Friday, May 30, 2008

Gallegos gets quoted

But no mention of his role in the pot disaster.

Marijuana 'grow houses' are creating problems in Arcata, Calif.

Humboldt County Dist. Atty. Paul Gallegos said his office does not keep statistics on prosecutions for marijuana growing in Arcata. But Gallegos said he would prosecute any growers who posed a safety hazard to neighbors, a public nuisance or environmental harm.

"If you converted a house to grow dandelions, petunias and roses, my concerns would be the same," he said.


Ex-pot doc Ken Miller gets a quote, too. Dr Ken Miller, who issued the tenant's medical marijuana recommendation, said he did not recall the patient. But we remember Ken Miller.
Photo Source: Humboldt Review - Click on photo to enlarge
For a more complete story, check out Kevin Hoover's Humboldt Review "...there were five Proposition 215 recommendations tacked to the wall. And at least one of them was signed by none other than Ken Miller. He likes to hold others accountable, but there will be no one to hold him accountable for the damage here.

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Some say one in three houses in Arcata are growhouses. And if there's one (or more) in your neighborhood, what can you do about it?


  1. Interesting article. It speaks of one man from Wisconson, one from Baltimore, and one from Montana.

    These people move here from another state, grow dope, and mail it back to a friend or associate to sell in an area's that don't have Paul Gallegos as the DA. They make lots of money. Many rent houses, apartments, that real college kids could rent. They cut holes in the floor, alter the wiring, and create water and mold damage. Who pays for this damage? Most likely some insurance company which passes on it's loss to everyone with homeowners insurance.

    But PVG has his posse, with more coming in every month from places like wisconson, Baltimore(MD), Montana, and so on.

    PVG is not the only one to blame. the BOP approved the 99 plant rule.

    And Ken Miller can't remember the growers name? The one he wrote a "recommendation" for, and got paid what $250, $350, or $500 for??? Is this the same Ken Miller that claimed he DID NOT write 215 recommendations during the recall election?

    I expect to read more about Humboldt County (and Mendocino) from other area papers.

    Is Ken Miller an "ex-pot doc" ? How can you be sure about that?

  2. Petunias=Pot.

    I killed a man in Reno, just 'cuz he stumbled on my Petunias.....

    Moron......Oh, Hi Rose!!

  3. Bumper Morgan5/31/2008 12:21 PM

    Don't expect APD to be able to do anything about it. Cops are bailing out of there as fast as they can. I know several very long-time officers that went to other departments, retired, or just plain quit, just to get out of Arcata. No support from city management and outright hostility from everyone else, even other city employees. The lunatics have been running the asylum for too long there. It's past the point of no return.

  4. Hah! If you grow dandelions, petunias and roses you are MORE likely to get prosecuted by Paulie boy.

  5. If you converted a house to grow dandelions, petunias and roses, my concerns would be the same," he said (PG).
    Case closed. This man is an idiot.

  6. bumper morgan said "No support from city management and outright hostility from everyone else, even other city employees."

    Paul,or any Arcata city employee,cannot enforce something that's being done legally.The BOS voted for the current limits.And even cutting back to the state's limits won't do much,complete decriminalization is the only solution.

  7. Whatever mresquan. It doesn't make PG any less of an idiot. Not even a moron would make a statement like that.

  8. Gallegos came in with two prime directives - stop prosecuting pot and get Palco.

    You can see him early on in pictures with what's his name? Fishbain? Then you've got the puppetmaster Ken Miller.

    Gallegos - any DA - has a right to exercise prosecutorial discretion - decide what will and what won't be a priority. He could have done that quietly.

    They chose instead to grandstand, go for the big bang. To use for other purposes, to gain ground to be used in other areas.

    Gallegos (Stoen) issued a memo pulling it all back, throwing the true medical users under the bus (and remember, they were all there pleading their case before the board just like the CLMP people are now, they trotted out all the most drastic stories.

