Friday, May 30, 2008

B-b-but! Crime is down!

Latest News (just since this morning's paper...)
Traffic stops led to arrest
In three unrelated routine traffic stops Thursday night, Eureka law enforcement arrested four people for charges varying from possession of drugs and handguns to body armor.
Biker arrested on drug charges
While on patrol Thursday night, Eureka Police Department Sgt. Steve Watson witnessed a man riding his bike the wrong way on West Harris Street at Oregon Street.
Motel disturbance ends in arrests
Parolee arrest nets marijuana, gun

While in the paper...
Man arrested on charges of kidnapping, robbery
Jewelry stolen from Eureka store, public asked to help and more...


  1. And crime will continue to go down when Ace Crimefighter Paul Gallegos starts prosecuting parents for truancy of their children!?

    Don't you just love it ? It just keeps getting better and better and better.

  2. What a twit, going after truants and protecting real criminals. Maybe crime is down because our DA is too lazy to file charges on many if not most of the requests for warrants he gets from our various police forces. He'll file charges if it suits his convenience, or his wife's.
    What a piece of work.
    Would someone, anyone, please run against him? Gallegos has got to go, hopefully back to LA where he belongs, that smarmy two faced little weasel.

  3. what happened to Rafey James and Melvin Matthews, the guys who robbed/burgled the pot house? Did they ever get charged, are they being prosecuted, or were they let off with parole violations


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