Wednesday, May 14, 2008

End run?

Let me guess - they're pushing for Plan A.

Action Alert: "Healthy Humboldt" (aka Humboldt Watershed Council's project) Meetings With County Supervisors

"Democracy Unlimited DUHC" and the "Healthy Humboldt Coalition" (aka Humboldt Watershed Council's project) are organizing meetings with County Supervisors Jimmy Smith and Bonnie Neely for our constituents to engage their representatives regarding the General Plan Update.

Bonnie Neely ˆ 6:00pm Wednesday, May 14 (District 4)
Jimmy Smith ˆ 6:00pm Wednesday, May 21 (District 1)

Well, no point in meeting with Woolley, I guess, "Healthy Humboldt" hopes to soon be sitting in his chair.


  1. God forbid . I'd like to have a tape of those meetings. By the way "ain't"it public record? Will Lovelace be there? If not who's his front man? I thought Wolley was a slim ball, WOW! Rose,ask for them to be taped.

  2. Why not just show up,or send a front man?

  3. show up where?

  4. What is Jimmy thinking?


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