Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some funny stuff

came out of "Operation Southern Sweep!" Here're my two favorites:
Picasso’s Guernica, the colossal painting that depicts the 1937 firebombing of the Basque homeland, was the subject of a film at the Eureka, California art museum last weekend. It served as a prelude to the week’s activities. An invading force of 450 law enforcement officers from California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE), FBI, IRS, and US Postal Service descended in convoys of as many as 200 vehicles upon the hamlet of Southern Humboldt county California, population. The entire county has only 138 law enforcement officers.... :) Read it here (by Ellen Komp? Ellen Taylor?)


I think this is still my favorite - "FUCKING RUN! Its a WAR ZONE here right now! FEDS UP THE ASS!" Holy Shit, Batman, Feds Invaded Humboldt!

Got any better ones?


  1. the hamlet of Southern Humboldt county California is a hoot too. So idyllic.

  2. What's this I hear about 40 or so 215 terminal sickies being marched in chains from Arcata to Big Pink? Was that Bush riding ahead of them in the chariot with Cheney holding the laurels over his head? Quick, notify Oliver Stone. This must be recorded for posterity.

  3. Heh - the refrain is "someday sick people will get to have their medicine..."

    Who was it that said you have to feel sorry for (Arcata) where so many young people are so sick... extend that to Humboldt County.

  4. Rose, I believe that Drew Issac is responsible for that pithy quote. Drew went from Humboldt to Santa Cruz, a lateral move in terms of dread-locked ne'er-do-wells.

  5. Arcata sick people:
    How many REAL sick people are there in Arcata =

    2 Rx Phams (Longs and Barnes drugs) do between 300 and 500 Rx's a day. (see staff report PlanCo Attachment D I belive) 2.24

    That's 400 AVE a day
    Longs = 7 days a week
    = 30 x 400 = 12,000
    Barnes drugs = 5 days a week
    = 20 x 400 = 8,000
    total RX ("reg drug" = real sick??) 20,000 a month.

    total "MMJ patients" seem to be about 2 to 3,000.

    OUPS what does this math suggest, that there are VERY FEW MMJ pateints comparied to RX patients?

    20K vs 2 or 3K?? per month?

    (the shop that said it had 6K clients admited that was 'total served" since they opened in 2004)

    So when you start running your mouth about "how many sick people there are in Arcata" as a cute side long SLAM - have all your numbers together.

    there are INFACT 20K sick people in Arcata in need of "standard Rx meds" a month!

    So 2 or 3K of them which to use MMJ as Adjunt therpy to what ever else they use seems quite resonable.

    ALSO let alone that the Arcata Longs and Barnes drugs serve ONLY basicly Arcata patients, where the clubs serve the whole of Humboldt and beyond.

    So in point of fact there are VERY FEW people who chose to use MMJ for adjunctive treatment.

    What is the % of abuse?

    We can go at this number several ways, but one would be to check the OD's for verious drugs.

    RX (what you may call LEGAL Rx drugs) make up part of all 9 out of 10 OD's in Humboldt County. _ Times-S. peice reporting on OD's in the county.

    MMJ is a red harring - sure it SUCKS to have some PUNK live next door - or NOT live next door - and roll in in the middle of the night - with the boom box playing.

    Also sucks to have an idiot red neck neghbor who beats his kids and works on cars (vrooom vroomm) all night long, and has them piled out in the street.

    Which bugs me more? - easy the idiot working on his cars, that takes up several parking places and greese and oil all over the place. The pot guy isn't making any noise.

    NOW once Arcata sets in the BUILDING CODE ENFORCMENT on GROW HOUSES (and its almost done folks - if its not going fast enough for you all - come down and help or shut up - goverment takes time - and STAFF is working damn hard on this - as is the PlanCo)

    So once we get GOOD LAW in Arcata it will spread to the other cities and county. then to the rest of the state.

    See I'm really sorry you don't like someone growing p215 but its LEGAL - unless you repeal the vote - which your welcome to try to do.

    But what is NOT legal is jerperdizing or making a nusance for others in a neghborhood.

    the guy with 3 to 5 cars is a pain in the ass. Is he illegal, I haven't called the Nusicance Abatement on him and trying to PERSONALLY let him know that his "shade tree fixit car business" is really a bummer on the neghborhood.