    The Board chose to do what Gallegos had not, bring in the various agencies and entities involved in the issue, the police, the pot doc, the schools, the public, and consider their views as well as the various permutations.

    What the Board was trying to do was prevent selective enforcement, one city prosecuting high another low, the county another. They sought some form of an even playing field.

    And since the DA had set his threshold, 99 - NINETY NINE PLANTS - that became the policy.

    In retrospect, that was a mistake.

    People believed in the goodness of the "medical" marijuana, that people would be responsible, grow themselves a few plants, you wouldn't be busting people for an ounce of pot anymore, and that things would be good.

    Just like 215, no one imagined the horrific repercussions. That people took it as license for flat out illegal activity, a free rein to grow as much as they could and sell for as much as they could. That people would come here from all over, that they would be set up in grow houses by shyster lawyers with friends in high places. No one expected grow houses, and giant plantations in the hills with rows and rows of 40' greenhouses all set up to break the law because they believed that the untouchable Gallegos would protect them.

    That's the story that is missing here.

    Put the BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS MRESQUAN. Let's not rewrite history.

    Gallegos took full credit for it during his elections. They used Law Enforcement's opposition to it as a weapon against them - just as damn sure as they have now flipped it around and are using it as a platform for Miller's boy, Mark Lovelace. Wink. Nod. Oh look. The LA Times is in town.

    Wonder how much that cost?

  9. i voted for PG, i want some of the blame too!!! i wanted pot prosecuted less, and PALCO(Maxxam actually) gone...

  10. And that's fine, Theo - alot of people agree with you. So the question becomes how it should be done - are you a ends justify the means guy?

    Is it ok for a DA to use his office not as a judicial branch but as a legislative and policy setting branch?

    Is it ok for him to bring suits that his supporters and handlers wanted? How is that different than the southern party bosses controlling everything? Ken Miller is a real life Boss Hogg, without the comedy routine.

    I ask again - if Gallegos' handlers were the Aryan Brotherhood instead of "Humboldt Watershed Coiuncil"/AEB, and they wanted him to file suit against Kobe Bryant, would that be ok with you if he did it?

    Because they wanted to 'get that black man.' By any means necessary. And if he was a willing tool, willing to bastardize the DA's Office to the point af scheming to let them FUND that prosecution - would that be ok with you?

    Would it really?

  11. What do you think about the two newspapers endorsements, Rose? Predictable? Or do you think each is too aligned with their editors politics?

  12. Relax Theo you get plenty of blame from me. And I will refrain from further comments on that issue.

    That aside;

    On the 215 issue. The county "task force" on 215 was a stacked deck. Wasn't Ken Miller on that "task force". There was at least one long time grower on the "task force" that I know of. And long time means long before prop 215 was enacted. And as for law enforcment they had the chief of Trinidad. No offense to the Trinidad cop but he had/has minimal law enforcement experience or drug experience. It was a joke. It was a smokescreen.

    As for today's 215 issues. The 99 plants is a license to steal of sorts. I would comment on specifics but I have work to do and it would take up too much time.

    In preping for election day I reviewed most of the candidates endorsements. For some reason I must have missed Ken MIller's endorsement for Mark Lovelace?!? What's up with that? I must have missed Richard (or Trent's) endorsement too? But Lovelace did take some credit for being on TRENT"S group to keep Home Depot out. CREG, or whatever. Sometimes I get confused with AEB, CREG, BCC, and the list goes on.

  13. It's fine now. The feds will be (already are) coming full force to Arcata. Once it made the papers that this is the place to come for drugs, the Feds will have to do something about it.

    Just be on the look out for the breadvan with a heat camera on it.

  14. Well it's a good thing he'll prosecute the ones that pose a safety hazard. We wouldn't want to get all of them. Perhaps his office could prepare a pamphlet that would give safety tips for pot growers. Something like, "So you've decided to grow pot..."

  15. Hey - try this link!

    don't forget the n at the end when you paste it.

  16. and why wouldn't we want to get them all????


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