Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steve "the laws don't apply to me" Schectman is back in the news.

Teaching his kid how to behave. SO impressive.
Parents say suspension of Arcata students not appropriate

After five Arcata High School football team members were suspended during finals week for throwing rocks at a car, their parents and classmates are saying that the school administration did not handle the situation appropriately.

”We give our kids to the teachers to educate and guard them, to ensure they are in a safe environment. They abused that,” said Steven Schectman, the lawyer who is representing the students and their parents.

And that has to do with your kid being disciplined - how?

You gotta love the comments section of the TS on this one, though. For once, there's agreement. Pretty much along these lines - Jeff E says: "The football team got what they deserved, that is for sure.

But look at the terrible lesson the parents of those hoodlums are teaching their kids. Get punished for wrong doing ? You don't have to take it like a man, get a lawyer, threaten to sue & cry to the media. The rules don't apply to you.

Schectman should get the award for the "Worst Father of the Year".

Schectman is right about one thing - “Our next step is to try to make the community aware of this.” Damn straight.

History: Eye - Schectman downplays past legal problems

"If you get it by hook or by crook, you get a pass," Schectman said. Schectman, 2005


  1. The hilarious thing is that Schectman and the kids are the ones who made sure that this story got into the press as a means of garnering sympathy.




  3. I think Schectman made a fool of himself on this one, among others.

  4. Boo Fricking Hoo! The Math Club or the Band would NOT have acted so imbecile! The football players and their parents think they are SO special.

  5. gimme A break!6/11/2008 10:36 PM

    Take the suspension and be glad the kids got off so easy. These kids and thier parents are a disgrace.

  6. You know it probably is an abandoned vehicle that no one cares about.

    But maybe it isn't. Maybe it belongs to some poor college kid who had to go off an earn enough money to get it towed and fixed? Maybe a homeless Mom and her kids need that car. You don't know. And those boys didn't know.

    The car was there. It was abandoned. Broken. So they trashed it. That's what "throwing rocks at it" really means isn't it? It means breaking the windows, smashing the headlights, denting the fenders. What else? Slitting the tires?

    A simple act of destructive violence. No big deal.

    In reality - are they more than one step away from Keyontae Taylor and Joaquin Fitzgerald who shot the homeless guy after shooting cows in the field because they could? Because he was there. No big deal.

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