Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Journal interviews

Jimmy Smith
John Vevoda

Clif Clendenen
Estelle Fennel
Johanna Rodoni

Mark Lovelace
Paul Pitino
Brian Plumley
JN All The Pieces - The candidates for Humboldt County Supervisor on jobs, land use, law enforcement and trails
ER Candidate contributions update
Last 3rd District candidate to file reports contributions


  1. Nice shot of Brian!

  2. Care to post your endorsements Rose?

  3. I'd say it's obvious. Rodoni and Plumley.

    In the case of Lovelace, I give him the opposite of an endorsement - I still want to know about the missing 200 grand. I think the issue of his being a paid operative is huge, and he is getting away with blurring that so people don't realize what is about to be foisted on them.

    Local Solutions involvement with Clendenen and the dirty tricks department operating on his behalf taints him. We can't afford to give that faction any power, and they will do anything to get it.

  4. What about in the First?

  5. Time for someone to actually get the job done in the first district ---

    VOTE VEVODA!!!!!

  6. Third District candidate Mark Lovelace did not file campaign disclosure statements for the current cycle by the required deadline, but said they would be available by this morning.

  7. I wish I'd hear a clearer picture of Plumley and Johanna's stance on my most important issues (trails, general plan, big box) We could make assumptions based on endorsements, but I'd rather hear it from their mouths. Plumley's been all over the place, and I've yet to hear Johanna make any statements. Hopefully we'll get a clear understanding soon.

  8. Rose,you'd like Paul Pitino,despite some differences you may have with him.I don't vote in that district,but if I did,he'd get my vote.He's a hard worker with an independent mind who despises money and pandering in politics.

  9. Actually I do like Pitino, from what I've heard of him, he comes across as thoughtful. Though I've like what I have heard, his decision not to be a "real candidate" (ie: not accept donations, not run ads, etc.) when up against the Lovelace camp counts against him. It's nice philosophically, but its not realistic.

    I do wish him well - and who knows - he has already won once in Arcata, and he's done a good job as far as I can tell...

    Wonder how he'd handle the DA and the TPZ thing?

  10. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for Lovelace. The guy has open ethical questions and has proven himself to be of a lower class than our already pitifull politicians. I think we need some digging on his background, sources of income and political ties before anyone can take him seriously as a candidate.

  11. Too late for that. This interview series was the last hope that anyone would ask those kinds of questions, and go deeper.

  12. Please vote for Jimmy Smith!

  13. I can't vote for Jimmy. Jimmy can't make decisions or act on anything controversial. He's the nicest man, but I want someone who can get things done. Now I don't know Vevoda, but he can't be as non-decisive as Jimmy.

  14. Rose: The Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization has endorsed Mark.

    Republican Supervisor Bonnie Neely says “He provides valuable input at our meetings, and I’m always impressed with his detailed knowledge and understanding of complex county issues. He takes a constructive approach and knows how to work towards solutions. Those qualities will make him a great addition to the Board.”

    Plumley is not ready. Read his TS interview or check out the last debates. That says it all.


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