Friday, May 23, 2008


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If ever you needed a good example of what is wrong with the SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN crowd, here it is.

You know the Kinetic Sculpture Race is this weekend. But did you know the Kinetic race is going to destroy the sand dunes? Is nothing sacred?

-----Original Message-----
From: manila-bounces at On Behalf Of Dan Edrich
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 8:50 AM
To: manila at
Subject: [Manila] Fw: immenent dune damage
To Salena and Teenship.
Suggested Reading; The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
                              The Negative Declaration
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From: redacted
To: Manila CSD
Cc: jwoolley at
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 8:24 AM
Subject: immenent dune damage

Board of Directors

Dear Chris,
It is now morning, the day before the Kinetic come through our dunes.
Your organizations have shown no preparedness to alleviate the potential of even more damage to already damaged dunes.
Yet, they have the gumption to set for a party- right in front of  a horribly damaged dune
Please make USERS aware of your and their legal requisites.
Our once stable system has been whored and perverted to the point that our trees are dying and our dunes are caving.
We need a moratorium to assess damage before we lose more topography.
Anyone can bring a dune down.
It takes thought and discipline to keep them healthy.

Sincerely, Dan Edrich

Tell me you're kidding.

From Petch, links to some great pics of previous years' sculptures. here


  1. If Dan Edrich was so worried about "Mother Earth" and the dunes and everything bad in the World, he would commit suicide to prevent himself (or is that hymself) from damaging the eco-system any more.

    Thich Quang Duc knew how to stage a protest, these people, not so much.

  2. Reggae on The River must give him a coronary.

    Picnics in the park, man, I don't know, people might actually have to walk on the grass.

    Absolute and complete idiot.

  3. idiot? come nice....

    fearmongering does this to people....some folks think the environment is on the brink of destruction, some folks think the world is on the brink of destruction due to "islamist fascists".......

    humans are so easily influenced. they jump to kneejerk conclusions without ever thinking deeply about issues. its sad..

  4. You're right, Theo. But come one! Man! If it wasn't for the perks of modern society, the guy would have to be out killing for his food, and maybe digging a cave to get shelter. It's all very nice for people to say to agonize over sand (which gets blown and swept away by waves, which was once rock that has been pulverized over time...) My God. Man! Think of the degradation that caused the sand!

  5. Let's be blunt and straight to the point. Dan Edrich is a complete and utter ASS! Everyone knows it even the other beach nuts in Manila who are just like him. He simply is NIMBY to the max and did I say an ASS! That's about as clear as one can be on that.

  6. I think there's something in the water in Manila. And it ain't flouride. Seems to destroy brain cells.

  7. Yeah - go over to the mirror... hobart evidently was engaged in a little "in flagrantre delicto" with the bon bons...

    what a f'ing crack up!

  8. Hobart was a wild man.

  9. They have the same good water we all do. After they put it in the bomg their reality gets all fuzzy. Much like their idotic obsession with forcing the dunes to never change. Trogladite baby.

  10. Nah.There's either something in the water, and it ain't dioxin (or flouride)

    LSD maybe? Hallucinating about the sand dunes weeping?

    Look, if all men were like this, we would never have crawled out of the primal ooze, we would never have crossed oceans and continents, survived in places like Alaska, never fished the open seas, would never have created a single goddam thing - out of fear and narcissism.

    It's people like this who get hayrides shut down, and barricades between you and real life. This is the plastic covered couch mentality. You might get dirty! Oh my!

    All I can say is he is lucky he lives in this day and age because natural selection would have taken its toll long ago.

  11. I wonder if he also fired off a letter to Mother Nature explaining the devastating effects her seismic activity and tidal flow has had on the dunes.

  12. I was wondering the EXACT same thing. mresquan!

    Wind, rain, tides, shifting sand, wildlife - I can't imagine living inside this guy's head.

  13. I don't think this person is a part of any "crowd".

  14. Maybe not, but he is representative of a certain mindset.

    It's a tad bit ironic because that mindset is also represented by the Ken Miller tyes (except when it comes to laws they want to break) - but Ken is now paying the price for that, because the easiest and best solution to Ken's Mad River Bluff's problem is to take a couple of sticks of dynamite out and blast a new channel for the river through the dunes.

    It will eventually do it itself anyway, it snakes around all the time, but thanks to him and his kind and the resultant hysteria and regulations, the simplest and most effective solution cannot even be considered.


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