Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another one!

ER CHP seeks information on man suspected of evading police, driving truck into river
Just last week, there was another one... ER Hoopa man drowns after fleeing, trying to swim across river
Only six days prior, a Redway man drowned in the Eel River after fleeing from a sheriff's deputy. Andrew Jackson Gressett, 24, reportedly ran down a 60-foot embankment on April 20 and drowned in the river after fleeing from deputies, who pulled him over on State Route 254 (also known as Avenue of the Giants). TS Redway man flees, drowns in river


  1. What is going on? Three people running from the law and drowning in one week? I feel sorry for the innocent poor dog that drowned.

  2. I don't know that it's clear that the driver of this truck drowned, Carol. I suppose he might have, but no body yet.

  3. I won't feel bad if the driver drown. He endangered the public, the CHP, polluted the river, and killed his dog.

    Drowning would be the only justice he could get in this county.

    What kind of asshole would do that to his dog?

    No doubt a marijuana grower.

  4. I wonder if his insurance will cover the loss?

  5. Why hasn't the Greg Allen/Christina Notbright crowd jumped all over this? All these rogue cops killing innocent people! They didn't drown themselves, they committed suicide before the killer cops could shoot them down like dogs! But then again, maybe they figure it just isn't newsworthy enough for them.

  6. Note to time the time the Police light 'em up to give me a ticket, I can avoid the points against my license, miss the $200 fine AND not have to do that damm "School" thing.

    All I have to do is Kill myself!!!

    Pure genius. That's sticking it to the Man....

  7. Now that's funny

  8. Spawning, that's it. Now we know what happened to the salmon.

  9. As long as we're being tasteless here... may I say that is really a very good picture. Who took it?

  10. Hey Robin! :) I have to admit I thought the same thing, the colors are phenomenal!

    It's in the Eureka Reporter story online, but there's no photo credit.


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