Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Voter dilemma in 2nd District

From the TS editorial: The governor's appointment of Johanna Rodoni to fill out her late husband's term as 2nd District supervisor -- until Jan. 5, 2009 -- has created a quandary for the June 3 election.

...Roger Rodoni's name remains on the ballot and his campaign remains active, urging voters to vote for a candidate who is no longer able to serve....

...if Roger Rodoni gets one more vote than 50 percent in the three-way primary, the governor would be compelled to appoint Johanna Rodoni on Jan. 5 to a new, shortened term that would be up for a vote again in 2010. leaves the two surviving candidates on the ballot dueling with a ghost. Not only are Clif Clendenen and Estelle Fennell compelled to speak no ill of Roger Rodoni now that he is gone, but they are on shaky ground if they try to contrast themselves to Johanna Rodoni, since she is not on the ballot and has no record as an elected official.

Yep. You can imagine the monkeywrench this whole thing has thrown into the Ork camp. Running two candidates was to ensure a runoff, with the sole intent to get rid of Rodoni. Now he is gone. Their key platform is gone. Who do they have left to attack but each other. Or run on their merits.


  1. Boycott the Northcoast Journal! Hank Sims, the NCJ Editor is not fit to be at the helm of that community newsmagazine. See why at my blog site:

    If Johanna doesn't top 50% of the June vote, democratic representation for the majority of 2nd District voters is history. There won't be a democratic election in November in the 2nd District. It will a farce if Johanna isn't on the ballot.

  2. She should run as a write in.I believe that she'd make it to the runoff and have a one on one shot at winning the seat in Nov.They can speak no ill of Roger himself,but they can critique his representative abilities.
    I almost take this decision as somewhat of a concession in a way and a bit of a realization that the old guard that Roger represented have lost their majority,and it's inevitable that they need to pass the reins of county gov representation on to a more liberal representative.
    But we'll see, that old guard may become more invigorated so it's not a foregone conclusion that Roger's name won't 50%+,Truly I really don't see that happening. I see his name getting from 45-48%.

  3. He has my vote and my spouse's vote too. He also has the votes of my nieghbors to the right and to the left of where I live.

    Mr. Konkler - No thanks for your input as to politics and the second district where you obviously don't live in.

  4. I think the write in vote would be a big mistake. Some people would write the name in and forget to fill in the circle and then others might vote for Roger and write in Johanna which invalidates the vote.

    If you want to see some odd ballots go to the Election Division and watch them count absentee ballots.

  5. It's not a write-in campaign. Period.

    And, Stephen, Hank has a good write up of the situation in this week's Journal.

    Everything had to do with the timing. Special elections, canceling the election, all of those things occur only within certain windows, presumably they were set in place to prevent one guy from bumping off the other guy to win the seat.

    In this election, people who support Roger - or support Johanna, will have to vote FOR Roger. No write-ins.

  6. Rose, I wouldn't count on anything Hank writes up as accurate. The man is a racist bigot and we shouldn't have anything to do with either him or Eric, both of them ridiculing Bear River tribal members.

  7. Just saw the election ad for Roger on the TV. God we will miss him but I saw his strenghth in Johanna;s beaming face while they walked hand in hand. We don't have to miss Rogers solid positions on the direction of our county or the vision he and Johanna shared. Vote for Roger. Support his good work. Support Johanna's good work. Support the GOOD in our community.

  8. I'm with you there.

    I'm hearing rumors of some (more) dirty tricks being set in motion by the Clendenen campaign. Looking into it.

  9. Buck Montaine5/15/2008 7:01 AM

    Roger, may he rest in peace, was Maxxam's guy on the BOS. Johanna would be Sierra Pacific's gal on the BOS. Enough with corporate rule.

    Clif runs an orchard his mother still owns, and works part-time as a carpenter to get by in the off-season. Honorable, sure. Experience for being a supervisor? Don't be silly. Naomi Steinberg and her "prog" friends "picked Clif". Don't make the same mistake.

    Estelle Fennell is uniquely qualified to represent people from Bridgeville to Whitethorn. She is smart, caring, and brave, and she listens!

    Go Democrat in '08. Estelle Fennell June 3!

  10. Rose, the Fennell and Clendenen camps are not working together. Clendenen is the "hand-picked" Local Solutions candidate.

    Estelle Fennell is an independent candidate backed by local people like Ernie Branscomb, Sid Lehman, Dave Ansley, Suzi Schultz and, well, you can read her website for yourself.

    Please do not lump her into the same "camp" as the Clendenen campaign. Estelle Fennell is much better than that would imply.

  11. I agree for the most part, 7:05. While I think Clendenen himself may be a nice guy, the dirty tricks are all on his campaign. And there's no question of the "Local Solutions" involvement - from the very very beginning when they conducted their sham poll/listening tour.

    As far as Estelle, Ernie Branscomb is the best thing she has going for her.

    I can't divorce or forget her shameless complicity with the Gallegos campaign, acting as Salzman's propaganda arm/attack dog, with absolutely zero effort on her part to do any investigative reporting (which she is so revered for). She is NO journalist, not by any stretch of my imagination. Sorry.

    I have yet to hear Estelle denounce Salzman.

    But - I also agree that she would be a more independent and stronger Sup than Clif - so while Johanna is my first choice, I'd rather see Estelle than Clif.

    I see the spin trying to surface in 7:01's comment above, cross posted on heraldo and elsewhere. So now that Maxxam is gone you're switching your devil to Sierra Pacific - LUDICROUS!

    There's more coming.


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