Friday, May 16, 2008

The second part

of The Redheaded Blackbelt's interview with Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman - Allman’s Plans: Part ll of an Interview with the Mendocino County Sheriff - another good read.

And, coincidentally, Kym breaks diesel spill story. ...a large diesel spill has occurred on Hacker Creek, tributary of Salmon Creek. ...KMUD is saying that the Dept. of Environmental Health is deeply concerned about the spill and wants Salmon Creek land owners to pull all water lines below the Hacker Creek confluence... the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Dept. that the source of the spill was a generator powering a dismantled indoor grow and they are now seeking a search warrant for the place.

The TS also has it. Diesel spill fouls SoHum creek, neighbors advised to withdraw water line

NO OUTRAGED posts for this spill. Pot grow, no Palco to blame, no fanfare. Not like this one. No comments like this one - We can expect to see a whole lot more wreckage such as this if the Arkley/Maxxam/Barnum developers get their way and turn Humboldt into Redding West. It’s time to turn them back, soundly, or all of our creeks and streams will permanently reek of diesel, the fish will go away forever, and our citizenry will be impoverished both economically and spiritually.

Uh huh.


  1. Not many on Salmon Creek, Thomas Road will complain. There are only a handful of people that live there that are not ivolved in the pot trade one way or the other. Salmon Creek has been notorious for dope growing since the late 70's.

    It's funny how the "environmentalists" don't complain about this problem?! Or how Renner and Moore have no problem trucking thousands upon thousands of gallons of diesel fuel up the country roads each week. And to places that are not off the grid. But then you have PG&E that preaches saving energy put don't do a thing to stop or report marijuana grows.

  2. Humboldt Baykeeper to the rescue?

  3. You bet. Humboldt Baykeeper, that's a good one. I'm still laughing ................

  4. Marijuana grows are "natural". They are also off the radar for Gummint inspectos, both building, Eco-environmental, etc.

    This is Bravo Sierra and I am truly sad about what's happening to your land up there.

    No easy answer, I know, but since it seems to be de-criminalised, by and about a little oversight....

  5. In between this diesel spill, and College of the Redwoods dumping toxic waste into a protected wetlands, I'd say the lack of outrage is quite...

  6. Guess it depends on who's doing the dumping.


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