    Or the rental home down the street with weeds up over anything normal for the rest of the street. it is NOT a grow house, its some renters who say "if the land lord wants it let him cut them"

    BTW - he is a well respected land owner in our fair humboldt.

    so what I'm saying is this 'grow house problem" is the same thing - a public nusance at least and a fire hazard (like the guy with the car's gas cans - or the guy with the TALL (their huge) weeds at the end of the block)


    We just got to get CLEAR codes on the books. GAG had put in 1,500 Watts - when his ORIGNAL ord. was put in place. The BOARD OF SUPS pulled that - and left us only with 100 sq ft.

    Currently if you get an electrican and a Building Inspector in to a room and go "Okay what is the WATTAGE that a NORMAL 20 Amp service can hold - in a normal home for extra lights?"

    They will run the numbers and come up with 1,200 to 1,500 - looks like GAG's orignal #'s were right on. (Shuuu don't tell Rose it will upset her that Gag's was right about this)

    Anyway - so okay lets be EXTRA CAREFUL and go with the LOW NUMBER 1,200 watts - and then BASE the allowable use (with out spical permits) to be that number based upon SAFETY OF ELECTITCAL STANDARDS NOT some 'how many plants' - and you side run all p215 or sb420 laws and floor limits.

    YOU GOT A CODE ENFORCABLE standard that is NOT based on MMJ limits - but on PUBLIC SAFETY (like tall weed abatement or how to store gas at home! or how many Raslfrat cars some guy can park in the street that makes parking HARD for freinds who come over - and also cuts visablity (I got to do something about that guy!!!)

    --- anyway this will free up the LEO's (law enforcment officers) and the courts and GAG and ROSE from figthing about who's right - because it won't go to court.

    You call on your neghbors grow house - and if their running over 1,200 watts AND DON"T HAVE A PERMIT - they get their PG&E meeter pulled, period. No big deal, no big MONEY for LEO's and courts and all that - just go away.

    Also the PROBLEM is LAND LORDS not checking their property, having to pay for an electric meeter going in and out and back in - will make them a bit more aware.

    So there is the grow house problem in a nut shell taken care of with in the next few weeks / months. The Ord is ready to go - one more meeeting, then a joint meeting with PlanCo and ACC - then adopt it and call the Building Dept if you think a grow is going on. They will investagate and have PG&E pull the meeter if its not with in complance.

    As to the "too many people using MMJ" --

    MOTE AND LOG BABY - MOTE AND LOG - there are 20,000 people getting Rx DOPE from Longs and Barnes drugs - and ONLY 3K people getting MMJ from the shops. What is the REAL problem here?

    The "pot shops" pay sales taxes there are only 4 of them - and yet 70 places with liquor lic. in Arcata - 12 on the plaza alone!

    So tax it - regulate it - and that is what Arcata is working on - get it OUT of the homes - if someone wants to do that - put it in industaral area = prove taxes paid.

    Same thing happened after Proabition - some staied OUT LAW and went to prision (why feds were in town) others worked with the system to set up a legal method to produce and distrubite it.

    Think about it - there are even 3 places to buy booze on HSU campus - but pot is illegal - no moral judgment here - just saying seems weird that you can loose your room if your caught with any MMJ - but you can get as drunk as a monk and be just fine.

    anyway the times are a changen - Bob Zimmerman ...

    "Then you better start swimmin'
    Or you'll sink like a stone"

    work with the system - or get beat down by it ...

    and they call me a sell out - and the part of the cause for the feds coming into town - chuckle - its their own stupidity - I've been working for CODIFICATION of MMJ for many many years now.

    I don't care what the "other guy" is doing - READ

    "KING OF THE CASTLE, THE MAKING OF A DYNASTY: SEAGRAM'S AND THE BRONFMAN EMPIRE." By Peter C. Newman. New York, Atheneum, 1979. Pp. vii + 304. $11.95. ...

    for one good example of how it went from proabtion to legal business model.


  6. And note that at Longs you can get all the necessary ingredients to whip up a batch of meth.Are the Feds going to storm into Longs before they leave town?

  7. Oh and since you bring up LONGS again - I always LOVE really LOVE this!!!

    All the time we hear about HOW BAD the POLLUTION is from grows grow hoouses et al. I mean its Arcata and the PlanCo and ACC go on and on about the eco-grooveyness or lack there of of grows!

    Go into LONGS check out the BUG SPRAY and WEED KILLEER area. ITS HUGE its full of posion!

    Also check out there 1,400 sf ft GROW AREA right out in front. Color Dot supplys them (Longs) with plants, Color dot uses CHEMIN FERTS. which wash right into the street, sreem ocean. Also the Ferts they use are "Ozmacoat" looks like little candies to kids.

