Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh, you Gallegos haters!

Oh it's just the Gallegos haters. It's not that Paul has done anything WRONG! Poor Paul. He can't do anything right. they just hate him no matter what.

Let's review.

If you read Paul Hagen's My Word in today's Times-Standard you received confirmation that Gallegos' suit was "politically motivated," Read that "filed at the behest of his handlers."

Now ask yourself, once again - If Paul's supporters and backers were the Aryan Brotherhood, and they wanted him to go after Kobe Bryant "get that black man" - would that be ok with you?

Now some people thought Kobe was guilty. Some defended him. Just like Palco. Some hate Palco. Some defend them.

Would it be ok? NO SANE PERSON WOULD SAY YES, yet Gallegos' defenders see no problem at all with him filing a suit, against the recommendations of the professionals in the DA's Office, whose knowledge of the law vastly exceeds his own, and FOR his backers. Trying to find a way to make it fly. And failing spectacularly, albeit so many years later that no one cares, to even get his case into court. Failed after multiple attempts to rewrite it and make it work.

His history of bad judgement, and of filing charges capriciously - as in the case of Penny O'Gara (to send a message), Sean Marsh (to send a message), and yes, the Palco suit (t send a message), the dismissal of felony charges against a campaign contributors son... the hiring of Tim Stoen... the firing and loss of virtually ALL the experienced prosecutors in his office... the corrupt campaign manager, the plagiarized My Words...

What's to like? And that is only part of the picture. It's not that any of these things were made up. HE DID IT ALL TO HIMSELF.

Face the facts. Stop making excuses for him like he is a little boy who needs protection for hiding his peas under the table.

If he worked for you, you would have fired him by now. For incompetence. For being late for meetings. For failing to show up for meetings.... long before you even got to the big stuff, and there's lots of that on the record now.

THINK! He DOES work for you.


  1. JEEZUS Rose. That was Hagen's opinion, not a judgement from god. You like his opinion, we got that. DA's file suits and charges that don't always win. BFD!

    Now what about Roger's vendetta against McKee and how much did the Tooby Ranch lawsuit cost the taxpayers?

  2. 2:41 - you are absurd.

    Rodoni didn't have a Tooby vendetta. That was a 5-0 decision from the whole board, supported by the Department of Conservation and the Farm Bureau.

    Quit spreading false information regarding someone who just passed away in a tragic accident.

  3. Rodoni (the supervisor's record) will be attacked whether you like it or not. His tragic death doesn't change his votes or his obsession with getting McKee.

  4. OK, kids, let's get back on point ...

    a) Paul IS a rat, and he earned his whiskers the hard way, by doing everything he could to pander to special interests instead of doing his job.

    b) Say what you wish about Roger Rodoni, but he was statesman whose reputation and wisdom you couldn't smear if you had nuclear weapons.

    Class dismissed.

  5. class? what kind of class teaches that a person's opinion is the be-all-end-all? sounds like church, not school.

    calling names and not giving evidence for said opinions shows a shallow thought process....

  6. GMAFB! Rodoni's entire career was built on catering to special (coughPALCOcoughcough) interests, not neglecting his own of course. At least Gallegos occasionally put away a child molester, rapist, or robber which benefited the human race.

  7. There are several points to address;

    Proof that Theo doesn't even know what class is !! Obviously doesn't have any class.

    As to Rodoni if he did have a "vendetta" or anything against McKee GOOD for him ! McKee deserved it. More government agencies should follow that lead.

    As to PVG (Paul V. Gallegos), he used his position and power to protect his friends/supporters and to attack his (and his friends)enemies, real and preceived. In my book that makes him corrupt. All the plagiarism just documents that he is dishonest to his core.

    To 5:16 pm ... HOW many child molester's, robbers's, and rapist's have gotten away with their crimes or got slaps on the wrist (probation & light sentences) for these, and other, serious crimes because of Gallegos's corrupt reign or just the inept inefficient way he run's the DA's office????? Even a blind hog gets an acorn every now and then..

    PVG deserves all the negative attention and then some. The Palco suit, how much did it cost the county ????? The persecution of Debi August ?! Timmy Koolaid boy Stoen !!! Jeffery !!!

    I have no sympathy for PVG.

