remorse they had no time or resources to face. Rather than inhibiting them, their incipient PTSD forced them into a spiral of reprehensible behavior. They became very dangerous, and thus very effective, or at least surviving, soldiers.

    Only later, with reflection and therapy, came healing, and many vets who had sought refuge in isolation were able to re-integrate into society in productive ways.

    The cops who shot Cheri Lynn Moore into pieces at point-blank range are now back on the streets, armed, both with weapons of deadly force, and also with the guilt, shame and horror of what they have committed in the name of law enforcement and public safety.

    Caught now between acknowledging their culpability and egregious ineptitude, and putting on a brave face, these men are vulnerable to erratic behavior, poor judgment and long-term psychological problems.

    They should be in treatment, not on the streets.

    Dr. Ken Miller


    Wow Ken, that isn't a bias little chunk right there now is it? Not everybody in Viet Nam suffered from PTSD, nor does everyone get well by going to drum circles, and crying for hours on end. But here is the kicker, it is way to early to, under the DSM IV, claim that these man have full-blown PTSD. Must be odd, a man who has made alot of money in the last few years selling prop 215 cards to people who it would do the most damage to complaining about PTSD monsters running around. What's the cure rate for your Prop 215 card holders Ken? 90%? 50%? 0%? Yeah, that's what I thought. It is sad when someone who has made mentally unstable people worse by giving them prop 215 cards, fakes concern by worrying about the policemens and policewomens mental health.

    Stop trying to get your drug buddy re-elected.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 7:45 PM 4 comments

  28. The battlelines are drawn!
    Dear Editor:

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. As you know, I am in trial and the early parts of a trial, most especially a murder trial, are a little time consuming. So you know, I was very embarrassed to learn that I had inadvertently quoted Robert Felix, professor emeritus, without attribution. At my earliest opportunity, I telephoned him to apologize and he graciously accepted. Great teachers like the professor and great leaders like I believe Robert Kennedy would have been are and have been a constant source of inspiration to me. I take their words, their thoughts and their deeds to heart. In the future, I will certainly strive to be much more careful when writing. I provided a similar statement to Heather Muller of the Eureka Reporter so she too will know of both my embarrassment, my regret, my apology to the professor and my commitment to work to prevent such an embarrassing moment again.

    Paul Gallegos

    District Attorney

    Link Here

    Paul doesn't have enough time to TALK to Heather Muller of the Eureka Reporter, but he has enough time to write a letter to the Times-Standard. I enjoy how he is spinning his fuck-up to include how he's always looked up to great men like Robert Kennedy and Robert Felix. But does that mean he shares their flaws as well? Or does Paul think he is Kennedy reborn, after all, he doesn't say "I'm sorry" for stealing Kennedy's words as well.

    I wonder if the letter was written out in Crayons on a legal pad, with stick figure drawings and a huge cartoon heart.

    $5 his handlers sat down and wrote that letter for him, or it was written on the company dime. Any takers?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:31 PM 11 comments
    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Starting to get a bit thick now....
    A second Gallegos column raises questions about attribution
    by Heather Muller , 9/8/2006

    Another newspaper column bearing
    the name of District Attorney Paul Gallegos contains the words of another man — in this case, the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

    The column, published as a “My Word” guest commentary in the Times-Standard on May 7, during Gallegos’ heated re-election campaign against Deputy District Attorney Worth Dikeman, contained numerous phrases closely resembling those used by Kennedy in a variety of writings and public addresses.

    Link Here

    OK, here is a question, which My Word has he done all by himself? Is this a habit? Did he cheat and lie his way through school and on the Bar? Has he covered up crimes, or made sure evidence has gone away, or showed up in a case? What does his good pals Ken Miller have to say about this?

    Who is dirty in all of this? How deep does the crimes go?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:05 AM 24 comments
    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Oh shit, he stepped in it this time.

    by Heather Muller , 9/7/2006

    Significant portions of a guest commentary submitted by Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, and printed in the Saturday edition of the Times-Standard, appeared earlier in an academic paper written in 2000 about a World War II-era Western starring Henry Fonda.

    Gallegos’ commentary appeared as a “My Word” guest column in the Times-Standard, under the title “Vigilantism a force of anarchy.” In it he argued that vigilantes put the rights of all people at risk by overriding the safeguards of due process — an argument legal scholar Robert Louis Felix made six years earlier in “The Ox-Bow Incident,” a paper written about a 1943 film by the same name.

    “There’s certainly nothing earth-shattering about the thoughts,” said Felix, a professor emeritus of legal research at the University of South Carolina School of Law.......

    Link Here

    BUSTED! Seems that Salzman taught Gallegos all his tricks.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:01 AM 39 comments

  29. Mass influx of vocal outsiders?
    I have started to see a pattern here. It seems that most of the ultra-left wing movers and shakers aren't locals. David Cobb and Richard Salzman pop to mind right off the bat, but how many others are out there? Shane Brinton is local, but he really isn't moving, nor shaking. Why are they all coming to Humboldt County? Is it the drug culture? Humboldt County isn't as "free" as it used to be, after all, most of our public art is gone, as well as our beaches being closed, to wait we used to be able to do on them. The homeless have drained most of the resources for our working poor away, and housing costs are just now starting to mellow out.

    What is left of Humboldt County? Where is it going to go? Is Humboldt County going to become a retirement home for the rest of California?

    Is Humboldt County doomed to fail?

    I miss the old Humboldt County, I miss the old Kinetic Sculpture Race, I miss T.Great Ralzooy's TV show on late night TV. The driftwood art, and the crazy Arcata "Hand by the freeway" art. Humboldt County art today is nothing more then "Bash Bush, paint no blood for oil, not my President" hack shit. 5th grader work/rantings. Worthless. Even the plaza seems different, and not in a good way. More people getting drunker and drunker and then out of control at the last fests.

    And the politics, controlled mostly by a vocal few, outsiders to the history of Humboldt County, with pie-in-the-sky ideas, that have no place in Humboldt.

    I'm sick of Humboldt County being used as a soapbox for the extreme.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 9:36 AM 13 comments

  30. Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Safety issues at College of the Redwoods still not fixed.
    A couple of days ago I was told that there was another "cover-up" out at CR. Seems that one of the people employed out at the college was selling pot to some students of Redwoods Academy. Also turns out that the football team has been causing more chaos in the dorms. But I guess that will all be covered up like the riot and the rapes. How come no "real" reporter covers this stuff?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 5:44 PM 3 comments

  31. Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Do you want this man in control of Sex Ed?
    Capitalism spreads HIV

    Search WWW Search
    Archive Recent Editions 2005 Editions Jan 22, 2005

    Author: Shane Brinton

    People's Weekly World Newspaper, 01/20/05 15:09


    It was New Year’s Eve and I was looking back over my favorite headlines of 2004 when I found what just might be the best one. It’s not that it’s a deeply moving Oprah-style human interest story, or laugh out loud knee-slappin’ funny. It is, actually, a very depressing report and forecast. But it is most telling.

    According to the Guardian of London (online edition), HIV is spreading at its fastest — to the surprise of many — in areas of the former Soviet Union. A study by the United Nations Development Program, released back in February 2004, found that nearly one out of every 100 Russians may have already contracted the virus. The study also pointed to the dreadfully realistic possibility that up to 20.7 million Russians could die from AIDS by 2045.

    It’s not just Russia either. Experts have also pointed to rapidly rising infection rates in Estonia and Ukraine.

    The situation had gotten so appalling so quickly that Kalman Mizsei, director of the UN Development Program for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, has openly said: “It is too late to speak of avoiding a crisis in Eastern Europe.” Clearly the crisis is already very much under way.

    Another study, conducted back in 2002 by Imperial College London, paints a truly dismal picture: 5 percent of Russians are likely to be HIV positive by 2007. Scary — that’s only two years away!

    Now compare that to the 0.07 percent infection rate in Cuba — a “third world” socialist country under constant threat from U.S. imperialism. So, how does that work? Some little poor “undemocratic” socialist nation down south of Florida has a lower HIV infection rate than big “free” capitalist Russia. Hmmm, sounds suspicious.

    The truth is: Cuban President Fidel Castro predicted way back in the early 1980s that AIDS would be “the disease of the century.” Preparations were made and — armed with one of their greatest weapons, a proactive system of universal health care — the Cuban government launched a no-holds-barred campaign to combat the disease, before most of the rest of the world was even thinking about it.

    A long time ago, in a far off land, there was another population that benefited from a universal health care system. Citizens of the “bloody,” “repressive,” “Stalinist” Soviet Union had access to quality health care free of charge, provided courtesy of their “tyrannical” government.

    It’s interesting to note that the rapid rise of infections in present-day Russia is due, in large part, to the sharing of needles by drug addicts — a widespread problem. And a new problem at that. While there were troubles with alcoholism in the USSR, there certainly wasn’t much else in the way of drug abuse. The desperate, cutthroat chaos of the “free market” brought the drugs in, and prostitutes too.

    The Russian government doesn’t seem to mind. There have been some television ad campaigns to create public awareness around the issue. However, apart from that, the Kremlin has done very little to stop the spread of the disease. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin seems more concerned with consolidating his own power than fighting this killer of his people.

    HIV/AIDS is an increasingly important issue on a global level, but Russia’s ruling class could care less. Correspondingly, this particular story received very little play in the U.S. corporate media.

    These things don’t get thoroughly reported on, because they bring up real questions and sometimes irrefutable facts.

    That is the case here: Capitalism spreads HIV.

    Numbers don’t lie.

    Shane Brinton ( is a high school student, community activist, and member of the National Council of the Young Communist League, USA. He lives in Northern California.

    Foot meet mouth. This have to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. How does it feel Shane to be called to the mat as one of the biggest....

    What color is the sky in your World anyway? I mean sheesh. I think that you should step down from your post.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:42 PM 33 comments

    I bid $5!
    Humboldt Advocate to Close in September, For Sale

    August 18, 2006

    Dear Reader,

    Regretfully, The Humboldt Advocate will close and publish its last issue this September. As an independent, non-corporate, non-Arkley owned newspaper we relied upon local businesses' advertisements to maintain operations. Simply put, the paper doesn't make enough money to stay in business and pay its reporters and printing costs. Many local businesses have chosen to direct their advertising dollars into Arkely owned/financed publications and not in the Advocate. As the publisher, I have to face this reality however sad the truth.

    But I do want to thank every reader and advertiser that supported the paper since its inception in November of 2004. And I especially want to thank those that have reported for the paper. Elaine Weinreb and Cameron Langford have been two of the paper's biggest stars. I was always able to count on them to deliver great reporting with truth, fairness and objectivity, as well as a lot of heart when it mattered. I was truly blessed to have them working for the paper.

    Publishing the Humboldt Advocate is something I'll always remember. And I hope that the paper's closing doesn't discourage any of you from starting your own print or online newspaper. Humboldt County deserves an independent, non-Arkley paper that serves the people. Just follow your heart.

    The paper will be up for sale for the next few weeks. All serious offers will be considered. Just call me at 707-825-9400 or e-mail at

    It's been a pleasure and honor to serve you over these nearly two years. I wish you all the best.


    Shawn Warford, Publisher

    And I'm serious! It isn't worth any more then that! Also look at that really self-centered email address "". It's all Shawn Baby! I think I'll start my own paper and shove it into the empty Advocate boxes.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:38 PM 17 comments

    Red through and through, in his own words.
    Rebel With A Cause: Why I am a Revolutionary

    by Shane C. Brinton

    It wasn't hard to become a radical. I was born in Humboldt County, CA to a leftist single mother. Being raised in the environmental movement, in the struggle to save the old growth redwood trees of Northern California, "radical" politics were all around me.

    My earliest memories were of getting dressed up in my little tweed sport coat-my mom and I called it "the demo jacket." Mom would say "Shanie-boy, go get your demo jacket on." This was exciting. I knew that we would be going to some sort of rally. Essentially, I was born a radical; a green diaper baby. I was lucky. But, that was the easy part.

    In my first year of Junior High School, behaviors and attitudes began to change in myself and my peers. Obviously this had to do with hormones. Yet, I knew there was something else happening. People were not only changing in the biological sense, but also in another way that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

    The infamous clicks and categories that torment so many teenagers were forming. And the teachers were such despots! It was at this point of my life that I began to despise school and declared myself-like so many other young angry white males-an anarchist.

    In retrospect, this was probably when I began considering issues of racism and sexism and how, contrary to what I had been taught, they are problems that have more to do with rich and poor that "good" and "evil." I began to apply this thinking to other areas. It helped make sense of those bizarre teenage puzzles. I knew that there had to be more to them than testosterone and estrogen.

