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Crescent City Girl Body Found, Miller arrested w/UPDATES

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What happened to Michelle?
Miller pleads not guilty in Dickson killing 06/13/2009
Arraignment for Dickson's alleged killer today 06/12/2009
Miller hearing continued to June 03/13/2009
Miller arraigned in Del Norte court 01/28/2009
Josiah Miller returned to California 01/10/2009
Miller faces Jan. 21 deadline for extradition 12/30/2008
Murder suspect Josiah Miller to return to California 12/28/2008
Hearing for Josiah Miller continued 11/07/2008
Oregon Grand Jury accepts Miller indictment 09/19/2008
Miller arraigned in Oregon for murder, corpse abuse 09/16/2008
Miller to be moved by Monday 09/12/2008
Murder suspect accepts extradition to Oregon 09/06/2008
Request for extradition received by governor's staff 09/03/2008
Request for Miller extradition to be sent to Schwarzenegger 08/22/2008
Calls, towers can help pinpoint Dickson's last moves 08/18/2008
Forensic scientists say Dickson case is priority 08/10/2008
☛ The Triplicate Bail set; process to move Miller begins 8/8/08
☛ TS Miller identified as Curry County corpse abuse suspect 8/8/08
☛ ER Miller identified as Curry County corpse abuse suspect
☛ TS Police: Dickson died of stab wounds 8/6/2008
☛ ER Crescent City woman was fatally stabbed 8/6/08
☛ Press Democrat Murder suspect fights extradition 8/3/08
☛ The Triplicate ‘More time to get more evidence' 8/2/08
☛ ER Miller’s attorney to fight extradition 8/2/08
☛ TS Murder suspect refuses extradition to Oregon8/2/08
Josiah Miller told a Del Norte County judge Friday that he will not be extradited willingly to Oregon to face charges filed in Curry County for abuse of a corpse -- a felony stemming from his suspected involvement in the death of 23-year-old Crescent City woman Michelle Ashlee Dickson.
After consulting with his counsel, attorney William Cater, Miller opted to fight extradition. According to information from the Del Norte District Attorney's Office, Miller is now scheduled to take part in an identity hearing on Aug. 7, to verify that he is indeed the suspect Curry County attorneys intend to prosecute.

☛ SignOnSanDiego Murder suspect refuses to be extradited to Oregon 8/2/08 AP
☛ Contra Costa Times Murder suspect refuses to be extradited to Oregon 8/2/08 AP
☛ SFGate Murder suspect refuses to be extradited to Oregon 8/2/08 AP
☛ kolo-tv Murder Suspect Refuses To Be Extradited To Oregon 8/2/08 AP
☛ Oregon Public Broadcasting Murder suspect refuses to be extradited to Oregon 8/2/08 AP
☛ ER Roommate said Miller acted ‘pretty shady’ 8/1/08
☛ TS Miller faces arraignment for corpse abuse today 8/1/08
☛ TS Miller arraignment moved to Friday 7/31/08
☛ ER Murder extradition hearing continued 7/30/08
☛ TS No plea for Josiah Miller at Tuesday arraignment 7/30/08
☛ TS Dickson case: Victim's, suspect's families wait for answers7/30/08
☛ ER Hearing set today in murder case 7/30/08
☛ TS The monster among us 7/29/08
☛ TS Oregon charges Miller with abuse of corpse 7/29/08
☛ ER Arcata murder suspect may sit in Oregon jail 7/29/08
☛ ER Crescent City murder victim’s cause of death being withheld from public 7/28/08
☛ TS Dickson autopsy results being withheld 7/28/08
TS photo
☛ TS Dickson autopsy key to many questions 7/26/08
☛ ER Questions abound in Crescent City woman’s death 7/26/08
☛ TS A tragic end 7/25/08 A vigil for Michelle
☛ Whereisit? Cachers Make Gruesome Discovery 7/25/08
☛ ER Arcata man arrested after police recover missing woman's body 7/25/08
(emailed photo)
TS photo
☛ TS Updated: Arcata suspect arrested in connection with Dickson killing 7/24/08
Josiah Miller, the 27-year-old Arcata man listed as the only suspect in the recent killing of Michelle Ashlee Dickson, was arrested Thursday by the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department.
"Just around noon, a detective with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department and a U.S. Marshall detained Mr. Miller at his residence in Arcata at the request of the lead invesigator in the Del Norte Sheriff's Office," said Brenda Godsey, spokeswoman for the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department.

TS photo
☛ ER Arcata man arrested in connection to Crescent City woman slaying 7/24/08
KPTV - Portland
On The Record Greta Van Susteren interviewed Del Norte Sheriff's Cmdr. Bill Steven
☛ Hikers find body of missing Crecent City woman 7/24/08
☛ SF Chronicle Hikers find body of missing Crecent City woman
☛ Fort Mill Times Hikers find body of missing Crecent City woman 7/24/08
☛ TS Sheriff: 'We've located the body'
The Del Norte County Sheriff's Department said today a body found underneath an Oregon bridge has been positively identified as missing Crescent City woman Michelle Ashlee Dickson.

