Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blue Lake to look for new police chief

Blue Lake to look for new police chief
The Blue Lake City Council unanimously decided Monday night to move forward on establishing a one-year contract with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office while also keeping the ultimate goal of having a city police force with a new police chief.
Following multiple meetings with residents expressing concerns and interest in keeping the city's current two-officer police force, the council made a long-awaited decision.

Councilman Marvin Samuels said he believed in community-based policing, and several other council members echoed his feelings.

”It makes for a better town and more effective law enforcement,” Samuels said. “Developing this model for Blue Lake, though, can't be done overnight....
...While many of the approximately 40 residents present Monday night seemed satisfied with the council's actions, they continued to express their concerns about the council's need to stay on track in the search for a new chief, the restructuring of the city's management of the police department, and ensuring that there would be a citizen's advisory board that would be apart of the hiring process...
Blue Lake to look for new police chief


brian said...

How about Ken Miller?

Fred said...

They sure are beating themselves over the head with this. I don't see how a city the size of Blue Lake can afford a police force in the first place, much less fight over trying to keep it after all that's happened.

Just contract with the Sheriff's Office.

Anonymous said...

It is an incredible amount of money to initiate the infrastructure for a city. Blue Lake is established and ready to move forward. I live in McKinleyville, and even though it has been one of the most rapidly evolving communities in the county, incorporation is lagging. Why? Because of the expense that incorporation would bring. I say, you all ready have it Blue Lake, let your citizens have their police department....just do an exellent back ground and don't be in a hurry! I wish the residents of Blue Lake a successful recruitment. You deserve the best.