    Enter the tragedy September 11th. I was in 9th grade when it happened, and it shifted my attention toward international issues. I cried when the Afghan children were bombed. Soon I was entrenched in the local anti-war effort. Later that year I found the Communist Manifesto on my mother's bookcase. She never read it, but I did.

    Slowly things started to become clear. The class struggle was the missing link that I had been searching for. I became an irreconcilable Marxist, as well as a devoted peace activist. I went on to organize for the Books Not Bombs National Student Strike in the period leading up to the war on Iraq.

    In the summer of 2003, at the age of 16, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with the US/Cuba Youth Exchange. I saw first hand, the valiant struggle of the Cuban people to survive in the face of imperialism. I was amazed: a "third world" country with a lower infant mortality rate than the US!

    Today I continue to struggle because I see no other way. War, terrorism, starvation, HIV/AIDS-these are the problems that plague my generation. If we don't fight them, we will be destroyed. That is why I am. not merely a radical, but a revolutionary.
    Shane C. Brinton is a senior in high school in northern California and is a member of the national council of the Young Communist League, USA. He can be reached at

    * To: Activists and scholars in Marxist tradition
    * Subject: Re: [Marxism] More Shameless Begging
    * From: Shane Brinton
    * Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 00:01:27 -0700

    > Maybe I missed an email or two. But. When I was your
    > age, I remember that when I asked for donations or
    > financial assistance for personal causes or actions, I
    > would get asked to write up a page or two on "Who are
    > you? Your background? How will this [event, trip,
    > etc.] help you personally? Why you?"....So....Maybe
    > cdes. around here might nudge their wallets to help
    > you if you told us more about yourself.

    Good point. I didn't include more info before because I wanted to keep
    it short and to the point. However, you're request is understandable
    and I'd be glad to write a little more about myself... so... for those
    that are interested...


    I'm 18 and live in Northern California. Just recently graduated from
    high school and am planning on majoring in either history or political
    science in college.

    I am currently a member of the National Council of the Young Communist
    League USA, as well as the editorial collective of the YCL's quarterly
    magazine "Dynamic." (Some of my past articles can be read here: ) However, as regular
    readers of this list know, I'm not a "party line" kind of guy and am
    willing to challenge the policies and positions of the CPUSA, UFPJ,
    etc when necessary

    In the past I have done volunteer work for Food Not Bombs, the "Books
    Not Bombs" national Student Strike, SEIU, the Tenants Union of
    Humboldt County, DUHC (, the Eureka Peace March,
    and many other organizations and events. Up next on my agenda, after
    the festival, is probably a run for the local high school board.
    (Although, this is still uncertain and really depends on how much
    support I think I can get from local organizations and community

    If you still want to know more about me, you can read a silly "why I
    am a radical" essay that I wrote for a LeftHook/MR essay contest (I
    was one of the 4 winners):


    This trip will help me broaden my view of the world, both in a
    political sense and a general sense. I'll be with more than 20,000
    young people from different countries, all with their own experiences.
    I look forward to learning about the struggles of other young people.
    I'm especially interested in talking to youth from countries that are
    in the process of anti-imperialist struggles: Iraq, Haiti, Palestine,
    Colombia, etc.

    I'm hoping that representatives from Iraqi resistance groups will be
    present, as I heard was the case at the World Social Forum.

    And finally: I am absolutely fascinated by the Bolivarian Revolution.
    I'd like to learn more about its political orientation, as well as
    some of the social programs that it has enacted. I've heard that there
    will be a 3 day trip out of Caracas into some of the surrounding
    states to see the revolutionary programs in action. I'm going to try
    to participate in this.

    And of course, whatever I do there, I'll make sure to write about it.

    OK, hope this is enough info. If anybody has any specific questions,
    feel free to send them to me.

    Shane Brinton
    PO Box 5120
    Arcata, CA 95521

    Marxism mailing list

    [Marxism] More Shameless Begging

    * To: Marxism List
    * Subject: [Marxism] More Shameless Begging
    * From: Shane Brinton
    * Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:25:24 -0700

    I sent this last night, but I'm sending it again, just in case
    somebody didn't see it. Don't worry, I won't keep posting it. This
    will be it. Just a reminder.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I'm going to Caracas, Venezuela for the 16th World Festival of Youth
    and Students (International website: US Website: ).

    This is costing me and a lot of other people a lot of money. I'm fresh
    out of high school and flat broke. Donations are paying for my plane
    ticket and I paid my registration fee, but... I'm going to have to eat
    and might need to take taxis or public transportation. Also: some
    folks and an organization who couldn't really afford it fronted money
    for my tickets, so if I can raise enough, I'd like to send a little
    money back their way.

    If you would like to help me out, you can send well concealed cash or
    checks made out to "Shane Brinton." I'm leaving on August 5th, so you
    would need to send donations this week, if you want them to get to me
    on time. Even if I don't receive them until after I get home, they
    will be of help. However, earlier is better, because I need to eat.

    Finally, I'll make sure to give this list a report when I get back!
    It's going to be a really amazing event! I went to Cuba with the
    US/Cuba Youth Exchange in 2003, which was cool, but that was only a
    few hundred people. From what I hear, this could be more than 20,000!

    Thanks & Solidarity,

    P.S.- You can also donate to my through PayPal (I think) -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Shane Brinton
    PO Box 5120
    Arcata, CA 95518
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Marxism mailing list

    Please give me money so I can play commie! Funny how quickly his views and party changed isn't it. Less then a year ago this child was a commie.....

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:00 AM 14 comments

  32. Godwin's Law active in Humboldt County Politics
    What is Godwin's Law? This is Godwin's Law "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." Sounds pretty common in Humboldt County politics and blogging. I like this myself: Godwin observed that people had increasingly begun to compare anyone and anything they mildly disliked with Hitler and/or Fascism. because it's true. But I'm going to expand on this law and add my own. Anon.R.Mous' Laws of Humboldt County Blogging:

    "As a online discussion grows longer, the probility of comparing Arkey to Hitler approches one."

    "The chance that someone will use the words 'Redneck' 'logger' or lumberjack' as a slur compounds with every post."

    "The word 'Republican' will be used as an insult grows with each thread post"

    "If you show the slightest movement from the extreme left, you will be called a Arkey spy improves with each post"

    Anon.R.Mous' Law of Nick Bravo posting:

    "The chance 'Anon.R.Mous' will be called Rob Amerman, Drew, or friend of Harmony Groves jumps with every post made by Nick Bravo."

    Read up on Godwin's Law.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:13 PM 13 comments

  33. Do as I say! Not as I do!! part, VIII
    Shane's Wonderful letter here

    Dear Editor,

    Attention Nancy Flemming: you are not Richard Marks. If you want a shot at winning, you are going to have to get some issues of your own. “Living-wage jobs” was a good platform for a working-class Democrat. It is not a good platform for a conservative local elite who wants to put a big-box store on a piece of polluted Waterfront property.

    You already know that I don’t want you to win. However, my advice is genuine and almost sincere, so read carefully. You need to get an image of your own. Any good campaign manager would tell you that you have to creatively define yourself and your positions for the public, rather than trying to using Richard’s positions, which are almost diametrically opposed to yours.

    We put a lot of time and energy into framing issues for the Marks campaign. It paid off. Richard — an everyday guy — pulled a lot more votes than most people expected, whereas you — a household name — got just about what everybody thought you would, maybe a little less.

    So what can you do to increase your popularity now? Well, for starters, you’d better get your base energized. That means getting those blackshirts of yours out on the streets. Let the people know why Home Depot will be good for our community. Tell us how minimum-wage jobs will make our lives easier. Tell us about that shining city on the hill — Arkleyville!

    Maybe you would rather talk about Richard Marks because you are afraid that people won’t find your issues palatable. But I’m telling you: the key is framing. People like Karl Rove make ugly things beautiful everyday. I’m sure that with a little effort, the same strategy could work with your campaign.

    Whatever you do, just stop trying to use Richard’s platform. It’s not working, and frankly, it’s starting to seem a little tacky.

    Shane Brinton


    But something funny about Big Boxes and "Working Class" Mr. Shane Brinton was spotted IN TARGET ON FRIDAY THE 6th!

    Anonymous said...

    Shane loves labour so much he shops at Target.

    8:58 PM

    Anonymous said...

    anon 8:58 - are you stalking me or something? I went to Target yesterday, although in my defense, I didn't actually spend any money there.

    Anyway... you're kind of a creeper.

    4:38 PM

    Snagged from an exchange at Fred's Blog

    Now Shane claims only to be "helping" a family member (who is disabled, make sure you stick that in there, because being disabled removes any self responsible) he didn't buy anything at Target, but he also claims big boxes are the playground of the "conservative local elite". Here is a clue Shane, you don't have the "Emotional Maturity" to be in office yet, and it's starting to show. Look HERE It's what's left of Shane's myspace page, after this all came out, he locked it up tight. And look at this SHIRT Barely over a year ago this kid was hanging out with commies in South America. Why the people of Arcata voted for this child is beyond me.

    Dear Shane, please grow up, and if you still think people at Target are nothing more then wage-slaves at their McJobs, do a better job of making sure family members don't go there as well. Where do you work again?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:48 PM 30 comments

  34. Do as I say! Not as I do!! part, VIII
    Shane's Wonderful letter here

    Dear Editor,

    Attention Nancy Flemming: you are not Richard Marks. If you want a shot at winning, you are going to have to get some issues of your own. “Living-wage jobs” was a good platform for a working-class Democrat. It is not a good platform for a conservative local elite who wants to put a big-box store on a piece of polluted Waterfront property.

    You already know that I don’t want you to win. However, my advice is genuine and almost sincere, so read carefully. You need to get an image of your own. Any good campaign manager would tell you that you have to creatively define yourself and your positions for the public, rather than trying to using Richard’s positions, which are almost diametrically opposed to yours.

    We put a lot of time and energy into framing issues for the Marks campaign. It paid off. Richard — an everyday guy — pulled a lot more votes than most people expected, whereas you — a household name — got just about what everybody thought you would, maybe a little less.

    So what can you do to increase your popularity now? Well, for starters, you’d better get your base energized. That means getting those blackshirts of yours out on the streets. Let the people know why Home Depot will be good for our community. Tell us how minimum-wage jobs will make our lives easier. Tell us about that shining city on the hill — Arkleyville!

    Maybe you would rather talk about Richard Marks because you are afraid that people won’t find your issues palatable. But I’m telling you: the key is framing. People like Karl Rove make ugly things beautiful everyday. I’m sure that with a little effort, the same strategy could work with your campaign.

    Whatever you do, just stop trying to use Richard’s platform. It’s not working, and frankly, it’s starting to seem a little tacky.

    Shane Brinton


    But something funny about Big Boxes and "Working Class" Mr. Shane Brinton was spotted IN TARGET ON FRIDAY THE 6th!

    Anonymous said...

    Shane loves labour so much he shops at Target.

    8:58 PM

    Anonymous said...

    anon 8:58 - are you stalking me or something? I went to Target yesterday, although in my defense, I didn't actually spend any money there.

    Anyway... you're kind of a creeper.

    4:38 PM

    Snagged from an exchange at Fred's Blog

    Now Shane claims only to be "helping" a family member (who is disabled, make sure you stick that in there, because being disabled removes any self responsible) he didn't buy anything at Target, but he also claims big boxes are the playground of the "conservative local elite". Here is a clue Shane, you don't have the "Emotional Maturity" to be in office yet, and it's starting to show. Look HERE It's what's left of Shane's myspace page, after this all came out, he locked it up tight. And look at this SHIRT Barely over a year ago this kid was hanging out with commies in South America. Why the people of Arcata voted for this child is beyond me.

    Dear Shane, please grow up, and if you still think people at Target are nothing more then wage-slaves at their McJobs, do a better job of making sure family members don't go there as well. Where do you work again?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:48 PM 30 comments

  35. Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Who, or what, is really Fhyre Phoenix?
    It's always a question that I've wondered about. After he got his ass handed to him in the city council elections, he has pretty much gone underground, sold off his money mill, and really stepped out of the spotlight. Sure he still runs around the Green party fund raisers, signs the forms, goes through and plays like he is someone with some weight to toss around, but really, what is he?

    He is abusive to his cars, I know this because of his Pontiac that he broke with only 100,000 on the OD (which also had a custom plate on it, kinda self-centered and wasteful there) but it inside was completely trashed. Not like I drive to work in it every day and throw my trash on the ground, more like, my car is my dumpster and I'll toss trash everywhere in it, kind of trashed.

