Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two arrested for alleged murder conspiracy

On Saturday, investigators from the Humboldt County District Attorney's office served search warrants at residences on Rohnerville Road, Fortuna and on Port Kenyon Road, Ferndale, where two men were arrested on suspicion conspiracy to commit murder.

Dennis Eugene Larsen, age 63, and Ray Lone-Wolf Potvin, age 29, were arrested. Both reside at the Rohnerville Road address.
The investigation grew out of information that Dennis Larsen's son, Chad Larsen, was soliciting the murder of the alleged victim of the sexual assault which has him incarcerated in the Humboldt County Jail.

DA investigators conducted an undercover sting operation in which, arrest warrant affidavits allege, they received a $500 down payment for the killing and shovels with which to bury the intended victim (the 16-year-old alleged sexual assault victim)....
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update: Third man's arraignment postponed
16-year-old alleged sexual assault
Two of the three Fortuna men suspected in an alleged plot to murder a teenage girl set to testify against one of them in an ongoing statutory rape trial pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a Humboldt County courtroom.

Chad Larsen, 28, was joined in court by his father Dennis Larsen, 63, and friend, Ray Lone-Wolf Potvin, 29. Potvin and Chad Larsen entered pleas of not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. Dennis Larsen did not enter a plea, as a motion to postpone his arraignment was granted by Judge Timothy Cissna.

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  1. If this happened these guys need to be hammered flat. This DA's main claim to courtroom fame is the murder convictions he got for a family that killed a victim/witness. These people were stopped before the main crime was committed, but they are just as bad. No deals, try the case, show the community that attacking victims and witnesses to corrupt the justice process will bring
    swift and harsh justice.


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