Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pop Quiz

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  1. Rose, you joining the Eureka Reporter editorial today that urges us to drill drill drill for more oil?

    I wish you Republicans had not clobbered Jimmy Carter when that man tried to start getting America off the oil teat and into real alternative energy production. Put your energy into reporting alternative solutions instead of the same old oil addict's "there's more oil here!" Maybe more is less for our kid's future?

  2. Stephen, I was in high school way back then and I thought Jimmy Carter was pretty cool because he got out and walked amongst the people, just like I thought Jerry Brown was good because he eschewed the Governor's Mansion, But Carter was a failure, and now he is a blithering idiot.

    What I have said, repeatedly, is that we need to make energy independence a national priority, beyond even when Kennedy dedicated resources to putting a man on the moon. We have to do whatever it takes to stop relying on Middle Eastern Oil, first, and then oil in general within, say FIVE years.

    Subsidies for solar, rewards for scientists, whatever it takes. The national will directed at the problem.

    Get off this hangnail-picking obsession with fictional global warming, take off the hair-shirts, and start showing the best that Humankind has to over - ingenuity, creativity, drive, resolution. Try things. Fail spectacularly, but rise again. And succeed.

    What we are doing now is the equivalent of importing lumber from Japan when we have such an abundance of growing trees. We have to get out of this shut it down mentality, use what we have learned about good practices (for the detractors out there, that means we don't return to clear cutting)...

    But you want people to eat healthy, more fish, less red meat, with the populations we have, you can't do that by closing off fishing, and banning farmed salmon and other fish... we're not magicians, we cannot create fish out of thin air.

    That's the kind of society we have created - and now we have $5 a gallon gas.

    But it is not just $5 a gallon gas, Stephen, NOW all the prices of food in the grocery store have skyrocketed as well, because the $5 a gallon gas is increasing the costs of getting the food here.

    Your people cannot grow their own food any longer because they are all living on 5000 square foot lots, with no room for gardens and livestock.

    Your ability to be self sufficient is so degraded that if people don't collectively pull their heads out of the sand and start working towards self sufficiency, we're doomed.

    THAT's what I am saying, and in the interests of trying to keep it short I left alotta things out.

    But long and short of it is yes, drill, and simultaneously work to find the real solution.

    We can do it. We are the best educated, best outfitted people the globe has ever seen. Brains, computers, tools, resources, instant communication - get to work!

  3. What I'm saying, Stephen is, for out kids future, let's make it so they don't even NEED Oil.

  4. How about being able to decide for ourselves how we live our life without having some whacked out greenie nutcase interfering?

  5. Rose, your put down of Jimmy Carter is rather dumb considering in the next sentence you are asking for what Jimmy started to do. Jimmy Carter was an ineffective President, I'll grant you that, but as a good will ambassador, he has proven himself excellent. And you've obviously bought into the AIPAC smearing of Jimmy over his accurate assessment, the same as Desmond Tutu who should know, that Israeli practices apartheid government towards Palestinians.

    Jimmy compared to your Republican presidents is so far ahead in presidential wisdom as to make them look like the idiot you called Jimmy Carter. Jimmy didn't get us into war and lose American lives all over place as well as making America the enemy of over a billion Muslims. Bush and son did that. Reagan just stopped all of Jimmy's alternative energy funding at ERDA which, btw, Rose, knocked out my own ERDA grant that had passed two reviews out of three to get an ERDA grant for my "Compost Cabin" biomass heated home system.

  6. LIke I said, Stephen, I once liked Carter. But when I hear him talk now, I swear he has lost too many brain cells. He weakens us. Pathetic and ineffectual. Malaise and self-revulsion are what he represents to me.

    EXCEPT for one thing - his Habitat for Humanity was a great idea, a great and heroic endeavor, and the high ideals it represented rose above that malaise. Too bad he had to jump back into the political sewer. The George Soros sewer.

    When I think of Habitat for Humanity, I think of Jimmy Carter as a great man. When I hear him pandering, bowing and scraping to Middle Eastern murderers, I think the opposite.