    He drove that money thing into the ground, selling it for a 5k loss, still to this date, I have not see one of the dollars anywhere.

    But here is something odd:


    Fundraising for non-profits. ($2 million to date.)
    Fhyre Phoenix - Upper Lake
    1-800-655-7153 -


    Tarot, energy, sight and other types of readings.
    Fhyre Phoenix - Upper Lake
    1-800-655-7153 -

    Social Club

    Revolutionaries sought to form social club.
    Fhyre Phoenix - Upper Lake
    1-800-655-7153 -

    Worker Collective

    Progressive s sought for workers' collective.
    Fhyre Phoenix - Upper Lake
    1-800-655-7153 -

    Updated: 9/21/00

    Number of members: 53
    Services offered: 80
    Services requested: 35*hoursdirectoryCat.html

    Does this man have a history of going around and doing odd things? I would love to see a told break down of where this 2million dollars went to.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:19 PM 17 comments

    A.D. Efferson got served!
    Even though Salzman didn't respond, paper still criticized

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in regard to the “Witnesses say Salzman put stickers on city property” article that was in The Eureka Reporter on 5/9/06.

    As a student of journalism, I find it disheartening that an article as obviously bias (sic) as this one would run in your newspaper.

    So, Chris Cook and her husband Bill “saw” someone who “looked” like Richard Salzman put a sticker on a parking meter? The article doesn’t show any signs of proof, only accusations. Isn’t it the job of the Eureka Police Department to find out if the incident actually occurred?

    One more thing, the story is already 10 days old, why didn’t Christine Bensen-Messinger interview Richard Salzman? Ten days is plenty of time. If you don’t have all of the players involved, you shouldn’t publish. I’m sorry Christine, but you should have paid attention in media ethics. That is, of course, assuming that you any formal training as a journalist.

    A.D. Efferson


    (Editor’s note: The “obviously biased” article you refer to would have been “balanced” had Richard Salzman responded to multiple e-mails and phone calls from The Eureka Reporter’s editor and Christine Bensen-Messinger. Just because one party to a dispute refuses to respond does not mean the story will not be written. Mr. Salzman finds he has no difficulty when contacting us about subjects he is concerned about, so, as a “student” of journalism you’ll have to ask him why he didn’t respond to Eureka Reporter inquiries. The reason it took so long to publish was because we were attempting to reach Mr. Salzman to give him time to respond, but he refused our requests for an interview by his silence. That is something you should have learned in media ethics, if you have had any formal training as journalist. Finally, it is interesting that Mr. Salzman has not refuted the article.)

    Oh snap, you got put into your place Jr!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:17 PM 3 comments

  36. Thursday, May 18, 2006


    Republicans target minority group to spare own corruption
    by Jake Pickering, 5/18/2006

    Dear Editor,

    Every election it’s the same thing with these bigoted Republicans: target a minority group for attack to take mainstream media attention away from what corrupt Republican officeholders are up to.

    In each of the following recent elections, the Republican Party apparatus — under the thumb of known national security threat Karl Rove — has attempted to focus popular discontent on one beleaguered minority, or another: in 2000 (it was African-Americans and “Jews for Buchanan”), 2002 (Muslims and foreigners generally), 2004 (gays and lesbians), 2006 (Latinos and immigrants) and in 2008, rest assured, it will be someone else, because the last thing Republicans can afford to do politically is to discuss their laughable record of failure, mismanagement and criminal wrongdoing while in office.

    According to the screaming ignorant hoard of professional Bush Administration brown-nosers who clog the public airwaves like filth in a drainpipe, we the American people are supposedly no longer allowed to question the source of our discontent — the corporate robber barons and their paid-off political servants in the Republican Party!

    Lee Raymond can rob the country blind as Exxon-Valdez’s captain, then abandon ship with a $400 million lifeboat.

    Our poor young Americans are dying by the thousands in Bush and Cheney’s manufactured war in the Middle East on behalf of oil companies like Exxon-Mobil. We were forced, in the infamous words of daffy Donald Rumsfeld, “to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want.”

    Let us not forget that the Republican-controlled Congress voted for articles of impeachment in 1998, on a purely private matter, against a Democratic President Clinton, who had a 65 percent approval rating.

    And let us not forget that once Democrats regain control of the House and Senate this November, the current Republican president, who is at 33 percent and still failing per the latest Fox “news” poll, and Dick Cheney, who is reeling from a new record low approval rating of any national politicians in American polling history of 18 percent, will be facing an altogether unfamiliar political terrain — actual opposition and accountability in Congress. It’s about time.

    Jake Pickering


    Jesus, not DeLay, was a victim of religious prosecution

    On March 31, 2006, Tony Rudy, former deputy chief of staff to Republican Representative Tom DeLay from Texas, pled guilty to conspiring to bribe public officials and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their expanding criminal corruption probe of Republican wrongdoing in Washington, D.C. According to the Justice Department, “The purpose of the conspiracy was for defendant Rudy and his co-conspirators to unjustly enrich themselves.”

    Previously, Tom DeLay’s press secretary and communications director both turned state’s evidence as well. And facing his own upcoming trial in Texas for money laundering, in addition to the impending federal indictments to be issued against the disgraced former House Majority Leader, Republican Tom DeLay bitterly announced his resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives on April 4, 2006.

    “As difficult as this decision has been for me, it’s not going to be a great day for liberal Democrats either,” DeLay insisted. I wholeheartedly disagree. Regressive Republican Tom Delay’s forced resignation is a great day for all patriotic Americans!

    In denial and cluelessly defiant to the end, Tom DeLay even accepted a plane from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco to fly to his arraignment: “There’s nothing wrong with it … They had a plane available … You can’t prove to me one thing I have done for my own personal gain … Yes, I play golf. I’m very proud of the fact I play golf. It’s the one thing that I do for myself … I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never done anything in my political career for my own personal gain.”

    Sorry, Mr. DeLay, but there are witnesses, bank transactions and e-mails piled high that prove otherwise. The “I am not a crook” public relations strategy did not work for Richard Nixon either. Time to get real, Republicans – your leader is a crook!

    To date, this current Republican corruption scandal (just one of many) has primarily centered on the conservative former chairman of the College Republicans National Committee lobbyist Jack Abramoff, whom the indicted DeLay once called “one of my closest and dearest friends.” Of course, if you had been the corrupt recipient of as much illegal largesse as DeLay has, courtesy of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, you might feel friendly too: free all-expenses-paid luxury trips to Russia, Saipan, South Korea, London, Scotland, etc.; free box seats for Washington Redskins football games; and $65,000 in corrupt congressional cash that we know of (with probably millions more given illegally, if the recent sordid bribery conviction of former Republican Representative from California Randy
    “Duke” Cunningham is the parallel).

    “I said a little prayer before I actually did the fingerprint thing,” said the delusional DeLay after he was booked on campaign finance fraud and money laundering charges. Some of DeLay’s paranoid Republican apologists have resorted to unhinged hysterics by playing the Christian card, erroneously claiming that DeLay the Baptist is the subject of religious prosecution! No, Republicans, like usual, you are wrong. Jesus of Nazareth was a victim of religious prosecution. DeLay, however, is nothing more than a Pharisee. DeLay gives the word “Christian” a bad name.

    Do these hypothetical, self-righteous Republican moneychangers in the temple own the same Bible as the rest of us, or instead do they all read some strange right-wing Washington Times Moonie version of the good book? Sorry, Republicans, but I must have missed the verses in the New Testament where Jesus advocated the Republican Party’s favorite activities: bribery, graft, gay-bashing and holy wars for Halliburton.

    But Jesus did say the following (Matthew Chapter 19, Verses 23 and 24): “Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again, I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Wake up, Republicans! Greed is not good.

    Jake Pickering is a resident of Arcata.

    I'm getting lost here....

    Banana Republicans

    I would afford some modicum of respect for right-wing reactionary Republicans if they possessed the satisfactory spinal capicity to admit the fact that as part of the shortsighted minority (by 540,000 votes) to perforate paper for Illegitimate George - an idiotic buffoon with cocaine and alcohol induced brain damage to boot - they bear responsibility for this atrocious accident. Plainly, Little AWOL Georgie is the least qualified person ever to assume (or presume) the title of "president." When riding the rocky ribald road that will be the following four years, don't listen to what Banana Republican Bush apologists say - watch what they do.
    For starters, whatever happened to the Ignorant Interloper's moronic mantra: "I'm a uniter, not a divider?" Resident Bush's Christian Coalition crackpots, utterly obsessed with their hatred for Clinton/Clinton/Gore - and obviously there's much more vitriolic venom in store from these mad dog "conservative" bores - considered installing George Wilkes Bush in office necessary more important than conducting a free and fair democratic presidential election open to every American citizen, regardless of their religion or race. The millenialist mob of fundamentalist fanatics, who spent the past eight years throwing stones from the imagined safety of their glass mansions at those whom they accuse of undermining traditional American values, have just aided and abetted the most anti-American action imaginable: the subversion and hijacking of our "democratic" republic by an unelected, dimwitted duo of drunkdriving Texas oil tycoons!
    I don't buy this New World Order "Bushit." Call me oldfashioned if you must, but I prefer my presidents democratically elected; thank you very much. (Silly me, we thought this was a democracy!) After all, the reason for the Amercian Revolution WAS TO RID US OF THE MONARCHY. And, since those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, it looks as if it's high time to kick King George's arrogant ass out of the colonies yet again. But look at it this way: it will be one-helluva-lot-of-fun my friends!

    Jake Pickering

    Getting really close to word salad!

    Democratic Party County Central Committee; County of Humboldt; Supervisorial District 3 Voter Information

    Candidates (Vote for 5)
    Click on highlighted name for additional information supplied by candidate. Contact non-highlighted candidates and encourage them to provide information for voters.
    Order is random and changes daily.

    Shannon Gillespie

    Milton J. "Milt" Boyd Click here for more information about this candidate

    * Occupation: University Faculty member
    * Faculty member at Humboldt State University since 1972.
    * Served on the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee since 1996.
    * I am a life-long Democrat who is committed to active and responsible citizen participation in public affairs.
    * Named Humboldt County "Democrat of the Year" in 2004.


    * I am committed to citizen participation in the democratic process by registering to vote and voting in every election.
    * I will inform voters of the key positions and goals contained in the Democratic Party platforms at the state and national levels.
    * I am committed to electing Democratic Party candidates to public office at local, state, and national levels.

    Chris Jenican Beresford Click here for more information about this candidate

    * Occupation: Administrative Officer, California State Parks
    * Served on the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee since 2000
    * Currently, vice-chair of the Central Committee
    * Co-chair of the Campaign Services Committee
    * Member of the progressive and environmental caucuses of the State Democratic Party
    * I am a long time progressive Democrat who has been active locally for many years, working on organizing phone banks and get-out-the-vote (GOTV)


    * I am committed to electing progressive democratic candidates to public office at all levels of government; local, state and national.
    * I am dedicated to active participation in the democratic process by informing voters through local contacts, such as phone banks, walking and GOTV
    * I strongly support a policy of progressive action and reform within the Democratic Party

    Barbara Carolan Click here for more information about this candidate

    * Occupation: Appointed Incumbent
    * Since 1988 Humboldt Co. Democratic campaign worker
    * Elected delegate from 1st Assembly District Committe California Democratic Party to State Democratic Conventions in 2005 and 2006
    * As Emily's List member helped Get Out The Vote in south Florida in 2004
    * With Mike Thompson crew helped GOTV in Reno, Nevada in 2004
    * As a member of the Communication and Education Committee I help frame HCDCC's public statements, resolutions, etc.
    * As a member of Community Outreach and Voter Registration Committee I register Democrats, phonebank, walk precincts, staff our booths at fairs, etc.


    * Continue working to elect pro-choice Democrats: 1. locally e.g. Patty Berg, Pat Wiggins;
    * 2. statewide e.g. Phil Angelides, Deborah Bowen, Jerry Brown, etc.;
    * 3. nationally for a functional Democratic majority in both houses and the Whitehouse by counting all the votes accurately.

    Jake Pickering

    Sheryl Esparza Click here for more information about this candidate

    * Occupation: Small Business Owner
    * Served on the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee since 2003
    * Active Member of the Ways and Means Committee
    * Precinct Captain in the 3rd District
    * Member of Democracy for America
    * Graduate H.S.U., Bachelor of Science, Business Adminstration Major, Marketing Minor, (1988)
    * I am a mother, life long Democratic Party member, and a resident of Humboldt County for 36 years


    * I am dedicated as a member to support progressive democratic candidates at the local, state, and national level.
    * I will continue to encourage others to participate in the democratic process, through personal contact and written communications.
    * I will work diligently to take back our country, stand up for our rights, and raise awareness of the importance of voting Democratic.