    So "good" Longs is selling POISION by the case load - HUGE ISALS full of it!

    Polluts the enviorment with impunity and 'deals' to 12,000 people a month!!! the #1 cause of OD's in the county!

    --- don't you LOVE reaitly -- now lets go get those BAD MMJ people who are ruining the envorment.

    HSU uses toxin weed remover and SUNVALLY is such a huge polluter the negbors get cancer at huge rates!

    As to LIGHTS (we always hear about how the PG&E is the real problem using too much engery).

    Funny ever 2.5 feet of a cooler in EVER STORE (like the 200 feet of Beer that the COOP in Arcata keeps there and another of that much for Icecreem) USES (dum deedee dum) 1 homes worth of electicity. So JUST for beer the "groovey" COOP is using 100 homes worth of electicity!

    Worst poultor in Arcata area - maybe Humboldt SUN VALLY they run TONS (1,000s) of lights and poor their posions right into the bay!

    They tried going organic (well ONE LINE of flowers) and found they didn't sell for any more so discontiueed them. Of course they still TALK about how they are organic, though that program is years over now.

    Amazing huh?

    Everytime you look at a cooler in a store - or walk in or even the COOLED BUILDINGS at SunVally remember every 9sq ft = a home worth of engery.

    So who cares, got to have flowers - and pertty flowers for the table are so much important then ones that help with health.

    3K MMJ people vs. 20K Rx people - who IS sick how many are there?

    IS MMJ a red harring to project a bunch of other issues upon? Fear and what ever of the "other"?


    (now someone chime in

  8. (someone chime in about how two wrongs don't make a right!)

    and I'll have to say but p215 was voted in by the people of Cal its LAW ... and I guess I should say I'm sorry to everyone but there were just 450 FEDS in the county and they HONORED the voters of Cal's dission.

    (they also know that its a loosing battle and looking to Humboldt / Arcata for leadership like they did the ID Card program which came out of Arcata frist.

    That is why the NY Times was up here few weeks ago. They have MMJ legization coming up for them. When I spoke to them (off the record - no quotes) they told me that they were here because Arcata is the leader in all this, and is a 'crusable' for it. How Arccata deals with it the WORLD will deal with it. It happend with the ID program (now state wide + other states use it) and now with the CODIFICATION.


  9. Thanks for the rant DT - this is why you shouldn't do drugs kill your brain cells and any hope of rational thought.

    GO FEDS!

  10. DT,
    That's some brilliant math logic (and spelling). 20,000 Rx per month for everything from nose drops to ampicillin = 20,000 sick people in Arcata. Have you applied for a job with the DNC?
    Also WOW! Building codes are not "laws"? Who knew? Here's a plan for you: Let's call 2000 plant growing operations "code" enforcement issues and voila! the same folks who hassel the shade tree mechanics can handle them. Sounds like a winner.

  11. Of all the people I have known who did(do?) smoke pot, ONE had MS and truly legitimate need. ONE terminal brain cancer patient was being strongly urged by her doctors to smoke it, but didn't want to.

    Now, granted, I don't ask my friends if they smoke, and they don't mention it to me, like I said, it is excised from my life.

    That said, if I had a family member who needed it, I would grow it for them if need be. And I do tend to equate it with drinking and cigarettes in terms of "danger" so I generally favor legalization.

    But the vast majority of people who are buying various medications - from lifesaving antibiotics to skin cream at Longs and other pharmacies - people with real illnesses and truly life threatening conditions cannot be equated to the 23 year old guy with a 215 card who really doesn't have a thing wrong with him, and the 45 year old dysfunctional woman who's just a bit "depressed."

    I'm a big fan of antibiotics, but not of overprescribed 'pain' medications and the horror that is Ridalin - and so I agree with you on many points, DT.

    The thing with pot keeps coming back to - right now it is illegal, like it or not - and to IGNORE/WINK/NOD on that law because you don't like it, but go gung ho after someone else for some law you DO like is the real problem.


    Again, every single day the lovely legislature passes more and more and more stupid and unnecessary laws, like the new cellphone law, and since that is all popular people will be getting popped for that one, while those who are growing - at this point illegally - that's ok?

    That's not equal representation - and it tells me that there's no reason to be a law abiding citizen.

    But that's just my opinion.

    Don't think it means I don't see your points. I do. Under it all, we agree more than disagree. The whole thing is VERY frustrating.

