Thursday, June 12, 2008

Right to the point

Last Monday, June 2nd, Senator Harry Reid (D Nevada) assured us: "It's clear that "global warming is real" and Congress must act." Wow! Senator Reid has always appeared to this writer to be a profound thinker with astonishing intellectual and logic gifts, (irony alert) but the preceding statement is so profound as to boggle the mind. What next may we expect; "Tectonic movement and continental drift are real and Congress must act."? Read the rest at Fighting In The Shade


  1. Are you suggesting global warming is NOT real? Or are you saying it's not caused by human actions? Or are you just keeping your head in the sand hoping everything will be just fine?

    The oceans ARE getting warmer, the ice caps ARE melting, the sea levels ARE rising. Whether or not human actions are the cause of global warming, frankly does not matter. It's still an issue we need to deal with, not ignore.

  2. The OCEANS are getting warmer? Maybe so. But blaming people for this is insane - and if you REALLY believe that then you ought to be starting up an air conditioning store here in Humboldt County. You know, if it really heats up we're going to need air conditioners instead of heaters.

    Think about what else you might be able to do if you REALLY believe that. Maybe you should be moving north. Maybe you should sell that condo on the equator.

    But what we shouldn't do is allow Congress to pass all kinds of draconian new fees and taxes and "carbon credit" bullshit programs that further degrade the economic climate in this country.

    And we shouldn't allow sanctimonious believers and trough feeders to starts setting up new programs at the local level either.

  3. Yes, everyone in the world should move north. Can you get your head out of your ass long enough to think about anyone but yourself and money?

  4. Start movin' then. You know you could start a swimming pool business. If it is going to get as warm as Southern California here, there'll be a big need for swimming pools.

    Just think, if you are right, and play your cards right, you could be a very successful businessperson.

    Oh, you could also invest in rollerblades and thongs, as Humboldt County residents shed the sweatshirts and warm jackets. Imagine the boardwalk in Eureka.

  5. All of you religious warmistas might want to go HERE.

  6. No thongs Rose- We don't want to see that much skin on anyone, especially you.

    Do us all a favor

  7. 8:22AM,
    If you have proof that the GLOBAL average temperature has risen since 1998 (ten years ago) please provide it for our edification.


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