  8. He doesn't need your sympathy. He won 2 elections and a recall attempt in spite of everything you say. It would almost appear that no one is listening to you. Do you ever wonder why?

  9. Or maybe they are listening but think that people who are so insanely imbalanced as to criticize cases Gallegos won because the jury didn't convict on every count, who scream when he prosecutes a serial rapist, who will never give even the slightest credit for anything well done. You just don't appear credible. That's the honest to jah truth.

  10. What serial rapist's has PVG prosecuted ?

    Give me an example of what PVG has done well ?

    One thing he did well was chase away (or fire) almost all of the competent deputies. He hired Tim Stoen ! OMG ! And then Jeffie Swartz ! OMG. How many of the DDA's PVG hired have been let go, fired, or just quit ? I can think of six right off the bat. How many trials did Jeffie win ? ZERO ? How many child molesters did Jeffie put away while he was top step CAST child molester prosections ? Check out the track record of plea bargins DDA Klien has done ! It is a very sad situation.

    How many environmental crimes have been prosecuted since PVG got removed from the office ? A position that the county did not have to pay for !

    But he has used the grand jury system to indict the former chief of police and a current LT. I'm sure he is proud of that. And that case will met a similar fate to what happened on the Palco law suit and the Debi August case !


    George W. Bush has won two elections also, yet I'm sure you don't approve of him 6:30 and 6:35 (obviously the same person), now do you.

    Could you list the things PVG has done well ?

  11. George Bush has the lowest approval histories of any president in history. I'll bet if we could have a recall election he would be removed from office.

    I am not a PVG defender. I am just telling how you appear to people who aren't obsessed with him. Maybe you really don't know that a man who rapes 3 women is a serial rapist? Maybe you don't know that lots of people are very happy that there will be a trial over the killing of Cherie Moore? Maybe you don't know that most people think he is doing a good job. If you weren't so quick to jump to automatic negative reactions about the man, it is possible people might pay attention to your serious charges. As it is, you guys sound like raving lunatics who would complain if he caught bin Laden. That's why you have no credibility. Either he didn't do it fast enough, or cheap enough, or he shouldn't have done it all, or he should have done it differently. You are arm chair quarterbacks who hate the man because he filed a suit against a company that you support. We get it. But don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

  12. he didn't do it fast enough, or cheap enough, or he shouldn't have done it all, or he should have done it differently Heh. You know, you really shouldn't keep this up. You're just setting up the pins for a perfect knockdown. You see, it IS Gallegos own actions, his own words that do him in. All I have to do it keep a record and make sure people know where to find it, and you keep giving me the opportunity to remind them... in that sense, Gallegos is the gift that keeps on giving. Bad decision after bad decision after bad decision after lie after lie after lie...

    No. There's just a PROBLEM when he gets a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR donation and then, miraculously, the son of the man involved in the donation gets nine felony charges DISMISSED. And not just a donation, but the parents, who also happen to be parents to another son, a murderer, who Gallegos' opponent put away for life, sit on the Courthouse steps drying racism, in one of the filthiest political election tricks in this county's history - WELL REWARDED they...

    There's a problem when he says he didn't have enough evidence in a case, and then there turns out to be a video of the evidence...

    There's a problem when TWO of his Op-Eds in the paper turn out to be largely PLAGIARIZED. For God's sake he robbed from JFK!

    There's a problem when he tries to hide losing a grant under the rug, and allows - what was it? Four people? To lose their jobs because he is a failure as a manager.

    There's a problem when he hires a Tim Stoen and fires an Allison Jackson, loses a Rob Wade, a Worth Dikeman, hires a Jeff "" Schwartz... and can't fill empty positions because it is known throughout the state what a disaster it is here.

    There's a problem when employees are doing his job for him, including coaching the few new hires, and the Grand Jury report spells all that out.

    There's a problem when he decides to arm his investigators with semi-automatic weapons and set them up as an assault team.

    And, as usual, that is a PARTIAL LIST, and the details are even more damning.

    You wonder why he is being questioned? Criticized? Get real.

  13. You are so blinded by hatred that you are imbalanced. No one does everything or everything right. You inability to see anything right is why you come across as an obsessed nutcase and that is why no one is listening to you. Well, maybe your little crew of fellow Gallegos haters. You have to admit your choir isn't very large.
    Oh well, I tried.