  12. DT dosent smoke pot - I can't spell for sure - but its not because of POT - or other drugs.

    I use MMJ for Migrains when I've got the dry heaves on my hands and knees in the bathroom, or when my back is out so bad I can't get out of bed. BUT THAT WAS the only time! (I hate the stuff it gives me the 'heviey Jevies')

    Lately I've been Dx with Cancer (large cell Lymphoma) and use MMJ to get though the post byopsy operation vs. the Morphine and Codeains they gave me. I eat it and don't smoke it - and only did so to get though the pain of the POST OP time. The perssonal at the hosptial were amazed because I was NOT using the Morphine pump (button) AT ALL - I said I'm eating pot and it seems to be working. I did try ONE of the button pushes - to see what that was like vs. the Pot food I was using. Also one of the morphine pills and one drop of the liqued morphine I have bottles of. None works as well as the POT FOOD to kill the pain.

    Back to my spelling, It is (frankly) because i was beaten and abused (S&M type sex stuff with "mommy") while I was supposed to be 'learning' (taught) my spelling words so I created a "block' which i never bothered to deal with. Nor have the time today. Nor do I have the time to spell check for a BLOG. Sorry no time, so I write or not, find with me. But I don't spell check as I have a 'real job;' that takes my 'real time' so I jsut type here w/out spell check.

    As far as what is LAW and what isn't.

    P215 was voted in (its law).

    SB420 was put in by law makers (you voted them in).

    Humboldt Co Ord was put in by the Board of Sups MMJ TF, where were you all when it was impowered and then you could have joined it and said "we want low limits."

    It was done in 2003-04 and "I" fought for lower limits which I'll explain later. But NO ONE BACKED ME!!!

    Law Enforcement out and out LIED and said that the 10 plant limit never existed, I had the 'activests' down to the 10 plant limit (Terry farmer's / Mel Browns)

    But Law Enforcment and the rest of the "nay sayers" said "Oh that never existed, we're ONLY going up to the sb420 limits" (6 or 12)

    the activests would NOT take that - getting them to the 10 plants was almost impossable already.

    I looked at the Reps for Law Enforcment, the shcools et al (people who were saying 'cap at sb420 floor limits = 6 or 12)
    and pulled out a copy of the T-S from 2000 where Terry Farmer anounces his 10 plant limits and law enforcment from around Humboldt is quoted as signing on...

    and I said "I can't help you guys if your going to BLAD FACE LIE"

    and that was that - SORRY ROSE - the reson we got 100 sq ft is THE LAW ENFORCMENT at the table did NOT nagotate in good faith. they BS'ed and lost ...

    They ASUMED that Worth Dykman was going to win the election - and they could say ANYTHING they wanted. Also they THOUGHT they had a bunch of dope stoned hippies on the other side of the table!

    I TRIED getting the limits down (note NONE OF YOU WERE THERE so shut the F* up about the limits - Demorocy is about WHO SHOWS UP and you didn't show UP!)

    Why am I for LOWER LIMITS - yet totally PRO MMJ? = simple because lower limits FORCE growers to 'addopted' sick people IF they want to be legal.

    Another words under the 10 plant sytem (Terry's) OR Gag's 1,500 WATT system - inorder for a BIG GROWER to grow - say a 'Fed legal" 99 plant grow. and they want to put up say the 12 lights.

    = they'd need between 8 (for Gag's) or 10 for Terry's Recomendations for sick people.

    So I pushed for the LOWEST limits that could be resonalbly expect for BOTH sides to go to - ie what we had in the county before!

    BUT when LAW ENFORCMENT BALD FACED LIED - (basily the PD cheifs union) said "Oh we never had those" it totally kybashed any hope for a Middle ground - then when I pulled out the old copy of the Times-S with the Head line "DA's guidelines addpoted though out county" -- well that was the last meeting our "finest" showed up and the activests pushed for a 100 sq ft NO WATTAGE NO PLANT LIMITS. And THAT is how we got where we are today.

    So when you go "Oh these limits are too big" - please look over at the Cheif of your PD and THANK THEM for telling their Rep "oh don't go for anything but sb420"

    and when that rep (poor Trailikill) went back and said "but what about this 10 plant guideline their talking aboout"

    and the PD CHEIFS said "on that never really existed - tell them we didn't abide by that"

    THAT IS THE MOMENT that the limits and all reality was tossed out the door in the BOS MMJ TF - they looked like total fools to everyone there - so next meeting (the vote) non of the Law Enforcment showed - Sapper from Schools was trying but by then with the LIES on the table - there was NO WAY anyone could turn the tied.

