Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Remember to vote.

And then, check out The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Click on the TOUR button and follow the links. Amazing. Jack, especially, I think you will like this one. h/t: KT I Think I'll Move to Detroit
...because the homes are so cheap. Dig this:
The average home sale price in Detroit is...


  1. Thanks for the link, Rose. As usual, you are way too kind.

  2. I don't think you would enjoy Detroit if you got the house free. It's about as bad as Havana without the decent weather

  3. Things aren't looking too good for the conservative slate. Are you going to redefine left wing fringe?

  4. Oh? Did Lovelace win as a left wing fringer?

    Or did he call himself a "business owner" who was against grow houses to get elected? Got himself the HCDSO as an endorsement... yeah, right.

    You can redefine left wing fringe when the left wing fringe can run as who they really are instead of lying through their teeth.

  5. Ales Stillman will get what she deserves.

  6. Mark Lovelace was elected by people who know exactly who he is, an environmental activist who they support. Those sour grapes sound bitter too.

  7. Stillman what does she 'deserve'? That she hasn't already gotten from "her" town. Is she 'happy'? Does she have a pleasnt life with love and true freinds in it? Or is she up tight trying to convincer her self about what she's molding Arcata into. (Oh don't look at the Bar's and the cig butts on the street) - Also two of her homes were busted (PG&E locked out) for being grow homes - she didn't even know - she's such a 'good' land lord - man was she pissed!

    As to Lovelace - he won even with Paul P. playing Nader Spoiler - so kick him that 12% more of the PROG votes.

    and YUP everyone knows who Mark L. is and what he is and was - it got him elected.

    Thing is that statement Rose "can run as who they really are instead of lying through their teeth."

    Is, well I don't know how to stay it. One of the greatest men in Humboldt died this year - would you say that about him?

    Lets go for a walk on Roger Rainbow - see the water line, the chickwire fences and so forth?

    What the hell do you think that was for - but no one would think of saying what you said about Lovelace about Roger.

    Yet you could - and I love the man so much - I never cried (and still do) as much as when I think of him gone!

    So how come its okay (as I've often asked) when so many of the "old boys" grew and everyone knew - but no one said anything about it?

    BUT Lovelace is a PROG and suddenly HE's supposed to put his whole histroy out there?

    We've been though this all before - go speak with Jack Noble - if you know him - about what's what - if you know him well enough that he'll trust you to tell you ...

    Or Kenny Barelles - or any of the "old boys" -- again if their PROG's their liers - if their "good old boys" their charming ...

    I guess - Rose you (as I always said) either heve NO IDEA of what went on in Humboldt - or bought or ignored what you heard as so many did and do ...

    But to NOT give Lovelace a pass - when you'd give Roger and the rest - its too wild.

    Its like when Terry and Renner ran - they were the Librals back then - totally supported by the people in the hills ... in the know ...

    Anyway its a loosing battle - your in such denial - about all this - never mind - sorry I bothered you --


    Maybe it was cause the "old boys" did it with style - and were gentalmen - and these new punks ruin homes and all that crap ...

    Still no reason to bag on Lovelace - he's who he is - everyone knows what he did up in Freshwater - et al ...

    and who is freinds are ...

    and we're all down on grow houses -with punks that screw up homes - and don't live in them - and don't talk to neghbors - and play scary gang bang games -- we ALL are down on that ...

    Prog and Conseritive alike ...

  8. 9:19 that was wild,wild stuff as JC would say. Roger was a great man. Mark is a scum bag. If you don't get that you are the one out of touch. Because the nut jobs elect another nut job doesn't make mark any less a phony paid radical lobbiest. When you know the slimmy games that went on, Alex talking Brian into running then rolling over for her radical pals as a start,you just might start to realize how screwed we really are.


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