Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missing in action, AGAIN

From the day he took office, Gallegos has missed important meetings, and doesn't attend meetings he is supposed to be an key player in. The kinds of things that would get any ordinary person fired. When the Code Enforcement Task Force was set up, Gallegos was supposed to be an integral part of it. How many meetings has he attended, if any? Has he sent a representative?

It is the District Attorney's job to attend these kinds of meetings. One reason why most DAs try very few cases, if any.

He was available to go to the meeting in Garberville in the beginning and make some noise about his "concerns" that officers were armed.

Now the DA is an integral part of this since his office cross- deputizes the inspectors and is supposed to be overseeing all of this. People are missing what his role is in this, and its importance.

But he wasn't at Friday's meeting, nor the previous Friday's meeting. Now the Task Force has had to vote to extend its time limit in hopes of getting the DA to attend - this article tells the story:

The Humboldt County Code Enforcement Task Force has taken the first steps toward compiling a report to the board of supervisors, but it may not be done until late September.

The members voted unanimously Friday to ask the board to extend of the task force and the moratorium on inspection warrants until Sept. 26.

The extension will allow more time to arrange a session with Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Gallegos, as part of the Code Enforcement Unit Oversight Committee, had been invited to appear before the task force at Friday's meeting, but was not present.

Second District Supervisor Johanna Rodoni suggested -- and the balance of the task force agreed -- that a second, strong invitation be issued to the district attorney.

”I think we need to emphasize they're a critical piece of this,” she said.

Part of that urgency deals with which county department will house the code enforcement unit and the district attorney's concerns over granting police powers to Code Enforcement Unit officers.

The task force scheduled its next meeting for the afternoon of July 9 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. to better accommodate Gallegos' schedule....

◼ Some interesting points there - In Friday's meeting, County Counsel Wendy Chaitin noted that Gallegos had come to her in January expressing his "concerns. (laughable as it might be in light of his recent attempts to acquire semi-automatic AR-15 rifles, and set up his own armed asset forfeiture team, but, not to digress...).

Josh Hedlund also spoke at Friday's meeting about the January 3rd raid on his Vilica Properties.

January - coincidences? Schectman, Paul, Vilica, Hedlund, code raids, concerns. Maybe. Dots?


  1. and where, oh where, are the CAST
    statistics and minutes?

  2. Newsflash...every time Gallegos wants to avoid the public or other department heads, he says his wife has cancer and needs treatment. He has used that excuse to the board and he was outed because he actually was packing his car for a boating trip on Trinity Lake and then left messages which were forwarded that he was actually leaving town on a boating trip to Trinity. He also used that excuse with the Grand Jury and was also busted on another vacation instead.

    My bet is he is up at on some lake somewhere and we will hear the “cancer” excuse again. Hell, why doesn’t he just say the “dog ate my homework?” It is more convincing.

    The guy has completely gone under the radar since the attorneys for Douglas and Zanotti filed their motion to dismiss his indictment. Too embarrassing? Uh - duh!

  3. Well, it's 4th of July maybe he took the family camping. Which he has a perfect right to do.

    It occurs to me that public officials schedules, calendars and emails are all public records.

    Most California public records in can be requested from the proper state or county office. The California Department of Justice defines "Records" as "include any writing owned, used or maintained by the Department in the conduct of its official business. Writings include information recorded or stored on paper, computers, email, or audio or visual tapes."

  4. A vacation every other month is not what he is getting paid to do. Mexico, Trinity, the east coast....

    You also assume he has calendars, I wouldn't.

    And guess what, if he has unfinished business and his office is in the crapper, then he shouldn't be going anywhere. He is supposed to be working for the public and not vice versa.

    150k per year and he only has to be in the office one day a month. Quit giving this guy any credit. He is a grade A loser.

  5. He has calendars. Things like the CAST meetings are on them, Presumably the Code Enforcement Meetings are on there, too. Perhaps his secretary puts them on.

    But whether or not he attends, that is the big question. And was the point of my CAST request. I asked for the attendance sheets, agendas and minutes. His response was that those were evidentiary in nature. Hah!


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