Thursday, May 15, 2008

As promised

The Town Dandy on The Schizophrenic Second (District, that is.)

The state law that pertains to elections is minutely detailed, and can account for any number of situations involving the death of a candidate, depending on the office, the timing and the state of affairs that existed before the death. In the present case, the law is quite clear. The June election will go forward with Clendenen, Fennell and Roger Rodoni on the ballot. If Rodoni wins more than 50 percent of the vote, the governor will appoint someone to the position when the new supervisorial term begins next year. That someone would almost certainly be Johanna Rodoni.

...If no candidate wins more than 50 percent in June, there will be a November runoff election between Fennell and Clendenen. This happens even if Rodoni finishes in first place but fails to achieve a majority.

...On Monday, Johanna Rodoni sent a letter to the press urging her husband's constituency to turn out at the polls and vote Rodoni. (See a copy of the letter at the North Coast Journal Blogthing — The Rodoni campaign is back in full swing, as are the campaigns of his challengers....

So it's clear - this is not a write-in campaign. In this election, Rodoni supporters have to vote FOR Roger.


  1. Everyone in the 2nd simply vote Roger Rodoni.

  2. Probably written by someone in the 3rd

  3. or the 1st


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