Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rape Crisis Center subpoena - withdrawn - UPDATED

From what I hear - developing. No, not withdrawn, exactly. Gallegos couldn't justify it.

☛ ER Rape Crisis won’t testify at Gundersen trial

Humboldt Superior Court Judge ruled in favor of a motion to quash a subpoena directed at the North Coast Rape Crisis Center Wednesday.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos subpoenaed a rape crisis counselor who worked with a Jane Doe in former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen’s trial after receiving a document allegedly authored by them.

After determining they did not author it, Gallegos said he didn’t need the witness to testify.

In a previous interview, Gallegos said he wanted the counsel to testify for “transactional” reasons and not to discuss what Doe 1 may have said in private sessions.

He compared it to the counselor testifying that they saw their patient at the supermarket.


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012



  1. This guy is a hopeless moron.

  2. withdrawn because he saw Allison Jackson in court representing the Rape Crisis Center and promptly withdrew his motion before Judge Watson could call upon Ms. Jackson, and before any reporters
    could walk in.
    He then changed his underwear.


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