  14. And c;mon 10:11 - no matter what - you HAVE to admit there is some really weird stuff in this Gundersen case. It ain't exactly all cut'n dried. It's fishy. Smells bad.

    There are questions, ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS, and there's nothing wrong with asking, and nothing wrong with people who know the law wrangling over what is and what isn't the case.

  15. everything wrong or everything right

  16. I agree there is something fishy in the Gundersen case. It started to smell back when Johnson didn't do any followup on Jane Doe 2's phone call but for some reason 2 BLPD officers beat her up in Arcata when her child was with her. But Johnson can't recall the specifics of that case. Did he get a lot of calls that Gundersen was raping women? Surely you find it odd that though there is a record of her call of about 45 minutes, he just can't recall. That is pretty damned smelly.

  17. You should hear old Mike Hislop's ex. WhoooEEee,baby,now theres a storee. Right there in the lobby wadn't it?

  18. 10:11 PM

    You seem to be a bit of a Gallegos supporter to me, but that's your right.

    Maybe many people may be happy that there will be a trial on the Cheri Moore shooting (Dougas and Zannotti), but I really doubt if the majority of people in Eureka (and Humboldt County) are eager for the trial. I don't think most of them understand it. In fact I would say that the majority of regular working people are not in favor of it but htat is just my opinion. I also think that those that want to see that trial will be disappointed because I don't think that case will make it to trial. I have no faith in Gallegos as the DA but I still have faith in our current judges and the legal system in general. The PALCO case never made it to trial, even after all that effort. Come to think of it the Duke Lacrosse team rape case never made it to trial either.

    You can throw out the word "obsessed" all you want. There are several people, me included, that have had a front row seat to the damage Gallegos has done to the DA's office, the community, and the general safety of the community. If nothing else he is an absolute trainwreck as a manager. Of course he had no experience as a manager prior to being elected, but he doesn't seem to have learned much in the way of management skills.

    I'm still waiting the read/hear what Gallegos has done WELL !!

  19. per Mr. Crawford: lets get back on point.
    Mr. Gallegos has earned his whiskers...I have had the distinct displeasure in my former job to deal with child welfare, which is sanctioned by Mr. Gallegos office and depends heavily on his 'grace and favor' to accomplish anything. We (the rest of my professional peers) hoped, in vain, that the Grand Jury report detailing the mess of CWS would be sufficient cause for the Doing-nothing Asshole to actually accomplish one of his such luck. Mr. Gallegos has signed off,personally, on returning children to know, documented hazardous, neglectful living situations. He is a too busy pursuing the objectives of the 'special interest' group which put him there to be bothered with such mundane,boring work as that which he was 'elected' to do.

  20. Hey MR/MRS pro-gallegos. Honestly, what do you think about that plagiarism business? I think it shows a real lack of wit or judgement, but what do you think, coming from an elected official?

  21. Just curious Rose, what do you think the chances are that we can get a real progressive (i.e. someone who wouldn't prosecute young women whose only crime was riding their bicycles on 101) in the DAs office in 2010? Or are you not only against Paul, but against all progressives?

  22. "Progressive" - just what is that exactly?

    In Gallegos' case it means complicit with his supporters and setting this county back 20 years.

    In other cases, it is also complicit with that same faction, but means will not think different, will do what told.

    "Progressive" means we want control, we want to tell other people what to do.

    Got any examples of a "progressive" that fits any normal definition?

    As for me, I do not choose the people I support by any affiliation or party or race or gender, but rather on their merits. And one of those merits is the ability to say NO.

  23. Grape Kool-Aid anyone?

  24. Gallegos is not a rat, he is a weasel. Observe how he slinks around his office, exactly like a scrofulous little weasel, spouting bureaucratic doubletalk and systematically alienating his former supporters. Now he's been seduced by the power he thinks he has but his police supporters will stab him in the back the minute they get the chance. I guess it's always open season on weasels like PG.

  25. You voted for him, you get to keep him. You can't find anyone good to replace him? Gee, why would that be? What is it about Humboldt that could possibly deter an accomplished professional, committed to fairly enforcing the criminal laws, protecting women and children and animals, maximizing grant money, and treating employees based on performance rather than grovelling personal ass kissing, hmmm, why would such a person not want to stake a career on the whims of Humboldt voters. Got me.


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