”We've located the body,” said Del Norte Sheriff's Cmdr. Bill Steven.

A pair of hikers found the body Wednesday. It was unclear whether the body was dumped off the Thomas Creek Bridge, the tallest in Oregon, or placed underneath it. Her body is still being removed this morning, Steven said.

The Oregon State Police are handling the investigation.

☛ Triplicate Mom: ‘I've prepared myself for the worst' 7/24/08
☛ TS Officials find trace blood evidence in suspect's truck 7/24/08
No marijuana was discovered because Miller never brought it home, Steven said. Miller told authorities as he was returning home, he became nervous about having marijuana in his vehicle, and he threw it into the Klamath River, Steven said.

”That's also suspicious, in that why would you take the trouble to arrange a purchase of the marijuana and drive there just to throw it away?” Steven said.
☛ ER Arcata man now considered suspect in Crescent City woman’s disappearance 7/24/08
☛ Triplicate Blood found in man's truck
According to a search warrant executed at Miller's residence last week, detectives found some upholstery had been cut out of his truck and that parts of the vehicle had recently been cleaned.

"What we have is the trace evidence that's left behind that's left in the foam," Morris said. "At this point we're disproving (Miller's) story little, by little, by little."

Morris said Miller has told the truth about some of the events that occurred the night Dickson went missing, but in other cases "his timeline is off."

Miller is the last person known to have seen Dickson on the night she went missing. He told authorities he met Dickson at the Crescent Beach picnic area around 10:30 p.m. July 15 to buy about three ounces of marijuana, and then drove back to Arcata after the alleged transaction.

"He said he threw the weed in the river," Morris said, because he was nervous about having it in his truck. "There are two people that say they saw him in Crescent City that night after 10:30. That's what we want to nail down."

Interviews with Miller have not produced the desired results, Morris said.

☛ ER Arcata man, 27, now considered suspect in Crescent City woman’s disappearance
An Arcata man is now considered a suspect in the disappearance of Michelle Ashlee Dickson of Crescent City, after trace evidence of blood was found inside his truck.

It’s unknown if the blood belongs to Dickson, as the California Department of Justice lab in Eureka is still processing the evidence, but 27-year-old Josiah M. Miller “is our suspect,” Del Norte County Sheriff’s Commander Bill Steven said.

“If you’ve got a pickup you’re known to take good care of, and all of a sudden you’re cleaning it real hard, both the bed and inside the morning this gal came up missing, to include removing chunks out of the seat, that tells a lot, doesn’t it?”

Miller, who previously lived in Del Norte County and has been living in Arcata, frequently visited the Crescent City area, Del Norte Detective Sgt. Steve Morris said.

He hasn’t been arrested as of Wednesday morning, but detectives found upholstery had been cut from his truck seat and parts of the vehicle had recently been cleaned when a search warrant was served at his home last week. His computer, clothing and truck were seized as evidence.

Miller allegedly met with Dickson the night of July 15 for a pot deal at a beach picnic area just south of Crescent City. She allegedly sold Miller three ounces of marijuana worth about $1,000.

☛ ER Evidence seized from Arcata man in connection to missing woman include truck, computer
Evidence seized following the disappearance of a Crescent City woman suspected to be the victim of foul play include the clothing, computer and truck of an Arcata man who’s been described as a “person of interest.”

☛ TS Missing woman's vehicle near site of drug deal meeting place 7/23/08
Following the investigators' search of the man's Arcata residence, several pieces of evidence were discovered. Authorities continue to await lab testing of that evidence.
Steven said he could not say what evidence was found at the residence, nor reveal the name of the Arcata man, but he said additional information will likely be released later this week.

☛ TS Investigators: Missing woman made pot deal night of disappearance 7/22/2008
Del Norte County Sheriff's Office detectives said Monday that the missing 23-year-old Crescent City woman believed to be the victim of foul play had arranged a pot deal just prior to her disappearance the night of July 15.

☛ ER Missing Crescent City woman made pot deal the night she disappeared 7/22/2008
A search warrant was served Wednesday at the home of the Arcata man Dickson met, Steven said, but he hasn’t been arrested. “When your home is searched and items are taken to the lab for processing, that could change,” he said. “His title could easily change from being a ‘person of interest’ to ‘suspect’ again.”
*** ☛ Triplicate ‘Leads are pouring in' 7/19/08
Today (July 19th) is Michelle Ashlee Dickson's 24th birthday and authorities still don't know where she is.
☛ ER Del Norte woman remains missing 7/19/2008
☛ TS Search warrants served in missing woman's case 7/19/2008
Authorities searched a home in Arcata and interviewed a missing Crescent City woman's friend as a “person of interest” in the investigation launched after her car was found abandoned and on fire earlier this week, officials said Friday.
☛ TS Crescent City woman missing after abandoned vehicle fire 7/17/2008
Foul play is suspected in the disappearance of 23-year-old Michelle Ashlee Dickson, whose car was found around 5:30 a.m. on U.S. Highway 101 south of Crescent City.
☛ ER Possible murder investigation brings Del Norte police to Humboldt County 7/16/2008

OBITUARY - Michelle Ashlee Dickson (1984-2008)
Michelle Ashlee Dickson, 23 years old, died in July 2008.