    Please tell me this guy hasn't been elected....

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 3:23 AM 8 comments

  37. Fuck Da Police!
    White Folk Protest Brown Folk Dressed Like Hoods, Go to Jail

    Local DA Talks to Lawbreakers, Sells out Police, Film at 11

    Can someone tell me why the fuck the DA is talking about this shit with the lawbreakers? And what the fuck is up with the weak-ass "protests" that HSU is doing anyway?

    Fucking crazy shit here folks.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 2:29 PM 9 comments

  38. Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Peter Stoll, Ph.D?

    Eureka Police must answer questions

    Dear Editor,

    Similar to many community residents over the past few days, I have heard talk of Friday’s killing of Cheri Lyn Moore colored with confusion, anger, sadness and suspicion.

    As the investigation begins, there are several questions that must be answered about this grave event.

    As a mental health professional, I am dumbfounded as to how a two-plus hour “standoff,” with someone known to be mentally ill, agitated and not medicated, leads to their death.

    EPD must answer to its resistance and inability to embrace resources to help this woman (one article reports an acquaintance on site was confident they could help her, and was denied access).

    Did Moore have the opportunity to speak with a friend, doctor or mental health professional? Why the rush to eliminate the problem when a human life was at stake? Did papers out the window, a flare gun and blaring 1980s’ music pose a threat warranting SWAT and a sniper??

    And as the investigation ensues, there is a critical point that must be made. Are you aware that the two EPD personnel commenting on this event are Worth Dikeman’s campaign managers?

    District Attorney Paul Gallegos has made it clear that he does not seek law-enforcement endorsements by principle, and this clearly illustrates why. The EPD may be acquitted of any wrongdoing relative to Friday’s atrocity, but if the investigation was under Mr. Dikeman’s supervision, could you be confident in that decision? I sure couldn’t. Please consider this when you cast your vote on June 6.

    Peter Stoll, Ph.D.


    (Editor’s note: Only one of the people involved in Dikeman’s campaign, who works for the Eureka Police Department, has commented on the case to the media. She is the department’s public information officer.)

    He ain't listed as a psychologist. So what the hell is he?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 2:28 PM 4 comments

  39. Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Shane's Myspace

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    i'm a sickling
    Current mood: nauseated

    anybody that is expecting anything of me for any reason had better stop. I won't show up at the places I said I would. I won't do the things I said I was going to do.

    I'm SICK. Feel bad for me. Stuffy nose. Sore throat. Everything sucks. Poor me.

    Now I have to go sit through a 4 hour school board meeting and vote to spend your tax dollars on stuff. I can't even see straight.

    Shane's Blurbs
    About me:

    A peripheral local elected official in a downward spiral of self-loathing. I hate facial hair and shaving. So I shave, but hate it. I have sensitive skin and they haven't come up with a way to keep me from getting all sore and cut up. Aside from that, I've decided to try to become an adult.

    This folks, is your tax dollars at work.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 4:10 AM 11 comments

  40. Every 30 days it seems....
    This person writes in.

    Fascist government rules America, letter writer says
    by Noel Adamson, 4/2/2006

    Dear Editor,
    As you continue to represent the very far right by targeting panhandlers, I must take exception to the usual dismissiveness toward the poor whose numbers are growing exponentially under the fascist dictatorship which currently rules our country.

    By fascist, I mean a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with a belligerent nationalism. — The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

    I know very few people who buy their meals at a convenience store and have never met anyone who honestly wanted to panhandle. I have never met a person who drives a Cadillac while collecting welfare either. I have never met people who were poor and “wouldn’t accept the work that Mexicans would do.” The pay that illegal aliens work for is only worth anything in Mexico. Working 24 hours a day for what they get here would not be enough to live in the U.S. Not indoors anyway.

    A woman I know recently lost her husband. A veteran, he died from a blood clot that traveled from a wound he received in Vietnam. His widow is now panhandling on a daily basis, usually with their 4-year-old son. She smokes cigarettes but she must also come up with $45 to $60 to pay for a motel room each night.

    I have tried to help her with transportation, some baby-sitting and so on. There are almost no agencies that actually offer effective help at any substantial level. Many are total scams with 99 percent overhead.

    Give a sack of rice and a thank you to the Catholics for the free lunch on Third Street in Eureka, but otherwise there is very little and much of what is there is demeaning and obtuse like the Welfare Department where you will not see expensive vehicles parked in the parking lot and whose help, if you can wade through the maze of paperwork without giving a wrong answer, wait for some length of time etc., is less than many people spend in a single day.

    Noel Adamson

    Not mind the part that this man gives off the government and has since 1978 or so. I guess our government must be complete assholes to let these people live, give them free money, and then let them bitch about the free money they recieve.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:16 PM 1 comments

  41. Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Looks like "Local Control", well, ain't.
    Seems that the races are starting to heat up, and most of the hippie money is coming from out of the area. No idea if that makes it "eco-groovy" or not.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 3:04 AM 3 comments

  42. Thursday, February 23, 2006

    Humboldt County Space Case file #4523

    Note: Local Solutions PAC has formally endorsed Measure T on the June '06 Ballot

    From our friends at HCCR....

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 21, 2006

    CONTACT: Humboldt Coalition for Community Rights
    Nicole Spencer, Media Coordinator 444-0407


    EUREKA—This June Humboldt voters will decide if they support locally controlled elections. A myriad of legal experts and constitutional scholars hope they do.

    Last week the Department of Elections assigned Measure T to the “Ordinance to Protect Our Right to Fair Elections and Local Democracy.” If passed, Measure T would prohibit non-local corporations from making financial contributions to Humboldt County elections.

    Some have expressed concern that the law might not be constitutional. Peter Gabel, President Emeritus and Professor at New College of Law School in San Francisco said, “The Supreme Court has ruled that a community can limit corporate contributions if it is shown that such contributions undermine citizen’s confidence in their own government. Measure T is carefully crafted to meet that requirement by literally building the finding into the law itself. I believe this law would withstand a legal challenge.”

    “Research shows that 78% of registered voters in Humboldt County believe that non-local corporate contributions threaten the integrity of our local elections,” stated Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, HCCR Campaign Manager. “We have identified a very real problem and this is a legally-sound and common-sense way to restore citizen confidence in elections at the local level,” she said.

    Robert Benson, Professor of Law at Loyola University in Los Angeles, has also endorsed the effort. “Citizen activists play a vital role in our society when they challenge the courts to justify judicial doctrines that have lost touch with fundamental democratic values,” he said. “Measure T does just that. If I lived in Humboldt County I would proudly vote for it.”

    John Bonifaz, founder of the National Voting Rights Institute and recipient of the MacArthur “Genius Award” for his innovative litigation and organizing strategies on behalf of campaign finance reform, has also weighed in on the measure. “The real issue at stake is whether Humboldt voters support community rights or the idea that Wal-Mart and other large corporations should be able to distort the political process,” he said. “This initiative is critical to ensuring local democratic control of elections.”

    For more information visit or call 707-444-0407.

    Humboldt County, now leading the way for more lawyers. FYI Peter Gabel is not listed as a lawyer in the state of California, there are Robert Bensons listed as lawyers, but the only one in LA is working for Hogan and Hartson LLC, a Limited Corp. Might as well have Cobb say that it will pass and I was a lawyer once too.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:40 PM 4 comments

  43. Wednesday, February 15, 2006, not a local Corp? Naw..... oh wait!

    Domain ID:D103184490-LROR
    Domain Name:VOTEPAUL.ORG
    Created On:26-Nov-2003 17:34:31 UTC
    Last Updated On:30-Jan-2006 15:44:18 UTC
    Expiration Date:26-Nov-2007 17:34:31 UTC
    Sponsoring, Inc. (R1368-LROR)
    Registrant ID:DI_2357775
    Registrant Name:Default Profile
    Registrant Organization:N/A:28405198
    Registrant Street1:404 Main Street
    Registrant Street2:4th Floor
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Boonton
    Registrant State/Province:NJ
    Registrant Postal Code:07005
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.9737362545
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+1.9737361355
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Admin ID:DI_2357775
    Admin Name:Default Profile
    Admin Organization:N/A:28405198
    Admin Street1:404 Main Street
    Admin Street2:4th Floor
    Admin Street3:
    Admin City:Boonton
    Admin State/Province:NJ
    Admin Postal Code:07005
    Admin Country:US
    Admin Phone:+1.9737362545
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin FAX:+1.9737361355
    Admin FAX Ext.:
    Tech ID:DI_2357775
    Tech Name:Default Profile
    Tech Organization:N/A:28405198
    Tech Street1:404 Main Street
    Tech Street2:4th Floor
    Tech Street3:
    Tech City:Boonton
    Tech State/Province:NJ
    Tech Postal Code:07005
    Tech Country:US
    Tech Phone:+1.9737362545
    Tech Phone Ext.:
    Tech FAX:+1.9737361355
    Tech FAX Ext.:
    Name Server:NS1.MORSEMEDIA.NET
    Name Server:NS2.MORSEMEDIA.NET

    I do think this is the first time that I have seen someone use a local hosting company though. ICANN might not be happy with the lack of real ownership data though. But as it sits right now, is owned by a non local Corporation, and that's just so damn funny!

    We are not a "one man" shop (like many domain registrars and resellers) or a "here today gone tomorrow" business, we have invested substantially in positioning as a global industry leader.

    I guess corporations are evil, unless you need a product or to run a campaign. And I guess we should give a shout out to for hosting this.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:14 AM 6 comments

  44. Monday, February 06, 2006

    FSTV does not equal Free Speech TV, and why am I paying taxes on this?
    Twenty five god damned cents a month goes to this channel, why? Nothing good is on this channel at all, and all it is is an outlet for ultra left wing moonbabble. Here are brave warriors (?) going to jail to save the trees, here are evil American Warriors fighting for anything other then the trees, must be big oil, not my president! I can't believe that I am getting taxed for something that is so biased it makes me want to scream. Isn't this illegal? Can anyone tell me why these people get twenty five god damned cents a month to put out this shit? Plus I lose a channel on basic cable for it. What is the deal people? At least rename the channel to "Moonbat TV" please.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 10:02 AM 2 comments

  45. Behind the scenes on the Ballon Tract
    A local Humboldt Bay advocacy group has issued a notice of intent to sue Union Pacific Railroad Company for violations of the federal Clean Water Act and other state and federal laws on the company's Eureka property commonly known as the "Balloon Tract."

    Humboldt Baykeeper, a Eureka-based non-profit dedicated to the protection of Humboldt Bay, the coast, and the public health of our community, states that Union Pacific has serious and ongoing violations of the Federal Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as well as California's Hazardous Waste Control Act.

    Greetings friends of Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County,

    On Tues, February 7th at 6:30pm the Eureka City Council will hold a
    critical meeting to discuss the future of our community.

    At that meeting our elected officials will decide whether to allow
    Union Pacific Corporation and local millionaire developer Rob Arkley
    (who owns Security National Corporation and the Eureka Reporter) to
    change Eureka zoning rules on the last large piece of undeveloped
    waterfront property in Eureka. These corporations want to change the
    zoning on this 30 acre parcel from public-use to commercial in order to
    allow a huge "Big Box" development to be built on Humboldt Bay.

    Paul Cienfuegos,
    I have a double-pane 6 by 6 foot window that broke into many small
    and large pieces while leaning against my house in Manila during the
    big New Years eve wind storm. No window frame. Just the window
    itself. I suspect that there's someone out there who could make use
    of all those gorgeous cracked shapes for some kind of art or craft.
    Am i right? I'll help whomever wants it to pick up all the pieces and
    help you load it in your car.
    Paul in Manila
    443-4483 or 839-2755

    Oh wait, that last one was another email from another list I'm on.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:55 AM 2 comments

  46. Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Not so eco-groovy David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
    Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
    to humboldt-freec.

    show details
    May 22

    Our washer from the other day has been taken but the dryer is still
    here and no one has confirmed pick up so I'm putting it out here again.

    Electric dryer, works perfect, older but no problems.


    Wait a minute here! David Cobb and girlfriend Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap use a ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER and have for awhile now???? This is a sinful turn of events! I wonder if they buy carbon credits to offset the use of that dryer, and how that dryer doesn't help California with the shortage of electrical power we still have. Hell, they must support ENRON by having a ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER.