  7. Murderers? Rose, please do a body count of who's died on each side before you go off the deep end of propaganda? Israelis have killed about 4 or 5 times as many Palestinians as Palestinians have killed Israelis. Same ratio for kids being killed, in other words, IDF have killed 4 or 5 Palestinian kids for every 1 Palestinians have killed. And as for "terrorism", how would your daughters feel with an F-16 bearing down on them firing rockets at them? Is that terrorism enough for you or are you going to always go for the Zionist side of the coin and screw truth, screw social justice, screw the ragheads in the way of American and European Jewry's chance to play Conquistadors and get rid of the pesky natives in their New World.

    And btw, folks, Rose is my good friend whom we share lot's of views in common and lot's we don't but that don't matter 'cause we is friends.

  8. Rose, why did you ban me?


    I got to hug a real live Palestinian peace activist today. Dr. Hanan Awwad, after she talked at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall this morning. Gave her the Canaan Peace Plan and she said she'd read it later and get back to me--we both know Sami Awad in common, also Abuna Hatoum who's church in Nazareth houses Paxcalibur. We're all peace activists.

  9. Stephen"s comment reminds me of an old Jimmy Carter joke:
    Carter finally dies and upon entering the pearly gates encounters Harry Truman who greets him as follows:
    Harry: I understand you were President of the US. I've been away for a while. What are some of the problems you faced.
    Jimmy: For only one term. Well for one thing, there was an oil embargo of the US and the price of gas was out of sight.
    Harry: So what did you do?
    J: I continued with Nixon's price controls to keep the price down but the result was long gas lines.
    H: Anything else?
    J: Yes. Due to heating oil shortages I advised people to wear sweaters.
    H; Boy! I bet that worked.
    J: Not only that but unemployment was over 6% and interest rates and inflation hit record highs.
    H: How did you handle that?
    J: I chided the public that they were causing a malaise of the nation.
    H: Anything else?
    J: Yeah I ended support for the Shah of Iran and radical muslims overthrew him and invaded the US embassy holding the entire staff hostage for over a year.
    H: Of course you sent in the Marines to take care of that, right?
    J: No. I sent a few helicopters on a rescue mission but two of them crashed and they had to run away leaving several dead soldiers behind to be displayed in Tehran by the muzzies.
    H: Good grief. It's a good thing you only ruled for one term. You probably would have given away the Panama Canal

  10. My mom thought Jimmy Carter was a good man and that's good enough for me. He's done more for humanity directly than any other U.S. president in history.

  11. I have not banned anyone, Stephen.

    And I would not ban you. And you're right, we do not agree on the Palestine/Israel/Islamic murderers issue, and we actively argue the points, and will never change each other's minds. But friends can disagree. Part of what makes life interesting.

  12. :) Probably fair to say VEHEMENTLY disagree. :)

  13. And, Pogo - that was a joke? Because every word is true. :)

    I remember 13% car loans. Gas lines. And the absolute lack of inspiration that that malaise line demonstrated.

    Add to that, wasn't it Ross Perot who got his guys out of Iran? Made into a book, something about Eagles....

    Carter let them walk all over us.

  14. Our embassy was overrun and hostages taking because the US gave asylum to the Shah at the urging of conservatives. The Shah was a murderous tyrant like Hussein. His people had every reason to hate him and anyone who helped him.

    The Republicans are getting a taste of what happens to the economy when there is an oil shortage.

  15. 12:03 AM: "Our embassy was overrun and hostages taking [sic] because the US gave asylum to the Shah at the urging of conservatives."
    The shah left Iran in January 1979 to begin a life in exile. He lived in Egypt, Morocco, the Bahamas, and Mexico before going to the United States for treatment of advanced lymphatic cancer. He died in Cairo, Egypt, on July 27, 1980. Those nice muzzies seem to have neglected to attack the embassies of several countries who gave asylum to the shah and reserved their rage for the US who only allowed treatment of a dreaded disease.

    We're ALL getting a taste of what the progressive green whack jobs have done to the economy with their BANANA (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) policies.

  16. REPUBLICANS are getting a taste of what happens to the economy when there is an oil shortage?

    BULLSHIT! God, you absolute fool (12:03). PEOPLE - PEOPLE of all political parties, and of no party at all - are paying $4.80 a gallon ($4.999 for premium) because A. World demand, particularly in India and China, has stepped up, B. We do not have enough refineries to meet our own needs, especially if one is down for maintenance, and C. Especially here in California you are paying for gas and taxes, and then taxed again on the total, plus paying for special blends.