    The PD Cheifs PROVED that "cops lie" to everyone in the room, they made a play (for what 4 less plants) = seems silly to me and LOST ... so we're at 100 sq ft period now.

    again CODE enforcment is the way to go - NOW - with p215 legal - drop the wattage and the rest follows.

    I asume NONE of you grow, or have grown so you don't undertand that a 1000 sq ft or 100 sq ft or 10 ft sq area will produce the EXACT SAME amount if you limit the lgiht amount to 1,200 watts

    AND because its based upon SAFETY and WIRING ablity of the 20 amp service (noral service in a home)

    IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SB420 or any P215 guidelines - so it can NOT be over turned in a court of cirmial - civil law - which if it was about Plant counts or what ever - the 'patinets lawer' could say "Oh that's not enough for me - I needed more - their against p215!"

    With it based on BUILDING CODES it end runs all the P215 stuff - and brings it down to codes, what is safe for socity period. Nothing to do with p215 limiting or what ever.

    anway so what? - Problem with all this - it doesn't leave any place to make fun of GAG - so its considered a RANT.

    Oh and the LONGS is only Rx meds - not the over the counter creams and asprin they sell. FYI 20,000 of them ...

    As for what or what not a "stoner kid" can by - they CAN by all the booze they want over 21 - even on HSU campus - one joint gets them tossed out of campus - but they can be vomiting drunk - on booze they bought on campus - because they sell booze on campus.

    don't make much sence to me that we got 70 places to buy boose and no one gives a damn - but they want to limit the shops you can buy pot at.

    Like I say I don't really smoke it so I don't care - just looking at this as a "HUMM"


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  14. DT,
    Where do you get this "20 amp" limit nonsense? Standard residence wiring is 100 or 200 amps. The circuits in the building must not exceed the total i.e. two 50 amp circuits, five 20amp circuits for a meter wired for 100 amp service or double that for a 200 amp meter. PG&E sells electricity by the Kilowatt HOUR. A 100 amp meter running continuously at maximum capacity is one hell of a lot of kilowatt hours in a month and will grow lots of plants.

    The problem with the grows is not with legitimate 215 patients, but with the commercial and recreational dopers who are abusing 215 for their own fun/profit. As usual, the cause of all this bullshit is the GOVERNMENT. Make pot legal and all of it goes away. As long as these cretin dopers injure only themselves by all means let them.

  15. Rose ,,, you are clearly in a cloud . You make no sense at all . Your comments equal someone who has completely lost their mind . Get a life !!

  16. Rose is a nut - case all right !

  17. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...
    Where do you get this "20 amp" limit

    its about ONE CERCUTE IN THE HOME not the whole AMPS that are avaible.

    The Arcata Ord. is based on what ONE CERCUT will hold with other imtes on it.

    As to where it comes from - read:

    the 20 amps (1,200 watts) is the bottom / top line for non-building permit required.

    You want more then 1,200 watts you need to get a permit.

    If you don't like it show up and state your peice. Everyone has been begging people to show up at the PlanCo meetings where this is being worked out.

    Have several good days.


  18. Since Arcata is a "nuke free" zone it makes sense to also outlaw 30amp circuit breakers which are available in any hardware store. What next, the police (excuse me, CODE OFFICERS) getting a warrant to check my circuit box to see if I have replaced my "approved" 15 and 20 amp circuit breakers with those eeeevil 30 and 50 amp ones? It's always the "progressive" communities where these fascist controls are proposed.

  19. Heh - and they are always proposed INSTEAD of just enforcing an existing law.

  20. The invasion of the Lost Paradise property , crudely called BuddhaVille, is the most recent example of the governments new strategy of prosecuting property owners.
    The federal government has been using the RAVE Act USSC 856 to prosecute many property owners in California. You can find information about the RAVE act at the following sites:

    The theme of most federal prosecutions in this regard is to charge a defendant with conspiracy and 856 (RAVE ACT). Conspiracy is governed by mandatory minimum sentencing. If you are convicted in a conspiracy with over 100 marijuana plants you will be sentenced to five years, in a conspiracy with over 1000 plants you will be sentenced to ten years. Unfortunately the judge and jury have no discretion over your sentencing in a mandatory minimum case. Most defendants when facing mandatory minimums decide to plead guilty rather than face an uncertain outcome in court which could lead to lengthy prison terms. When pleading the government typically agrees to reduce the sentence to a non mandatory minimum charge; the RAVE Act USSC 856 is a non mandatory minimum charge. What is important to note is that the federal government indicts using charges that will lead to a guilty plea, the longer the sentence the more likely a defendant pleads guilty (whether or not they are actually innocent).