Michelle was born on July 19, 1984 in Crescent City. She was anticipating completing her AA degree this year while working two waitressing jobs at Ship Ashore and Bistro Gardens. Prior to this, Michelle work-ed at Latitudes in Smith River. Michelle worked with Richard Wills for two years, a year-and-a-half of that time as manager.

Michelle graduated from Paragon High School in January 2002. She was a self motivated learner, completing three years of high school courses in one-and-a-half years, graduating at the age of 16. Michelle enjoyed time at the river, spending time with Matt, her friends and taking her dog to the beach.

She is survived by her mother, Sandy Davis, her step-father, Darrel Davis and her younger sister, Leila Dickson. She is also survived by her grandparents, Barbara and Alfred Coble of Crescent City, Nancy Jacomella of Crescent City, Darrel L. Davis of Crescent City and Bud and Cindy Dickson of Kamiah, Idaho. Her father, Randy Dickson resides in Crescent City. She is also survived by numerous extended family members.

Michelle is also survived by her significant other Matthew Salisbury, who has become a very special member of Michelle's family.

There will be a celebration of Michelle's life on Aug. 9 at Beachfront Park in Crescent City beginning at 3 p.m.

In lieu of flowers her family is requesting that donations be made in her honor at DENOCOS, 1244 Glenn St., Crescent City, CA, 95531.

A scholarship will be established in Michelle's name at a later date with Del Norte Scholarship Foundation.

The vast array of pro pot sites, though they usually post to any pot related story, almost complete silence on this one.

☛ TS Josiah Miller arraigned on murder charges
Josiah Miller, a 27-year-old Arcata man, was arraigned today on the charges of murder and abuse of a corpse in the state circuit court for Curry County, Ore.. His bail was set at $1,000,000 by Judge Cynthia Beaman
Previous coverage

☛ ER Murder charges filed against Miller

☛ TS Miller arraigned in Oregon for murder, corpse abuse
☛ ER Murder charges filed in slaying of Crescent City woman
☛TS Murder suspect Josiah Miller to return to California
☛TS Josiah Miller returned to California


  1. This doesn't look good for her chances of being alive. My heart goes out to her parents.

  2. I just don't get it.

  3. My heart goes out to the family of Michelle Dickson. She will definitely be missed!

  4. Yes. My heart breaks for her family. Two families, really, destroyed by this.

    My appreciation to the Times-Standard and the Eureka Reporter whose online breaking news is in full operation on this one.

  5. I know the DNSO personnel investigating the case. They are a bunch of unsung, dedicated people. I have no doubt that they will do everything required to close this case. Doubtful it gets to trial. And, if it does, Riese awaits.

  6. (Mike) Riese is a good thing, right? I mean, if you're the State of CA & not the defendant?

  7. Yes. Riese is good. He's no Gallegos.

  8. So, a guy that age can walk across the Arcata Plaza and get 15 offers, pot, meth, whatever he wants.

    I mean you can practically pick it up off the street in Arcata.

    Why would a guy from Arcata have to drive to Crescent City to buy Pot? Is there some special strain up there? Was she giving him a good deal?

    Or was that all a story? Did that info come off the computer emails? Or from him?

  9. Mike Riese is a fantastic prosecutor, my former boss. I certainly wouldn't want to try a case against him.

    If the DNSO and DOJ don't tie this case off in an escape-proof manner, then some poor PD up there will get smashed by Mike. I have no doubt in my mind.

  10. If there's any bright spot in this - you've just put your finger on it. The guy might be from Arcata, but this case won't be tried here.

  11. I don't know Mike Riese but I know people who do & they all have nothing but high praise for him.
    The case might even wind up being tried in Curry Co., Oregon where Everett Dial is the DA. Depends on where Michelle Dickson was murdered. We'll know soon, I suppose.

    P.S. I also thought it was odd that Miller had come from Arcata to buy pot from a CC girl. It's been reported that Miller grew up in CC & that he & Dickson had a "personal relationship". Might be a little more to this story than a dope deal gone bad.

  12. Rose, this is not the time or topic to be trying to score cheap political points.

  13. My heart goes out to this girl's family & friends. Let's hope and pray that some other agency (other than the DNCSO) will handle the investigation. I too have had the unfortunate experience to witness first hand these bumbling fools in action, a.k.a., the DN Sheriff Office's felony investigation unit. What a joke! As far as Riese, I know him and have seen him in court. He is mistakenly perceived as a good prosecutor. He wins at trial because he dumps the tough cases on his subordinates, gives sweetheart deals to just get rid of them, or dismisses cases entirely! And yes, Riese is very much like Gallegos, only much much more manipulative, extremely passive aggressive, and obviously a tad more intelligent than Gags!

  14. What a horrible person he is to do such a thing. I hope that he gets what he deserves every day of his life for taking a friend, daughter, grand daughter, sister...I met him once a year before this all happened.I pray for the family and friends that they become strong when they feel so lost.


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