    Everybody knows that natural gas dryers are the way to go, but shouldn't these two be air drying everything anyway? Oops.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 4:59 PM 11 comments

  47. Thursday, May 03, 2007

    Hank Sims, you dare not!
    Conclusion: Ryan Hurley has stones, and the other blog chatterers don't. I'm looking at you, Heraldo of "The Humboldt Herald." And you, Anon.R.mous of the "Super Happy Fun Blog." You two, especially -- unless you can convince me that your job is more delicate than Hurley's, the inescapable conclusion is that you are anonymous because you are too small, morally, to take responsibility for your words. Period, full stop, end of story.

    Goodness Hank, why don't you just say something bad about my mother while you are at it! And yes, some of my jobs are much much WAY much more delicate than Buhne's job. Then again, I don't have to prove to you that my job is, it's your job to find the breadcrumbs, it's not my job to deliever you the cake.

    Sure, Buhne has stones, but he got so large he now wants to be the next Matt Drudge, and I hope he makes a good living off it, and I wish him all the best. I've been debating on walking into a local paper and saying "Hello, I'm Anon.R.Mous." just to see what happens.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 8:53 AM 15 comments

  48. Arcata's new businesses, being an Activist, INC.
    Dear Editor,

    As owners of an Arcata-based business, it was with great dismay that we learned that Mayor Harmony Groves and the city of Arcata chose to use force rather than diplomacy to deal with the peaceful gathering next to the D Street Neighborhood Center.

    The People Project’s demonstration was well within its rights and the things for which the demonstrators were asking were well within reason.
    The overreaction by the city of Arcata in summoning law enforcement to evict the demonstrators was unwarranted. Mayor Groves’ remark that she is “glad it was handled the way it was” reeks of smugness and seems to condone the use of heavy-handed tactics to deal with people who dared to exercise their First Amendment rights.

    The people who had been gathering that week were not asking for handouts or to be catered to. Rather, they were calling for an end to the persecution of houseless individuals and for the ability to establish a permanent encampment.

    All too often, such fundamental human necessities as the right to sleep, bathe and relieve oneself are taken for granted by those fortunate enough to have a permanent place of residence. A “grass-roots, environmentally sustainable campground” is an excellent solution to these issues and poses a rational solution to a rift that has caused undue tension in our community.

    Homelessness is not a problem to be solved. Rather, it is a situation to be dealt with. Elementary economics teaches that there is an inverse relationship between the level of unemployment and inflation. As unemployment levels decrease, inflation increases. We live with an economic system that doesn’t just accept that some will be left behind — it demands it. Unemployment, underemployment and homelessness are realities.

    The People Project’s demonstration has done more than just remind us of an issue many would like to pretend doesn’t exist — it has offered a solution that ought to be taken seriously by the various local city councils and the Board of Supervisors.

    Criminalizing human necessities such as sleep will not end homelessness; allowing people to establish a self-determining community will.

    Britt Pruyn and JulieAnne Shull

    Would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Britt
    Pruyn, among those activists working hard right now to bring
    greater public awareness for this last big push to pass this
    Heritage Bill.

    A jury has found a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy used "unreasonable force" while processing environmental activist JulieAnne Shull into the county's Main Jail and awarded her $21,060 in damages.

    Little did I know I could get a license to be an activist and sue people here in Arcata, and why is there trash on the lawn of Arcata City Hall? Get these anti-work, anti-home, anti-self improvement people out of here and improve the god damned roads!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 7:04 AM 3 comments

  49. Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Sorry guys, we don't need to import any more losers to Humboldt County, thank you.
    So Shane "I'm a Commie and I'm Moving to Portland, and I'm also sXe, and what is my new trend this week" Brinton, and his buddy Chris "Man, I have to LIVE in Eureka to be on Eureka City Council" Kerrigan, have joined forces to bring us this!



    Dear friends and community members,

    My friend Eureka Councilmember Chris Kerrigan and I are currently
    working to bring Presidential candidate John Edwards to Eureka.
    Edwards has announced that he will visit the city or town that wins
    his current "Demand and be Heard" contest on In order to
    win, community members must go to Eventful and "demand" that Edwards
    come to their city. It doesn't take long and you can do it here: (click on the yellow DEMAND button)

    Even if you aren't sure which candidate you are going to support, it
    would be great if you could add your voice to our effort to bring John
    Edwards to Humboldt, so that we can all hear what he has to say.

    Again, the link is:

    The competition ends July 18th. We are competing with many much larger
    cities, but we are doing amazingly well. Please help us keep up the
    momentum. You can see where we currently stand by clicking here:

    Thanks and Solidarity,

    Shane C. Brinton
    Board Member, NoHum Union High School Dist.
    Member, Humboldt Democratic Central Committee

    I hope they win, because I want to see Ann Coulter come up to Humboldt County and make fun of him some more, just because. What kind of retarded shit is this anyway?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 7:25 PM 5 comments

  50. David Cobb, Party Animal!
    More David Cobb crap today in the Times-Standard.

    Voices for change meet in Atlanta
    Article Launched: 06/28/2007 04:28:39 AM PDT

    David Cobb

    Greetings Times-Standard readers.

    I am submitting this column from Atlanta, where the United States Social Forum begins today. This promises to be the most significant gathering of progressives since the famous “Battle of Seattle,” when thousands of Americans gathered to voice their opposition to the undemocratic and unaccountable World Trade Organization.

    That demonstration helped change the course of public discourse regarding international trade agreements. Thanks in large part to that galvanizing moment, most folks today want international trade to promote “fair trade” where workers are respected and the environment is protected

    Organizers are hoping the Social Forum provides a similar spark, and I think it is going to do so. Over 15,000 folks from every region of the country will participate over the course of the weeklong event.

    The Social Forum will bring together activists, organizers, people of color, working people, poor people, and indigenous people from across the country, and serve as a catalyst for broadening and deepening the many social movements that are growing in this country.

    The slogan of the USSF sums up the vision: “Another
    World Is Possible. And another U.S. Is Necessary.”

    There will be workshops, discussion panels, evening plenaries, a film festival, information tents and tables, cultural performances, art exhibits, poetry slams, rallies and actions, a soccer tournament, an all -night cabaret, parties and more.

    Outreach and organizing has taken place around the country over the last year, leading to the inclusion of the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union. Outreach has also been taking place to faith-based organizations, to women's organizations, the peace movement, gay and lesbian organizations and environmental groups.

    A key aspect of how the USSF has drawn in such a wide range of constituencies is by allowing space for those who want to participate in the forum to self-organize. The heart of the event is the daytime workshops -- over 900 of them!

    Many groups have organized themselves to provide a space for like-minded people to meet and network. One example is the Democracy Track ( Forty organizations have joined this initiative, groups working on independent politics, electoral reform, grassroots democracy, corporate power, the schools, the media, water rights and more.

    The need for this event is profound. It is clear that the world needs deep and systemic change. We need what can only be honestly described as revolutionary change.

    We need a revolutionary change in where we get our energy and how we use it. We need a revolutionary change in how we relate to our Mother, the Earth. We need a revolutionary change away from the imperialistic and militaristic methods of the U.S. government and to relations between peoples and nations characterized by justice, and respect. We need fundamental changes in the way we do “democracy” so as to expand people's choices at the ballot box. We need to redistribute power and wealth to low-income and working class people, especially people of color, those who have historically had little of either one.

    ”Another World Is Possible. And another U.S. Is Necessary.” It has a ring to it.

    So here David Cobb is, having a blast partying in Atlanta, and who is paying for it? My guess is the nice people at whatever non-profit David has put together. One does wonder how David Cobb got out to Atlanta, was it by a Airplane? Couldn't have been, David Cobb, wouldn't have supported a company that has been bailed out by the US Government on taxpayer dollars time and time again! He couldn't have driven a gas "Not my President, no blood for oil" car there, after all that would have supported the evil TexacoMobil Bu$h club, and we all know David Cobb is a utter SAINT when it comes to things like this, so how did David Cobb afford to go to a party, and how did David Cobb get there? After all, David Cobb is a man of the people, so he wouldn't have wasted any money getting there that could have been donated to a local non-profit to really help out people local in need.

    Naw, David Cobb has invented a transporter of some kind and magical got 3300 miles away in Atlanta GA. Maybe he is hanging out with the Bandit and Snowman too? Hey! Maybe the Snowman gave him a ride while he was hauling a load of Coors!

    Wouldn't have anything to do with timing now would it?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 8:46 PM 10 comments

  51. Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Maybe she would do better with crayolas?
    We might call them Mafia . . .
    Letters to the editor
    Article Launched: 06/20/2007 04:14:02 AM PDT

    Of course he should be impeached, incarcerated and his assets seized, then tried for war crimes along with Rummy, Condi, Wolfowitz, and that vile little man named Karl Rove. They are all murderers, thieves, and liars, and care nothing for our great country, only for power and money for a few. We might call them Mafia, but that would insult the Mafia.

    Caren Wise


    Somehow I think this person needs therapy. OH WAIT, this person gives out therapy!

    Caren Wise, MA, MFT Intern 42928
    received her MS in Expressive Arts Therapy Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is a MFT intern. She brings years of experience as an artist and training in both Expressive Arts Therapy and Drama Therapy to her work with clients. In her previous clinical work at Catholic Charities and Pacifica Youth Services Bureau, she saw families, individuals, couples, children and adolescents. Caren has worked with children of all ages as both teacher and therapist and has a deep understanding of early childhood abuse and trauma and its effect on children and adults. She has experience working with issues of anxiety, grief, trauma, depression, lowself esteem and relationship issues.
    She has worked with children in school settings, with adolescents referred by probation and facilitated workshops to prevent bullying. Caren’s theoretical foundation includes transpersonal, psychodynamic and humanistic psychology. She combines that with expertise in expressive arts therapy and drama therapy to promote therapeutic healing and transformation for her clients.

    Caren seeks referrals for children and adolescents, adults, couples and families at the Living Arts Counseling Center. In creating a safe space for curiosity, playfulness and deep inquiry she helps clients access their own healing wisdom. She uses, where appropriate and according to clients needs, painting, clay, storytelling, movement, psychodrama, music and improvisation. Caren will be offering expressive arts therapy and drama therapy groups, and is interested in working with adolescents and young adults, caregivers, and women.

    The last part gets me, she doesn't want to work with men? I've noticed that alot with these "bizzaro shrinks" that we have running around in Humboldt County, they prey on Women and Children and refuse services, or don't service men. Why is that? But that letter, coming from someone that should be able to put words together better then that? It is like Caren Wise had a mental break and wrote a letter while jamming Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream (most likely Cherry Garica) down her throat. All in all, I find it funny that colleges now give out degrees in fingerpainting, and call it therapy.

    Man, I just found her mental health page.

    Caren Wise, MA, MFT Intern (Lic.#42928)
    MA Expressive Arts Therapy Counseling Psychology, I value the therapeutic relationship and the power of the arts to help my clients connect with their authentic selves to promote individuation and health.

    Availability: Immediately
    Supervisor: Kit Crosby-WilliamsMFT 21982
    Home Visits: yes

    Address (Mailing)
    Living Arts Counseling Center 1433 11th st ste. F
    Arcata, CA 95521
    Phone: 707-826-1400 ext 23

    Preferred Treatments
    Divorce Issues
    Child Abuse

    Advanced Clinical Training
    Expressive Arts Therapy
    Cross Cultural
    Play Therapy
    Depth Psychology

    Preferred Populations
    Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/ Transgender/Transsexual

    Funding Sources
    Victim Witness

    I love the anybody but men are welcome. Dirty dirty males!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:36 AM 12 comments

  52. Monday, June 11, 2007

    Posted on my blog, thought I'd kick it out to the front.
    Anonymous said...