    Recently the government has been focused on targeting real property owners in order to put a dent in marijuana crime. Unfortunately this is quite effective because a property owner has both their freedom and their finances to lose. You can read more at the following sites:

    Humboldt County has a major housing shortage. There is very little land available for new families to homestead. This shortage combined with a difficult regulatory environment has led to property owners using other forms of ownership. The same thing has been happening for sometime in San Francisco and the people have responded by creatively following the law so that they can have a form of home ownership. The following website explains a lot about California models of co-ownership:

    Equity or ownership co-operatives are an effective form of land ownership. Their organizational framework is usually established by the developer of each project and its lawyers.

    Co-owners have been called something more than a tenant , and something less than an owner. Typically, a corporation owns the property, and each purchaser receives a share in the corporation, together with a non exclusive long-term right to use in one particular area. That right is usually documented by an "occupancy agreement."

    One can investigate what form of co ownership "Lost Paradise" is using the following website:

    Contrary to reports, Lost Paradise is not an LLC, it is a corporation. A corporation is not the best current model of ownership for real estate. In fact most real estate investors use LLC's because of the favorable tax regulations that corporations do not enjoy.

    A corporation in Humboldt that owns land in the same way as Lost Paradise is: The Big Lagoon Park Corporation. The Big Lagoon Park Corporation has enabled the co ownership of approximately 50 acres of land with 76 shareholders on the coast just north of trinidad for over fifty years. The Board of Directors has done a great job in helping to make sure that this corporation runs efficiently through proper by-laws and governance.

    It is important to note that just because you are a shareholder of a corporation that may be involved in illegal acts, you are not necessarily responsible for the corporations actions. The Enron case is a great example of this. It would be a shame if the federal government used 450 agents to investigate shareholders of the Lost Paradise corporation solely because they were owners. All of the shareholders of Enron were not investigated.

    There are many working models of co ownership through out Humboldt and California. It is unlikely that the reason for this attack on civil liberties was because of the manner in which title to the property was held. More likely is that the federal government is all about seizing assets. Real estate owners typically have very visible non liquid assets that are easy to take and assess. Real estate owners are usually the most political for this reason: government is constantly stealing from them. Property owners in Humboldt county should be outraged at this recent invasion and should be worried about what is next. Will we see an increase in civil forfeiture like we saw in the late 80's?

  21. Do you work for a living Rose? Retired?

  22. Nice theory 3:56 - kinda ignores the element in the room... what they were doing - growing pot for sale - is illegal.

    I'm not buying the asset forfeiture theory.

  23. Anonymous said...
    "Ok Theo I will break it down for you. You seem to not get it.
    Your friend Josh Hedlund was setting up LLCs to buy large parcels of land that could not be subdivided. He sold shares (pieces) of the LLC and the people who he sold the shares to were told they could/had to(?) grow weed to pay for the shares. They were given a “plot” of land to grow on. Josh got busted. His scam was discovered. Ok Theo? You with me? Well this scam opened the eyes of the feds and the state and the county and they brought in the IRS. They looked into these LLCs. Somebody in one of these agencies had the great idea to look to see if there were other LLCs buying large parcels of lane. Guess what Theo? There was 2000 acres in southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino bought and placed into a LLC 2-3 years ago. Maybe more. You with me there Theo my man? So the feds/state/IRS pooled their resources and actually went to work. When people buy shares in an LLC there is a record. The feds/state/IRS looked into each person who was a “partner” (share holder) in the LLC. They looked into their tax records. They looked into their credit records. They looked into their phone records. Where did the money come from to buy into the LLC? What other places were these people involved in. Where did they live before they moved to “Paradise Acres” or whatever they called it? This is not brain surgery Theo. The feds/state/IRS also did some over flights and took pictures over the last two years of what was going on on the 2000 acres. New roads. Greenhouses. Some buildings. Trucks. Generators. The feds/state/IRS gathered all this info and it pointed to what they wanted it to point to. A cartel growing weed, and lots of it, for HUGE profit. The feds want to make this huge bust. They got em now. They haul in 450 of their best to go and show this cartel that the feds/state/IRS are not stupid. They hit all the addresses (the places where the “partners” lived before or still have or there their girlfriends live or where their parents live or just an address they gave for a contact address for the bank or post office or credit card or cell phone or whatever.) they found in their investigation and of course the 2000 acres. So the feds/state/IRS hit the 2000 acres but there is nothing there. Well, not nothing. But surely not what they expected. Maybe a few of the partners were growing bigger than they should have been. Probably most were selling some of their 215 weed to make ends meet. Surely they were not getting rich. There is no evidence of a classic cartel for sure. So far it looks like there are a bunch of people who were offered a way to buy some land that was not supposed to be subdivided and own a piece of the American dream. They probably should have known better. But they probably cannot even spell cartel. So now the feds/state/IRS will take all the info they found and confirm their guess while they were here that they fucked up. They didn’t find the BIG cartel that they were sure was happening right there in Hippiville. Probably nobody went up there to see what was really happening during their 2 year investigation. That might not stop them though. They can make a semi innocent land endeavor look like the Cali Cartel if they try hard enough. Hopefully they will see this for what we are being told it is by the people who live there and the people who know the people who live there. Of course maybe it was not as innocent as we would like. After all, Josh Hedland was by no means innocent of being an asshole. My guess is that whoever set up this LLC scam figured it out from Josh Hedland. Maybe Josh was involved? Maybe Josh just showed the guy the ropes.
    These people, maybe innocently, brought the heat down on themselves. I feel sorry for them. We all just want to live. There are some very big greedy assholes out there in the hills and they should back off. There are also some people who only want to make a living. Not get rich. Make a living. As for the younger people who are being stupid somebody should pull them aside and tell them to get a clue.
    Anyway that is the way I see it.
    Oh by the way, it looks like the feds/state/IRS only were collecting info. Not plants. They probably left the plants right where they found them."

