Friday, June 13, 2008

Who paid?

Remember Bob Martel, who said his suit against Palco cost him $250,000 and took five years of research?

When he lost, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered him to pay the company legal fees of more than $110,000. And he said he hadn't earned "more than six thousand dollars in a year in recent memory"

And you wonder - who paid those bills? Who paid the $250,000 that he couldn't possibly have afforded? Plus the more than $110,000. Has he been making monthly payments all this time?

Well, here's another one - This June 4, 1993 article in the New York Times says that Bill Bertain who spends most of his time and much of his money on the legal battle with Mr. Hurwitz was "more than a half-million dollars in debt. At times he has been unable to meet his house payments, and his health has deterioriated."

Bill, did you have to absorb those costs yourself? Or was there help and support? And if so from whom? From what entity(ies)?

That was 1993. How much longer did that battle go on, and what was the total cost? Again, how did you pay for it? I mean it's fair to say that it could have gone on for another 10 years, up until Gallegos took over.

How many lawsuits were there? Yours. Martel's. EPIC's, I've heard tell of some smaller ones with some interesting connections. Hundreds? Thousands? And who paid?

When the history of what happened here is told, will these questions be answered?


  1. Thank god Hurwitz is officially out of Humboldt

    Well, almost

  2. But Ken isn't and his protege Mark is now going to be a Supervisor. Where is Bob Martel in all this is something I've wondered for years as he was never one to be shy of publicity. Bob, in fact, is where Ken probably learned to use voters to get anti-Palco candidates into office as Bob organized some Measure B or something way back when and it failed to pass.

  3. Bob's partner when publishing the Country Activist now sits on the CEEDS board if I'm not mistaken which periodically chimes in for tourism business and anything but working class employing industrial development for Humboldt County.

  4. I wonder if any of Mark's constituents knows anything about Mark's involvement with Humboldt Watershed Council's past with Bob Martel.

    I wonder if any of Mark's constituents has the balls to march right up to Mark and ask him point blank if he knows who's running "Heraldo" because I don't think you can be involved with Ken Miller's group without being involved with Heraldo.

    Somebody would need to catch Mark's reaction on film and then do the analysis where you can spot politicians and used car salesmen lying with small facial tics they can't conceal..can see the headlines now. MARK CONFESSES!!..

  5. Recently censored on Heraldo's blog for your morning entertainment:

    Censorship-censorship-censorship. Commander, we’ve got Heraldo’s censorship in our sites now. Your orders, sir?

    Blow it to smithereens and let’s vamoose this Dark Side sector.

    Aye, aye, Commander. Roger that. Say, isn’t that Roger’s ship coming up fast at 3:00, sir? Hail her, sir?

    Yes, give her a greetings and tell her all obstacles to her forward course are being pushed aside.


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