    It is nothing short of imbecilic to define the world in terms of Republican and Democrat. Open your eyes. Use your brain.


  18. You are the fool. Carter and the Democrats got blamed for the wreckage of the economy due to high gas prices. Now its the Republicans turn. You can't have it only one way no matter how much you stomp your feet and scream.

    It was, after all, a Republican who started this Iraq war which took millions of barrels of oil off the world market, escalating prices due to shortage of supply and is threatening Iran which will have even worse consequences. What do you think will happen to oil prices if Iran's millions of barrels aren't sold? Wake up FOOLS!

  19. Oh, silly me. I was starting to believe your line that we were just fighting this war for Oil. Funny that we haven't seen a drop of it, and now you tell me it is off the world market.

    Why do they keep repairing the pipelines the Al Qaeda keep damaging then?

  20. The war was to control the oil, fool. Keeping oil off the market drives up the price. DOH!

  21. Ah, yes, sado-masochism. That's what it is.

  22. Who benefits by higher prices due to low supply? Who pays? You must be one of the most naive people on earth if you think anyone in the Bush administration gives a shit about how much you are paying for gas. They are laughing all the way to the bank as they destroy the economy of the US for their personal gain.

  23. Yes, EVERYONE in the Bush Administration owns an oil company. EVERY single one. And they're just RAKIN' in the big bucks.

    And NONE of the Democrats do, they all CARE about what you are paying for gas. They ALL feel your pain. Even John Kerry. (Well, he may be, what does he have 16 vehicles or something like that?)

    Or are you lumping ALL of Congress and the House into the 'Bush Administration?'

    Like I said - use your brain. THINK.

  24. You seem to be the one lumping everyone in government into the Bush administration. His administration is the one that lied for war, lied about the reasons for war, lied about how the war was going and is now lying about why we are staying when the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Iraqi government wants us to LEAVE.

  25. In this war there is plenty of corruption and graft to go around. Lots of no government contracts to share our tax dollars now and the foreseeable future.

  26. Lots of opinion, speculation, and Democratic talking points here. How about some facts?

  27. Silly 6:41. Don't you know that every conversation turns into "!!BUSH - B-bb-b-ush - BUSH LIED!!! The BUSH administration DID THIS!!! And that!!!!" OH!!! Howls and woe is us! We're in the tank, the country's in the toilet, the economy is bad, everyone is defaulting on their mortgages, and we want to reward them for that because they show us that BUSH is BAD!!! Why no one need be responsible for thier own debts because it is ALLLLLLLL BUSH's FAULT!"

    It's quite funny really. The foaming at the mouth. The protruding veins. The spittle.

    And the absolute LACK of constructive thought.

  28. All of that and not a single rational refutation of my post. No wonder no one wastes time here.

    This is the Rose vanity blog.

  29. How does one refute emotional allegations that have no basis in reality? You must have been truant from the class that revealed that a negative cannot be proven.

  30. Emotional allegations like lies for war and corruption in the contracting process? Don't you read the news? The senate finally completed their investigation and (SURPRISE) found that the Bush administration lied to justify the attack on Iraq. That war has led to a decrease in oil supplies which has been devastating to our economy, raising gas prices and food prices and wrecking havoc on family budgets leading to (GASP) home foreclosures.

    Now if you would list exactly which of my claims are emotional and not factual, I would be happy to provide you with sources to support them.

  31. YOu're just wrong, 6:16.

    What? Now the war is causing home foreclosures? BS.
    And there aren't NEAR as many foreclosures as the hysterics would have you believe.

    Oh, if only Obama is elected the skies will turn blue again, and all these woes that have been caused by THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION will vaporize into thin air and flutter away like pretty little butterflies. So magical and marvelous it will be. There will be no more strife, no more hard work, no more home foreclosures - in fact, if you default on YOUR house payments, the government will make your payments for you. Won't that be nice?