    Fri Jun 27, 04:50:00 PM

    That was from the So Hum Parlance and is much closer to the truth than Josh Hedlund's above post at 3:56.

    And to qoute myself:

    Beowulf Says:
    June 29, 2008 at 6:06 pm
    Sara Winnemuuca: I believe these LLC subdivisions are the grotesque spawn of Josh Hedlund’s twisted and greedy mind; there purpose is to enrich the few (Josh and his coconspirators) at the expense of the many who had little to no legal rights to the “real property” they were “sold.” Those who were “sold” land at outrageous terms were in effect indentured servants or sharecroppers to our very own local landed gentry. Those small time and unsuspecting regular folks are now suffering the consequences: potentially being charged as part of a criminal conspiracy and losing their land. What a shame, a new low in North Coast history.

    P.S. Josh when will you be sentenced? Ever? How's Kite by the way ?

  24. Finally Beo admits being a fed. Why so much anger towards Josh? Could it be he isn't being as cooperative as you portray?

  25. where is this so called admission, 7:55?

    And if he or she IS a fed, THANK YOU!

  26. What do you do for a living Rose?

  27. This is a well known fact 6:25. I am a stay-at-home Mom to 4 kids. (2 now off to college)

    Why do you ask?

  28. 4:45, it's okay the tactic of accusing those who challenge the fraudsters and scam artist in our midst of being "feds" is a pathetic and transparent attempt to discredit.

    P.S. Rose, I'm having trouble posting under my handle with this new format.


  29. Shouldn't be any trouble, beowulf, as long as you are signed in - the stupid word verification thing sometimes takes two 'tries' - not sure why, maybe they just want to test us...

    Do you know who this guy is they keep calling 'Buddha?" the mastermind of "Buddhaville?" Is he the guy listed on the Secretary of State's site?

    Number: C2581198 Date Filed: 2/17/2004 Status: active
    Jurisdiction: California
    1013 TOTH ROAD
    SHELTER COVE, CA 95589
    Agent for Service of Process
    1013 TOTH ROAD
    SHELTER COVE, CA 95589

    And is that an office address? Doesn't he live in Miranda?

  30. I don't know much about Buddha although I've heard so bad things about him, including that he ran down a neighbor's dog on the road. Hope that is not true dog, dog abusesr make Beowulf very angry. Did you see on the California State web site there is also a Lost Paradise LLC? Wonder if it is related? Wonder which local lawyer helped set up the Lost Paradise Land Corporation? Wonder why the county did nothing about the illegal subdivision. Was someone looking the other way? hmmmmm


  31. "This is a well known fact 6:25. I am a stay-at-home Mom to 4 kids. (2 now off to college)"

    Just curious - you have such strong opinions about topics related to jobs that I became curious about what you did do for a living.

    I don't understand your logic for this being a "well know fact." Do you assume that your blog is read daily by everyone who visits? Is your resume posted somewhere?

    Maybe a better question would have been what your husband or partner does for a living?