    Hey, anon.r.mous, since the thin-skinned North Coast Journal editor Hank Sims recently vowed in a threatening manner in print to out both you and Heraldo of Humboldt Herald, I have a story you might want to look into. Not long ago, Hank Sims claimed to know the names of individuals who were criticizing him anonymously in the local blogosphere. The obvious implication of Sims' claim was that he was prepared to take public retribution against anyone who dared to utter a critical comment about him or the North Coast Journal anonymously on the local blogs. As most anonymous bloggers and commenters are well aware, there are very legitimate reasons why people choose to remain anonymous. We have jobs we would like to keep, families to take care of, and we know full well that sometimes the only way the truth can get out is anonymously, as the retribution from employers and vindictive "journalists" like Hank Sims could potentially put our livelihoods at great risk. The blogosphere is not the letters to the editor section of the North Coast Journal where Hank Sims reigns supreme and can censor critical opinions at will. The First Amendment and freedom of speech have always been held to be of the highest importance to internet advocates, as well as the free exchange of ideas without interference from self-appointed censors like Sims. My question for you is this - if Hank Sims is telling the truth, and in fact does possess the internet addresses/IPV's of anonymous individuals who have left critical comments on local blogs regarding Sims and the NCJ, then how exactly did Sims acquire this information? An obvious possiblity would of course by Joel/Carson Park Ranger of the Eureka Standard blog, as he recently filled in for Sims doing his Town Dandy gossip column in the NCJ. Another possiblity would of course be Mr.Hurley of the defunct Buhne Tribune blog. Hank Sims has already admitted in print that he discovered Captain Buhne's secret identity a year prior to Hurley's outing, but for some strange inexplicable reason Sims chose to keep the secret. Very odd behavior, don't you think? Considering the fact that Hank Sims is apparently determined to out anon.r.mous and Heraldo against their will, how did Captain Buhne receive preferential treatment at the hands of Sims and the North Coast Journal? Did Buhne provide something in exchange for Sims' silence? Like internet addresses of critical anonymous commenters, perhaps? Did Sims in fact "journalistically" blackmail Buhne, in exchange for Sims agreeing to keep Hurley's identity a secret? Sims stated in print that he kept the secret to protect Hurley's employment with the city of Eureka. What kind of deal was cut between these two? Local bloggers and commenters have every right to know what really went on between these two, because Sims claiming to care about Hurley's employment is not even remotely credible, considering how gung-ho Hank Sims is about attacking his perceived opponents without any regard to their families, etc. over the most minor of matters. We have obviously not been told the truth about this matter by either Hurley or Sims. Hopefully, we will find out the truth one day, before Hank Sims is allowed to bully anonymous bloggers and commenters into silence. And Sims dares to call himself a "journalist"? HYPOCRITE would be a better description for Sims, by far. Long live the First Amendment! Free speech forever.


    June 09, 2007 5:00 PM

    Well Hank, you gunning for me? Should I be worried? What do you people think? Should I be worried that Hank is coming after me?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 8:11 PM 19 comments

  53. Monday, June 04, 2007

    A tale of WHAT?
    Investigators with the DA's Office need to have assault rifles

    Dear Editor,

    Give the District Attorney’s Office its assault rifles.

    Before the year 2000, a law-abiding citizen who could pass a background check could purchase an assault rifle. There are thousands of these assault rifles on our streets today with high-capacity magazines.

    This is what law enforcement and the DA’s Office are up against today.

    A lot of these assault rifles that were purchased legally before the year 2000 are, unfortunately, in the hands of drug dealers and crooks. The DA’s Office and Paul Gallegos are only asking for the assault rifles for the protection of their investigators. God forbid one of the DA investigators gets in a confrontation with someone with an assault rifle and all the investigator has to defend themselves with is a .40-caliber handgun.

    An assault rifle bullet can go through a bulletproof vest, for those who are not aware of this fact, because bulletproof vests are made to defeat handgun bullets. For the safety of DA investigators, I say do what must be done to give the AR-15 assault rifles to the DA’s Office.

    Darrell Trimm


    Level IV vests do protect against rifle rounds, same with level III. I'd fear the bolt action .308 vs a .223 from a evil assault rifle, but the best thing to do? Not have the DA office leading raids.

    That's an idea.

    PS the DA's office would be better armed with pump action shotguns, as their complete lack of firearm training might lead them to hit a target with a scattergun, that they couldn't hit with a rifle in close quaters. Sounds like the DA is going to start raiding pot fields, onces that don't pay "taxes" to Paul or his doctor buddy.

    Oh yeah, I thought this might also fit into this story:

    Darrell Trimm, age 35, states that he and his brother, Jeff, age 33, were at Onion Lake Campground looking for evidence of Bigfoot because of all the reports and lore that have been reported in this area. I have a similar expereince with deer coming into camp near the start of hunting season in an area that is not anywhere near a developed campground. These deer would look away from camp and appeared to be looking for something more than they watched us. Darrell states that he thought the deer had stayed around their camp because of the perceived protection that it would offer rather than whatever was making the noise out in the woods. They did try to record the sounds with a tape recorder, but were unsuccessful due to the ineffective microphone. Later that day no footprints were found, although they did see elk tracks earlier at a lower elevation. This is a classic report that follows the same m.o. of other reports: unknown creatures calling back and forth to each other, wild animals seeking protection near humans, event happened at night which suggest a nocturnal animal(s). Report 9548 is the virtually the same since Jeff Trimm logged his report and impressions.

    Report # 9439 (Class B)
    Submitted by witness on Monday, October 04, 2004. Two campers hear creatures calling throughout night near Bluff Creek (Show Printer-friendly Version)

    YEAR: 2004

    SEASON: Summer

    MONTH: July

    DATE: 5

    STATE: California

    COUNTY: Humboldt County

    LOCATION DETAILS: At Arcata, California take Highway 299 East. Go about 45 miles East to the small town of Willow Creek. Take Highway 96 North. Travel on Highway 96 to about 5 miles past the town of Weitchpec. Turn left onto the Bluff Creek Road known as Forest Service Road 13N01. Travel about 20 miles up Forest Service Road 13N01 to Onion Lake.

    NEAREST TOWN: Weitchpec

    NEAREST ROAD: Forest Service Road 13N01

    OBSERVED: On July 5, 2004, my brother and I went on a sasquatch expedition to the Bluff Creek area of Humboldt County California. The first night we stayed at Onion Lake on Onion Mountain located on forest service road 13NO1. We spent all afternoon setting up camp, takeing pictures and looking around Onion Lake for Sasquatch evidence. Around 9 p.m, just as it got dark, we heard a loud grunt roar down from a hill top just above our camp. The grunt we heard can only be described as something exhaling a great amount of air all at onece. The grunt was very loud, very rough and only lasted for a second. My brother turned to me and said,"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT"? At that moment a deer ran down the hill from the direction of the grunt and into our camp. Then out of the darkness, another grunt roared through the forest from our right at a distance we thought was about 100-150 yards out from our camp. Then we heared a grunt that strait out from our camp that was at least 400-500 yards out. Then we heared the grunt from up on top of the hill again. Then the grunt to our right answered the grunt on top of the hill and then we heared the grunt that was out 400-500 yards answer the grunt on top of the hill and the grunt to our right. It was as if what ever it was makeing these sounds were communicating back and forth to one another. This grunting was very intense for the fist hour or so then it calmed down a little through out the rest of the night. The last grunt we heared was around 5 a.m just before first light. At one time around 10 p.m, we heared a loud grunt come from behind us over by Onion Lake. I turned on my three miliion candle spot light and searched the forest in the direction we heared the grunt but saw nothing. That grunt could not of been no more than 100 yards away from us and was very loud and rough. Around that same time the other grunts seemed to getting closer to our camp as well and we were starting to get scared. We huddled together in the middle of our camp with our rifles and shotguns in hand along with our three million candle spot light in hand ready to take on what ever it was makeing these loud grunts. We were hearing something we had never heard before in the woods and what ever it was, it sounded like it was VERY BIG by the sound of the grunts these things were makeing. We were scared. If it was not for the firearms we took with us we would of thrown all of our camping gear into our vehicle and we would've left a dust cloud a half mile high and twenty miles long as we were getting the heck out of there. We got up the next morning and looked around a little but we did'nt see or hear anything. What ever it was makeing these grunts, they were nocturnal animals and they were only active at night. We could also tell the animals were moveing around in the forest from grunt to grunt. Example: the grunts would get loud and would come from a specific location in the woods and then the next grunt would come from the same general location but a little to the right or left and a little closer or further away than tha grunt before. But we never did hear anything walking through the dry under brush. What ever they were makeing these grunts, they move through the woods very quietly with no sound at all except for their grunts. We packed our camping equipment into our vehicle and we spent the next night down at Louse Camp on Bluff Creek. That night we had no visitors and we returned home to Eureka the next morning. About one month after we returned from our expedition to Onion Lake and Bluff Creek, I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about Ball Pythons in India. A large fifteen foot snake was crawling on the ground in the jungle as a family of monkeys were going crazy at the sight of the snake. These monkeys looked alot like Chimpanzees but the had black faces and black fur. At one moment, a large male monkey made a loud grunt as he threw a stick at the snake. The grunt was very loud, very rough and only lasted for a second. I came flying off the coutch and said to myself,"thats what we heared at Onion Lake". The grunt the monkey made at the snake on the Discovery Channel was the same tone, roughness, length and sounded exactly like the grunt we heared the night of July 5, 2004 at Onion Lake. The Sasquatch is thought to be a large primate of somekind and my brother and I heared loud grunts comeing out the forest at Onion Lake. These grunts I later heared a monkey make on T.V in India. The monkeys grunts were identical to the grunts we heared at Onion Lake. I'm not a scientist or expert on grunts, but I think this is very interesting. My brother and I were raised here in Humboldt County, California and have lived here in the heart of Bigfoot country all our lives. We have been interested in the Sasquatch/Bigfoot for as long as we can remember and we plan on makeing other Bigfoot expeditions in the future because the sounds we heared comeing out of the woods at Onion Lake on the night of July 5, 2004 makes us wonder even more now about whats really out there.

    ALSO NOTICED: The deer that ran down the hill into our campsite along with a few other deer stayed right next to our campsite, about 25-40 feet away from our tent all night as these grunts went on out in the woods. The deer showed no fear of our presence. The acted like they were more comfortable around us, humans, than out there in the woods with what ever it was grunting.

    OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses total. My brother and I. My Brother and I had just ate dinner and we were watching a few deer that were grazeing around Onion Lake and our campsite just before we heared the first grunt at about 9 p.m.

    OTHER STORIES: I saw a few other reports on other Bigfoot websites around Weitchpec and at Aikens Creek Campground located at the intersection of Highway 96 and Forest Service Road 13N01 of other people hearing loud grunting sounds that sounds like something exhaling a great amount of air all at onece. One report said after the grunt, they heared what sounded like something flapping its lips together.

    TIME AND CONDITIONS: The grunts started at around 9 p.m and stoped at around 5 a.m. It was a clear night, not a cloud in the sky. Low temperature that night was around 50.

    ENVIRONMENT: Mountain Ridge with large Douglas Fir Trees. Very thick brush. Elevation is around 4500 feet. Alot of old clear cuts and logging skid roads.

    Yeap, Bigfoot hunters giving out advice on firearms to DAs. Only in Humboldt County would this not seem odd.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 10:02 AM 5 comments

  54. The Cattle Truck debate goes on!
    Both in today's Eureka Reporter.

    Bill to increase livestock truck length goes to Assembly

    The Assembly Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to approve legislation to modify and extend laws that allow longer livestock trucks to transport cargo in and out of Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino counties until 2012.

    Senate Bill 773, authored by state Sen. Pat Wiggins (D-Santa Rosa), has already been approved by the Senate and is now headed for a vote by the full Assembly.

    Specifically, the bill increases from 40 feet to 43 feet the maximum distance from the kingpin to the rearmost axle of the semitrailers of livestock trucks allowed on some sections of U.S. Highway 101.

    The bill also limits the length of the semitrailer to 48 feet.

    Wiggins indicated in a news release that standard livestock trucks are longer now than when the appropriate-length-limitations exemption first went into effect in 1999.

    In her testimony before the committee on Wednesday, Wiggins said that SB 773 “is severely needed to save the livestock industry throughout the North Coast.”

    But with Caltrans expected to complete Highway 101 projects by the end of 2008, Wiggins indicated that those projects will render this exemption unnecessary.

    Caltrans is considering the removal of up to six trees located adjacent to Highway 101 within Richardson Grove State Park in Humboldt County that hinder the ability of drivers of longer livestock trucks to negotiate curves in the roadway without veering into the oncoming lanes of the highway.

    Removal of the trees with a diameter of at least 42 inches (measured outside the bark at 12 inches above the ground) may allow Caltrans to upgrade segments of Highway 101 to allow its use by longer livestock trucks without the current statutory exemption.

    As a result, Wiggins agreed to accept an amendment to allow the provision to expire before 2012 if Caltrans upgrades the segment to meet federal transportation safety standards.

    Doesn't say who wrote this story, but this is the first time in local newspapers someone figured out what is going to be 43 feet vs 40 feet. Bravo!

    Wiggins' cattle-truck bill a good idea, except for option

    North Coast state Sen. Pat Wiggins has come to the assistance of livestock truckers who are challenged by certain parts of U.S. Highway 101 because of its narrowness.

    Her proposed Senate Bill 773 has already been approved by the Senate and is now on its way to the fullAssembly for consideration. To become law, the proposal must be approved by the Assembly and then signed by the governor.