  32. You have no facts there, just emotion.

    You are too ignorant to understand cause and effect. The war took a large amount of oil off the market. The decreased supply drove up the price. Higher fuel prices means everything costs more. People having to spend more on necessities means they have a harder time paying their mortgages. As the foreclosures increase, the market value of homes declines and makes people more likely to walk away from them if they owe more than their market value. If you weren't so irrational and emotional you would understand this.

  33. Iraq oil prod. 2002 2.5 million bbl/d

    Iraq oil prod. 2008 2 million bbl/d

    Iran oil prod. 2008 4 million bbl/d

    Iran oil prod. after US attack 0

    The US uses almost 21 million bbl/d.
    The world uses over 82 million bbl/d.
    You do the math.

  34. "The housing crisis is hitting home.

    Humboldt County's notice of default foreclosures hit their highest mark in at least three decades in April, mirroring a nationwide trend that has economists predicting a steep economic downturn."

  35. Rose,

    Will you be voting for McCain this November?

  36. I better turn on the TV, we just attacked Iran? Damn Bush!

  37. If McCain is elected you can make book on an Iranian attack if Bush doesn't do it before he leaves office.

  38. Yes, 9:50, I will.

    I may vote for Obama in four years IF he demonstrates that he can even remotely live up to all the hoopla about him. DO some work in the Senate. SHOW what he is made of. PROPOSE some visionary legislation. DEMONSTRATE that he has some real substance, some real ability, a real work ethic - and show me that he CARES ABOUT THIS COUNTRY AND VALUES WHAT IT IS WE HAVE HERE.

    THEN, I will vote for him, and stand right alongside you who believe in him.

    Right now he has done nothing, gives nice speeches that sound good but say nothing, has not done one single thing that all his proponents swear he WILL do it only he gets elected.

    He has potential. But he is not fully formed and he hasn't done a goddamm thing yet except get elected and start running for President.

    Bonnie Neely is more qualified than he is.

  39. Something tells me Rose wouldn't vote for Obama even if he had the same resume as McCain, yet as a democrat.

  40. Well, I do regret voting for Clinton.

  41. Do you regret voting for Bush?

  42. McCain has demonstrated that he will flip flop even on something he used to vehemently oppose, torture. He doesn't know who is fighting with who or whose is allies with who. We can't afford another 4 years of McBush.

  43. McCain is just the new but not improved Bush, same advisers, same policies, older face.


  45. McCain is an individual who makes a choice because of facts not fear. For you dumb asses who thing the Bushes are raking in the bucks on high oil prices,I'd suggest you check out "peers" and a few other Democrat dominated groups that really are making bank off high oil prices. You libs are simple lemmings.

  46. McCain is a PNAC fanatic. Their agenda is global fascism which will result in blow back in the form of terrorism and further justify the erosion of rights in this country.

    Get ready for ever increasing gas prices as a California refinery is closed to justify higher prices. FOOLS!

  47. How does it feel to be a member of the tiny minority still supporting Bush? What is it now, 20%? That's fewer people than those who still believe Iraq attacked us on 9/11 and they found WMD in Iraq.

  48. A PNAC fanatic, eh? So that's the new set of talking points?

    Had to look it up wikipedia

    Stupid McCain, doesn't he know he has to swear allegiance to Soros.

    Ahhh, I wonder what you guys are going to do with all this hatred when Bush leaves office. Looks like you're just gonna train the hose on a new target and continue to spew.

  49. The question above is - did you know what that thing in the picture was?

  50. You can read all about it here, including McCain's and his adviser's involvement. If you liked the neocons and Bush, you will be happy with the redux. Different face on the puppet, same puppeteers.

  51. *snort!* hahahaha

    Ohhhh, truthout - good! - good. MediaMatters - goooo-ooo-od.

    John McCain - baaa-aa-a-ad.

    Uh huh.


  52. Truth Out is like the Reader's Digest of liberal news. Sliming the medium rather than reading it shows you are the cretin. McCain's advisers are the same exact men who brought us the Iraq war. But keep your head buried in the sand. The other 80% of the people are paying attention and people like you will be completely marginalized. Nothing lost there. Keep watching Fox and listening to Rush and Savage and we'll take care of the hard work. Idiot.


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