Monday, September 15, 2008

The CSI effect

Criminals now know that the evidence found in vehicles can sink them - so, looks like the news standard operating procedure is to burn the vehicle, and trust that all evidence will be destroyed. That and cutting out the blood soaked upholstery, I guess. Looks like it didn't help ☛ ER Josiah Miller. He's just been charged with murder.

Here's the latest one - ☛ TS Homicide investigation in SoHum
The victim owned a light/faded blue 1996 SAAB four-door sedan. A statewide lookout for the vehicle was sent out Sunday morning.
Humboldt Sheriff's deputies working the north area recalled a vehicle fire that Cal Fire responded to on Wednesday evening with a similar vehicle description. The victim's burned out vehicle was located on a dirt access area on the north side of Big Lagoon. The vehicle was completely destroyed in the blaze.
Additional Investigators from the Department of Justice Field Evidence Division and the Humboldt County Arson Task Force responded to assist in processing the victim's vehicle.

☛ ER Sheriff’s investigating possible murder in SoHum
A small to medium-sized black terrier-type dog ran loose near the body of the male when deputies arrived, wearing a leash and dog tags from San Francisco. The dog was missing its front right leg in a prior incident, the HCSO release stated.

After checking with authorities in the city, the identity of the male was confirmed.

In a possibly related incident, the victim owned a faded blue 1996 Saab that resembled a vehicle found burned on Wednesday night on the north side of Big Lagoon.

HCSO is investigating the possible murder and arson and are looking for any witnesses that recall seeing the car, dog or person in question.

☛ TS Homicide suspected in death of San Francisco man

The body of a 35-year-old San Francisco man was found Saturday night in a forested area of Southern Humboldt, and authorities say they suspect homicide.
Investigators know the man's name and cause of death, but that information is being kept secret by law enforcement out of concern releasing it may jeopardize the investigation, said Humboldt County Sheriff's Lt. George Cavinta.
”It's obviously a homicide,” Cavinta said. “Right now the only people who know his name is us and the bad guys.”
According to information from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, the body was found in the forested area of Dyerville Loop Road, north of Alderpoint Road.
Cavinta said the body appeared to have been dumped in the area and Humboldt County Coroner Frank Jager said the man was probably dead four or five days before being discovered....

,,,The man is described as an East Indian adult, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 175 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes....

☛ ER Sheriff’s Office looking into possible murder

☛ TS Suspected homicide victim died of gunshot wound
A suspected homicide victim from San Francisco, whose body was found near Alderpoint last week, died of a gunshot wound, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office reported Thursday.

Authorities are still working to uncover the details of how 35-year-old Reetpaul Singh Rana died, and are withholding additional information about the investigation.

Rana's body was found Saturday in a wooded area along Dyerville Loop Road, near Alderpoint. The body was found nearly 100 miles from the burned-out remains of his light-blue 1996 SAAB four-door sedan, which was found along the north side of Big Lagoon, Sept. 10.

According to Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Lt. George Cavinta, the body appeared to have been dumped in the area. County Coroner Frank Jager said the man likely died about four or five days before he was discovered.

☛ ER San Francisco man died from gunshot wound


  1. Okay, then. Curry Co. gets the case. So much time & effort has gone into getting this charge "right". Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
    Thanks for the news, Rose.

  2. Dollars to donuts (for the cops) that this decedent is somehow connected to that Earthdance gathering of ne'er do wells that occurred down south last weekend.

  3. Marijuana is such a safe drug. Yeah right. Sohum used to be dangerous now the whole county is.


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