    SB 773 would modify existing state law through Jan. 1, 2012, to allow livestock trucks to be 43 feet long, rather than 40 feet long, in these narrow stretches of the highway.

    The extra three feet would enable these standard trucks — which are used throughout the United States — to move more animal cargo through potentially dangerous stretches of highway in Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino counties.

    The only portion of the bill that concerns us is language that would allow Caltrans to remove up to six trees adjacent to this portion of two-lane Highway 101 in the world-famous Richardson Grove State Park, thereby making this exemption obsolete.

    These trees, according to some experts, could limit a truck driver’s ability to safely negotiate a curve in the highway without having to steer the truck into the oncoming lane of traffic.

    It is our understanding that removal of these trees would bring the highway in Richardson Grove up to federal highway standards.

    But our concern is this: Is removal of the trees absolutely necessary or can trucks safely meander through the grove if drivers are steadfastly careful?

    Although we are in support of the livestock industry and we do not want to see any collisions, we still urge restraint when it comes to felling ancient redwoods in this spectacular grove.

    Perhaps all options have been studied and this is the net effect of that cycle, but it should be pointed out that a bypass around the grove has been on the table for decades without the state acting on it as it should have done.

    But yesterday's opinion piece......

    Come on people, learn a little about what you are writing about before you make a story or opinion, it really isn't that hard to do. It's been well known for a long time they aren't going to be pulling out old growth, and yes the trucks can fit through just fine, all the way up to a 53 foot long trailer, being pulled by a 379 Longnose Pete with a full condo on the back. I've covered it in my blogs before, but the Cal legal/STAA rules already don't cover the longest trucks that can come into the area, the moving van people. They aren't covered, and they come in and out of Humboldt County all the time. Hell, the only reason this Cattle Truck thing is going on is because of the KPRA of 43 feet, which isn't California legal.

    Just cut down the six god damned trees already and let the big trucks in.

    Oh lookie! The Times-Standard ran this:

    Cattle trucking waiver on a roll
    The Times-Standard
    Article Launched: 07/20/2007 04:19:30 AM PDT

    A proposal to waive trucking restrictions along a constricted section of U.S. Highway 101 for cattle haulers will soon be on its way to the full Assembly.

    The Appropriations Committee this week voted to approve Senate Bill 773 by North Coast state Sen. Patricia Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa.

    The bill has already been approved by the state Senate, and could ultimately allow longer livestock trucks along that narrow stretch of road near Richardson Grove. It would increase the maximum distance from kingpin to rear axle from 40 feet to 43 feet, and would limit the length of the semitrailer to 48 feet.

    ”Livestock carriers that operate on other primary state highways are not allowed to operate their truck/semi-trailer combinations on this North Coast stretch of Highway 101,” Wiggins said.

    The bill also has an expiration date built in -- Jan. 1, 2012 -- if the Caltrans determines that the only possible adjustment to U.S. Highway 101 is the removal of any tree with a diameter of at least 42 inches.

    Caltrans is in the midst of planning for improvements along that stretch of road that could eventually render the waiver obsolete. Caltrans is looking at rearranging the road to allow the larger trucks -- while not removing old growth redwoods.

    The release from Wiggins states that Caltrans is considering improvements that involve the removal of up to six trees.

    Caltrans Director Charlie Fielder has said in the past that the options currently being considered do not involve the cutting down of old growth trees.

    If the improvements are completed to federal transportation safety standards, then the waiver would automatically expire.

    The best part is the picture they posted with the story. Fuzzy, out of focus, and it sure as hell doesn't show a cattle truck. Hell, it is only a single axle truck with a day cab!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 5:37 AM 1 comments

  55. Thank you for the review Darsh!
    Super Happy Fun Blog - An offensive blog written by a cocky Humboldt County resident who hints that he is involved in the illegal marijuana trade. Blogger Anon.R.mous writes offensive rants in an effort to troll the other bloggers for comments. He also enjoys publishing names and addresses of people he doesn't like on his blog. Reading the Super Happy Fun Blog is like stepping into one giant flame war.

    I'd have to say that this is the best (and only) review of the Super Happy Fun Blog this year! I would like to say that this review, mixed with your review of CPR doesn't compute.

    Eureka Standard - Anonymous author Carson Park Ranger pens a couple of posts per week on this blog, mostly pertaining to local events, politics, and general community news. Carson seems to enjoy linking to sites and stories outside of the local media, but which still pertain to our community. Usually not heavy on opinions, with good rants and threads in the comments.

    Then you link to my story about how CPR is Joel Mielke. Which would make him not quite anonymous.

    Pretty cool though. I also wonder about the illegal drug trade thing you had me doing, but that's really groovy too. And to think, I thought I was the guy who only posted about College of the Redwoods, or was that Ryan, or maybe it was Dave Berman. I forget these days, after all, it must be all that illegal drugs I'm bring into the Bay Area, New York City, Omaha, or wherever a drug trader like me would bring drugs too....

    So anyone want some "Medicine"?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 2:30 PM 0 comments

  56. Dave Berman sure likes to read his own words in the paper!
    Group urges dialogue about elections
    by Dave Berman, 7/6/2007

    As in the past, I would say again that elections beat writer Rebecca S. Bender presented a fair piece in the July 1 Eureka Reporter: “Watchdog group calls for hand-counted ballots,” with quotes from a Voter Confidence Committee news release and one item straight out of our report, balanced with quotes from Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich.

    Bender does err in referring to the 20-page report as a 30-page report, but I suspect this will be quickly forgotten.

    Of greater consequence, Crnich questions the relevance of some of the references in the time line portion of the report. True, not everything in this section refers to equipment used in Humboldt County.

    However, this series of brief paragraphs does include detailed information about the history of machine failures in Humboldt County, the results of hack tests on the same type of equipment used here, results of a statewide audit that found Humboldt County was using uncertified software, the determination by the Department of Homeland Security that our central tabulator program, GEMS, is a threat to national security and the finding that requisite independent testing of our equipment was not done.

    One might argue we had enough with just those bits of information. But, we felt it was important to place all this against the backdrop of what was happening nationally, revealing that machines by other manufacturers were also failing or found to be highly vulnerable to tampering, that some elections counted by optical scanners were overturned by hand counts and that official reports by the GAO and congressional committees found that votes had been lost and miscounted. This context is not irrelevant because we want readers to understand why the VCC has such a keen interest in how our elections are run. No more secret vote counting!

    In The Eureka Reporter article, Crnich attempts to marginalize the recommendations in the report by saying the Humboldt Transparency Project makes most of them moot. With due respect to the registrar, this is disingenuous. The Transparency Project allows for the scanned images of all ballots to appear on CDs so that any community resident can do a recount and compare with the official results. This is lipstick on a pig. It is a red herring that doesn’t make Diebold’s secret vote-counting machines OK.

    Another concern we have about the Transparency Project is that citizen review of the ballot image CDs won’t occur until after the election is certified. It is vital to get it correct on election night because the prospects of later getting election results changed are prohibitively small.

    This spring there were several official challenges to questionable congressional results from November. Congress dismissed all but one of the challenges without considering submitted evidence. If the public gets the ballot image CDs after certification, whatever may be found on the disks is not likely to matter.

    The VCC report also points out that Crnich is at greater risk by allowing the post-certification audits than she would we be if such review were possible before certification.

    Obviously, once the registrar certifies an election, she is staking her reputation on its accuracy. It only makes sense to do all the accuracy checking before certifying the results as accurate.

    The VCC does not oppose the Transparency Project, but we do have some reservations about how it is to be deployed. We encourage more public dialogue, in general, about how we run our elections.

    We invite you to visit to get a free copy of our “Report on Election Conditions in Humboldt County, California.”

    We can’t imagine anyone reading this and still justifying the Diebold optical scanners. Visit our Web site or e-mail the VCC at to learn more about our campaign for hand-counting paper ballots.

    *YAWN* I fell asleep halfway through that, what did Dave "I'm the VCC" Berman really have to say? Now that I look deeper into VCC, and Dave Berman, I'm starting to find things that aren't quite, well, completely normal. Dave Berman's contact phone number per the website is: 707-845-3749 but his fax number, off the website is 1-615-858-9896 a area code that ends up in well, in Tennesse, but don't take my word for it, look it up here Area Code 615 Also Dave Berman does alot of posting at the extreme left wing website of posting under himself, another group, himself GUVWORLD DOT COM, having over 1000 posts. But the real scope of the amount of extreme left wing people to touch this report doesn't come out until you scroll to the last page of the PDF. and find these names.

    It is the on again, off again PhD, and Kim Starr AKA TreeBrush, or Redwood Leaf, or what ever her Earthname is. What kind of a joke is this? Is one of Richard Salzman's AKA in there as well? So let's see, we have a pile of extreme left wing nuts helping a extreme left wing nut, come up with a awesome plan, that doesn't say how to do it, but that it could be hacked.

    Please Dave Berman AKA Guvworld AKA VCC, sit down and show us how you'd hack the code yourself, I want to see your backdoor, I want to see the code you'd put in place, and I want to see the code used in the diabold systems. And what kind of operating system does diabold use anyway? Can you show us the basic OS? The chipsets used? I think you'd have better luck hacking into a slot machine over the player's club card reader then hacking a vote counter. Look into that and get back to me, and please show us a pretty picture of how you'd do it.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:11 AM 3 comments

  57. Monday, July 02, 2007

    So it wasn't the second gunman on the grassy knoll?
    Stopping mass medication in our community
    by Terry Lee Clark, Arcata, 7/1/2007

    If the Humboldt County medical and dental communities were genuinely concerned about children and the most vulnerable, they would have taken to the streets and raised large sums of money to protest the killings of Christopher Burgess and Cheri Moore, and demanded immediate action to help prevent future shootings by law enforcement. There was not a peep from the fluoride proponents as to the underlying chemicalized society that led to those and subsequent shootings.

    Instead, a substantial majority of people in the health care business who took a public stand, with only a few honorable exceptions, focused their energies on frantically scaring the voters of Arcata into voting down Measure W, the Safe Drinking Water Initiative.

    Now they seek to drug McKinleyville, Blue Lake, Manila, Glendale and customers of the Humboldt Community Services District, as has been done in Arcata and Eureka.

    Before that occurs, people might start pondering the implications of an industry that, for more than 150 years, has placed dental fillings containing mercury in the mouths of children and other living beings. Patients might begin to question the silence of pharmaceutical sales representatives masquerading as doctors while vaccines containing preservatives — including mercury and ethylene glycol (antifreeze), — have been foisted particularly on seniors and upon young people under threat of expulsion from school and removal from the home by Child Protective Services.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist — or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., — to recognize we have a serious problem, Humboldt.

    Too many questions about the widespread harm caused by fluoride and mercury would eventually lead to class action lawsuits that would make the tobacco cases seem like a lovefest.

    Also frightening to the medicine establishment is the possibility that people might have even more doubts as to the wisdom of taking toxic medications that serve to mask symptoms without doing anything to heal the underlying problem, which thus continues to fester.

    More than $21 billion was spent by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in 2003 to influence the opinions of medical practitioners (, and the recipients of that largesse have no interest in departing the gravy train. Look at your doctor’s pens, notepads, tissue boxes, coffee cups, clocks and other drug paraphernalia and you will see who has bought their loyalty and obedience.

    Some claim the government is already adequately protecting the public. Not so: The pharmaceutical companies have the best government money can buy. See, for example, The Center For Public Integrity’s well-documented analysis at

    And the corporate news media? It’s not going to bite the hand that feeds so well. Look, for example, at all of the advertisements there are in a typical half hour of the evening network news. Big Pharma spent more than $4 billion on advertising in 2004 alone (, and that has bought much loyalty — and silence.

    In the view of the dental-medical-pharmaceutical complex, fluoride represents a domino that must not be allowed to topple, for if it falls here, other communities will follow. The harm caused by fluoride is seen as mere “collateral damage” — and an opportunity to make even more money.

    Tell your local water district to protect children — and adults — from fluoridosis, thyroid problems, bone disorders and other preventable maladies inflicted by the addition of fluoride to water.

    Stop the current and threatened expansion of the medication of the masses.

    Would Terry Lee Clark like to share with the crowd what drugs Terry Lee Clark is on? It's good to know that Terry Lee Clark buddy, and quoted and or linked doctor was ordered by the FDA to stop making illegal claims about items that he sells on his website.

