Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dowdy pleads guilty to misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter

☛ TS Dowdy: No contest to manslaughter 7/30/08
☛ ER Fortuna Christmas Eve murder suspect freed 7/30/08
☛ ER Dowdy pleads guilty to misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter 7/29/08
☛ TS Dowdy to be released today
For the misdemeanor crime, Dowdy was sentenced to time already served without probation, and is to be discharged after he is processed at the jail, where he serves 190 days since January, following the Christmas Eve 2007 shooting death of Fortuna resident David Steed.


  1. I wasn't there and I wasn't in Court, but to shoot someone in the back twice who is leaving your property and who hasn't displayed a weapon begs the question why your POS DA cann't get a reasonable conviction. Sounds to me like this person got away with murder. And the citzens deserve their POS SA.

  2. Victim was a meth head and had it in his system. Like your recent blog posting, Meth is bad. Guess what? The guy was threatening to kill Dowdy. Victim's son was rev'ing up the vehicle to crash into the fence (according to the papers) two seconds later, after the shooting. When crimes are committed in hell you don't have angels for victims or witnesses, or so the story goes. So I am sorry you are carrying water for the Steed family, but maybe the dude shouldn't shoot up with Meth and threaten to kill people. Consider this little scenario. What if a crazy Meth-Tweaker burst on your property, started to yell and scream at you like he was going to kill you, but then suddenly walked away. Would you be afraid? You wouldn't exercise your 2nd Amendment right that the SC said we all had to protect you and your family? How do you know he wasn't going to get a weapon? It looks like Blair Angus, who beat Worth Dikeman in trial some 10 times in a row, chalked up another win. I hear she is leaving PD's office to go to County Counsel, to dry out her conflicts so she can run for DA.

  3. To 10:21 -- Hey, dummy...former HC prosecutor...

    Blair did a great job.

    It was a very good trial, despite the outcome. The jury received all the evidence and was asked to make a decision. It's the kind of case that needed to be tried, regardless of the outcome. A guy was killed, shot first in the side and then in the the back. Perhaps it was best for a jury to decide whether Dowdy's actions were legitimate, no?

    I'm sure that any DA from the former administration would have won, right? Or, perhaps, this case might not have been filed, which is really sad.

  4. I know and like Blair - but whoever told you she beat Dikeman 10 times in a row doesn't know squat or you are just making this stuff up.

    If Blair goes to County Counsel's office that will be a good move for her and her family. Pay is better and work is far less.

  5. WOW, Humboldt County Justice at work!


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