  32. DEA, FBI, & CID consistently follow and comment on the blogs. Psy-Ops is what they call it. Control public opinion through leading the thread. Unfortunately, courts have consistently supported cops ablity to lie in order to discover “the truth”.

  33. Psyops (anonymous at 7:05) is Josh Hedlund. Josh’s posts are so easy to pick out: they are always self serving and he posts them on multiple threads. So Josh, what specifically are the “DEA, FBI, & CID” posting about and how would you know it was them? So their motivation is to “control public opinion through leading the thread,” haha that’s funny. Isn’t that what you’ve been telling people who wonder why your not locked up? The Feds are trying to discredit you just like they did with the Black Panthers and Earth First. Riiiiiiight. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Here’s a more likely scenario backed by reason. You are cooperating with the Feds to further reduce your sentence and it is crucial for you to be trusted in order to find new information to sell to the Feds. Why do I believe that you are cooperating:

    1) I know you and know how scared you are of prison and how the only thing you believe in is putting yourself first no matter the suffering you cause others.

    2) You have not been sentenced yet and your sentencing has been delayed numerous times. All your codefendants have been sentenced. Fact.

    3) You were arrested while out on either bail or on your own recognizance with your sentencing pending. You were placed in custody briefly and then released, which is highly unusual under these circumstances and can only mean that you have turned state’s evidence. Shortly thereafter your partner and “friend” Kite Finds the Feather was busted for a massive indoor diesel grow. Not surprisingly you remain at large and are not in custody. Fact.

    3) So now you are running around trying desperately to gather more info to exchange with the Feds for a further reduction in your time (telling people that you can be trusted, that the Feds are just spreading rumors about you and likening yourself to various icons of the left in a transparent attempt to mislead those whom you believe to be unfailingly credulous). Supposition.

    4) Perhaps most telling, you put the truth in quotation marks. Fact.


  34. 7/01/2008 12:59 PM said:" Maybe a better question would have been what your husband or partner does for a living?"

    Actually, maybe a better question for 12:59 is what made him a condescending pig to say such drivel?

  35. "7/01/2008 12:59 PM said:" Maybe a better question would have been what your husband or partner does for a living?""

    Going to answer the question Rose?

  36. Rose - don't answer that pig at 7:08. (aka condescending sexist pig.)

    He writes like a rat....wonder who that could be.

    What really bothers me is that I call myself a liberal and then I have to read some nasty bloggers who evidently are closet sexists, racists and who applaud lying and deceit. Guys like that wacko R.Trent Salzman come to mind and guys like 7:08 (that is if 7:08 isn't R.Trent!)

  37. Why is it sexist to ask what Rose's partner does for a living? Should I assume that she's straight and instead ask about her husband?

    Please explain why I am a racist, sexist pig, R. Trent, (WTF does that mean?)

    Why don't you answer the question Rose?

  38. Because you already know the answer.

  39. Sorry. I have no clue.

    Once again, is this posted somewhere?

  40. Where would we find this information Rose?

  41. Should I guess? I'd say you must be involved in the forestry industry in some way. Lawyer for timber interests? Forestry management?

    You tell me

  42. No. But thanks for the compliment. I'm not a lawyer. No. Not involved with the timber industry. My background is in illustration, advertising and marketing. I 'retired' because my kids were in daycare until 5:30 and 6:00, and deadline pressures often required taking work home and working all night if need be, and that's no life for them. I miss it, especially working with (my former partners) Judy and Carolyn, but it was the best decision for the family. I don't miss the deadlines and the pressures.

    You can appreciate the reasons I do not mention my family in association with this blog which attracts a great deal of anger and resentment. Maybe some day, when this is over, I'll start up a family blog which'll answer your questions.

    I explain the reasons why I started this blog here. I wish it wasn't necessary, but someone has to stand up and say something. Lies and distortions on the level Salzman was perpetrating cannot be left unchallenged. Not when the result is so catastrophic.

  43. Thats fair.

    Is it also fair to say that someone could possibly make a make a connection between your families associations and some of your personal positions on our local issues? Obviously your background in Illustration makes no obvious connections.

  44. Really? Last person I worked with was Rick Brazeau at MTC, who Salzman vilified during the Recall. Bonnie Neely's campaign man as well. A great and brilliant man. The way he was treated certainly colors my opinion - and definitely colors my opinion of Neely in her current incarnation.

    It's fair to say that were it not for my background, I would not be here, nor would I have been in a position to meet Salzman, and learn what was going on.

    So, is this why you guys want to keep heraldo's ID a secret? Because you're worried that people will go after his family? But I am fair game?


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