    FDA Warnings

    In 2005, the FDA ordered Mercola and his Optimal Wellness Center to stop making illegal claims for products sold through his Web site [7]. The claims to which the FDA objected involved three products:

    * Living Fuel Rx, claimed to offer an "exceptional countermeasure" against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.
    * Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease and has beneficial effects against Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and many infectious agents
    * Chlorella, claimed to fight cancer and normalize blood pressure.

    In 2006, the FDA send Mercola and his center a second warning that was based on product labels collected during an inspection at his facility and on claims made on the Optimum Wellness Center Web site [8]. This time the claims to which the FDA objected involve four products:

    * Vibrant Health Research Chlorella XP, claimed to "help to virtually eliminate your risk of developing cancer in the future."
    * Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases.
    * Momentum Health Products Vitamin K2, possibly useful in treating certain kinds of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
    * Momentum Health Products Cardio Essentials Nattokinase NSK-SD, claimed to be "a much safer and effective option than aspirin and other pharmaceutical agents to treating heart disease."

    But hey, don't like that stop you, what should stop you is that he lives in Schaumburg, Illinois, have you been there? It's a hellhole. Completely not eco-groovy at all. But it is near Chicago, and a fool and his money are soon parted, and man, there are a lot of fools out there! I'm glad that the wack-o left is now quoting from people who are, well, can we say, not the best role models for medical advice.

    Still, I'd much rather spend the money on better arming and equipping the Police, so when they shoot another druggie on a rampage, they can clean up quicker. So what drugs are you on again Terry? LSD? Reefer? Crest Toothpaste? Naw, this person uses Tom's of Maine, which is most likely owned by GM or some other evil corp like that.

    Well, I'll be! Terry "The Tard" Clark has a blog! The best par is that there are zero comments on the blog that I can find and Terry is one of those special kind of retards that uses $ when writing BU$H. You go Terry, show us all how you fight the man, while using blogspot, owned by Google®! Man Terry, you gotta stop taking the brown acid.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:03 AM 7 comments

  58. Dave Berman is Dave Berman, in Dave Berman, You don't know it's just Dave Berman!
    Watchdog group calls for hand-counted ballots
    by Rebecca S. Bender, 7/1/2007

    A report released Thursday by the local election watchdog Voter Confidence Committee criticizes electronic voting equipment and repeats the group’s call for hand-counted paper ballots to be used in Humboldt County elections.

    The 30-page “Report on Election Conditions in Humboldt County, California” is designed to evaluate the county’s Nov. 7 general election with reference to nationwide electoral issues, particularly those concerning electronic voting machines and software, according to the executive summary.

    “The ultimate goal of the Voter Confidence Committee is an engaged community working together to hand count all paper ballots cast in an election,” VCC spokesperson Dave Berman stated in a news release. “This report is meant to be a community-building tool and a blueprint for transparent, secure and verifiably accurate elections in Humboldt County.”


    Blah blah blah blah.

    What they have forgotten to tell you is that VCC is nothing more then Dave Berman, Dave Berman, and well, Dave Berman. In fact, you can't even tell who really is in charge of the whole group, because a group asking for more openness in voting is covered up with a proxy! I can't believe Dave Berman wrote 30 pages for he, himself, and Dave Berman.

    Isn't Dave Berman also the person that also claimed to speak for all the bloggers as well? DAVE BERMAN DAVE BERMAN DAVE BERMAN!

    I bet $5 that Dave Berman sits down at the coffee table and talks to Dave Berman about issues that Dave Berman holds close to Dave Berman's heart, and you better Dave Berman believe it!

    Dave Berman.


    posted by Anon.R.mous # 1:30 AM 10 comments

  59. Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Richard Salzman is a stupid man, and here is the proof.
    Rethink bigger trucks on roads
    Letters to the editor
    Article Launched: 08/15/2007 04:15:29 AM PDT

    The recent bridge collapse in Minnesota brought to light the consensus among civil engineers that the single biggest factor in structural fatigue of bridges (and deterioration of roads in general) is large truck traffic.

    In light of this tragedy, and with this information, maybe we should be reconsidering our rush to realign Richardson Grove or to promote the development of a container ship terminal on Humboldt Bay, both of which will put more and bigger trucks on our roads and over our aging bridges.

    Richard Salzman

    Sunny Brae

    Humboldt County already allows 80,000 pound trucks into the area, guess what, that is the normal weight limit for large trucks. The realignment isn't for HEAVIER trucks, but LONGER ones. The weight will remain the same.

    Each one of those "bigger" trucks pays over $12,000 dollars a year in road taxes, so the more larger truck traffic, the more money we will have to fix our roads.

    So remembers folks, longer isn't always heavier. There will be NO MORE WEIGHT ON THE ROADS THEN THERE ALREADY IS!

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 10:05 AM 14 comments

  60. Poor baby Larry Glass needs his binky and a bottle?
    Arkley releases aplogy note; Glass not satisfied
    by Wendy Butler, 9/26/2007

    A document that has become the subject of much speculation among media and debate between an alleged victim and alleged aggressor was released Tuesday to The Eureka Reporter.

    Security National co-owner Rob Arkley, through staff, released the Sept. 6 letter he reportedly e-mailed to Eureka City Councilmember Larry Glass:

    Dear Larry,

    I owe you an apology. Last night was neither the time nor the place for me to bring up how your words and deeds have caused great hurt to my family, specifically my daughters. It was impulsive of me. Unfortunately, when I am impulsive, I tend to be single minded (loud) and empathic (louder). I am counting on you as a father and as a political veteran to understand and accept this apology.

    I will not belabor the point that I was trying to make to you last night. As you know, I am more than willing to face the slings and arrows that come my way, especially here in Eureka. It is hard for me to express the pain and outrage that I feel when my wife and daughters are needlessly brought in, as you did. I obviously need to adopt a different and better approach when trying to convey to others why I think that it is unfair that my wife and daughters need to suffer because of this.

    Again, my apologies for last night.


    The content of the letter addresses the Sept. 5 California Coastal Commission reception during which Glass alleges Arkley pushed him twice and threatened him.

    Glass filed an incident report against Arkley on Sept. 6 and then within the week asked the Eureka Police Department to pursue a formal criminal complaint against Arkley.

    Glass confirmed by e-mail that he originally received Arkley’s letter on Sept. 6. He said it isn’t a “real apology.”

    “It should say, ‘I’m sorry I ... 1. physically attacked you twice. 2. I’m sorry I disrespected you by calling you ‘nothing’ and a ‘liar.’ 3. I’m sorry I threatened to destroy you if you didn’t vote for my project. 4. I’m sorry I threatened to destroy your business. 5. I’m sorry I paid to have you followed. 6. I’m sorry I threatened to sue you.’ I feel a real and complete apology would offer some promise of behavior modification for the future. Anyone can plainly see it doesn’t contain any of these. I am still waiting.”

    Arkley, through his family spokesperson Steven M. Glazer of Glazer & Associates of Orinda and through staff, has maintained there was no physical altercation and that he is not paying to have anyone follow Glass.

    So what is up with the questions about your past coming to light Larry Glass? Did you used to do some questionable actions in your younger years that made you a good deal of money? Now you say that you post on Heraldo's forum, a person that openly attacks the Arkleys but you claim to have stopped supporting that? You also claim to have no idea of who Heraldo is, why are we having a hard time believing you?

    And to think that Larry Glass is a MEMBER NOT THE FOUNDER of a non-profit that has done questionable acts as well. Along with not filling any IRS paperwork for the last couple of years.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 12:50 AM 18 comments

  61. Is Heraldo really Larry Glass? Proof inside!
    Link to the Comment here!

    At first look, everything seemed normal. Then on mouse-over, things seemed wrong.

    It seems that "Larry Glass" forgot to remove the link back to which means that someone didn't quite cover their tracks that well. This isn't the first time goofs like these have been made. Richard Salzman wrote letters to the editor under different names, but forgot about IP addresses. Michael Smith ex Fortuna person posted death threats and then under his name on a forum, under the same IP address, then tried to cover it up with the "I gave my computer away, that's why the IP numbers match!" story, that one was pretty cool. Joel Mielke aka CPR, posted images on one site, leading back to his other site. That was another name and shame time.

    Now you see on mouse-over that "boymstlikely2" URL goes to his blog? Now look at Larry Glass and Heraldo. Both go back to the same page, Heraldo's blog.


    "But Anon.R.Mous, what if Larry Glass just sent that email to Heraldo to post that disclaimer?"

    Then that means he sent that email somewhere else and is fake-scared to release it.

    "OK, so what if he just sent the disclaimer to Heraldo???"

    See above, and then ask why he didn't send it to the papers, just the disclaimer.

    "OK, you are wrong, and Larry Glass posted it himself."

    Why didn't he send in the disclaimer to the papers, but Heraldo's blog? That would be like Larry Glass sending me press releases!

    "Well OK, but you are a FILL IN THE BLANK HERE so I don't have to believe you! NO WAR FOR OIL NOT MY PRESIDENT BU$H = HITLER REPUBLICAN'T etc etc"

    Well, ain't America great? Just had to get those comments out of the way so we don't have to rehash them. One thing is for sure, somebody messed up.


    Ultimately, this can all be answered by Larry. If he says he didn't post it, all my money is on Anon.R.
    # posted by Anonymous : Sat Sep 22, 10:23:00 PM

    Post the IP and the computer specs collected Heraldo, I'll send my IP address and computer specs to any third party you like.

    Anonymous Says:
    September 23rd, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Rose, a more plausible explanation was posted on SoHum Parlance. In short, it was another simple plan hatched by Anon.R. Easily executed.

    If true, it means Nick Bravo wasn’t quite so crazy after all, people were indeed out to fake his identity and make him look bad.

    And if not, hey, I would applaud Heraldo being Glass, but it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t change the Chamber mixer incident. Don’t blame the victim. It’s repugnant.

    This is getting spun like I thought it would get spun. Here is the thing, we are all the victims here! I've already stated I'd do the third party thing, but they won't even answer that.

    Or is Heraldo trying to figure out who I am so he can fake some IP numbers?

    Update III!
    After circling the wagons, the vast left wing blogville still has missed many points.

    "OK, you are wrong, and Larry Glass posted it himself."

    Why didn't he send in the disclaimer to the papers, but Heraldo's blog? That would be like Larry Glass sending me press releases!

    The Arkley's don't send me press releases, and I have a Anti-Heraldoville "sticker" on my page! Larry Glass sends, posts, releases part of a email to a blog, with a anti-Arkleyville sticker, and passes completely over the local newspapers. While Larry Glass can speak to, post at, have relations with anybody he wants, real or online, sending that, posting at the only blog with a anti-Arkleyville sticker is bad form. You all know it. If I was getting press releases from the Arkleys, you people would all be throwing shit-fits, and you know it.

    Then again, who is a member, NOT THE FOUNDER, of a group that got investigated for having a secret member list while doing political actions in Humboldt County?

    Nope! Everything you claim bad about Arkley has already been done in Humboldt County, from hiring out of the area "legal hitmen" secret member lists, hit-ads run in the local papers... the list goes on and on.


    Letter sent out.

    Capdiamont talked to Larry Glass who says the letter has been cleared by the lawyers and he released it to the local papers, Larry Glass also claims he doesn't know Heraldo, but is unknown why he thought it was a good idea to post on his blog.

    Still, anyone remember "I AM NOT A CROOK!"?

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 7:52 PM 125 comments

  62. Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Always know who your bedfellows are.

    Registrant ID: GODA-045097023
    Registrant Name: Aaron Antrim
    Registrant Organization: CAF
    Registrant Street1: 1445 Chester Avenue
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City: Arcata
    Registrant State/Province: California
    Registrant Postal Code: 95521
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.7078223184
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:

    Green Wheels is an affiliate of the Northcoast Environmental Center.

    Green Wheels has come under the NEC umbrella as a fiscally sponsored project.

    It is like play the Kevin Bacon game with non-profits around here.

    posted by Anon.R.mous # 11:36 PM 34 comments

  63. Well, I didn't get the comments but those are alot of the posts Anon.R.mous did his best googling on - some downright hysterical, always informative...

    If it's true he is gone... and it seems it is... at least some of that stuff is saved.

  64. I keep thinking he'll show up. What's highly disturbing is that after doing some research I discovered that Anon's last blog entry was on nick bravo's b-day and on that day nick turned 33 which was the age christ was when he was crucified and 33 is the highest degree in masonry before one is initiated into the illuminati. Perhaps the illuminati had something to do with anon's death.

  65. He's dead rose. Sacrificed to the fire, there he will remain for an eternity. Power and prestige go forth to the summoner of the djinn. Life so precious and yet so fragile...

    Don't go seeking the things that go bump in the night rose. Some things are better left in the realm of myth.


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