Thursday, June 26, 2008

People are askin' - Where's Paul?

Some 24 agencies, but no mention of the Humboldt County DA. And he has all that gear, the AR-15s and the assault team and the cute outfits to go with it, too.. if ever you were going to break those out, this would be the time...

a cooperative effort between the FBI, BNE, Internal Revenue Service, United States Postal Inspection Service, United States Drug Enforcement Administration, California Highway Patrol, California National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, United States Forest Service, Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, California Department of Fish and Game, Eureka Police Department, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, and the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office. CA DOJ/BNE task forces included the North and South Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force, Tehama Interagency Drug Enforcement, Glenn Interagency Narcotic Task Force, Shasta Interagency Narcotic Task Force, Siskiyou County Interagency Narcotic Task Force, Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force, San Jose Unified Narcotic Enforcement Team, and the Madera County Narcotic Enforcement Team.


  1. Good for him. This whole thing was a joke.

  2. Hey, did those feds have Ramey warrants? Any vandalism committed ? PVG stands ready to
    indict any and all available officers, on the theory that the
    dope smoking "victims" will bee too wasted to go fishing or otherwise be unavailable for trial.

  3. Yeah - he is probably out drunk boating again on Trinity Lake. Or he may still have the reefer under the front seat of his truck (yes Paul, mechanics do talk!) and is tokin away.

    No shit the feds didn’t involve him. Hopefully the will be indicting him.

  4. Are you people fucking insane, "yes mechanics do talk".

    This blog is a joke, the DA's office was not involved because it was a federal investigation, remember 8th grade government, the DA is county government, not federal. You people are a discrace to this area.

  5. Looks like a fair amount of County involvement to me.. like I said, people are asking.

    Was he at the Code Enforcement hearings today? Was he there last Friday?

  6. I'm glad that Gallegos isn't getting involved and wasting the public's money on something that isn't his job.

    And if he actually did get involved, I'll bet you would agree with me.

  7. I mean... do you really want him to break out the AR-15s?

    Be careful what you wish for Rose.

  8. Very funny, Shane! Good point!

    Wastin' money is a specialty of his, though.

  9. And I am wonderin' about the Gallegos/Schectman/Vilica relationship. He brought that guy in as a PRO BONO attorney and gave him access to all kinds of files.

  10. Keep this red harring going Rose -

    Gag's and Shectman partted ways a while ago. Steve-o did his thing, GAG's his.

    In fact I was considering Steve-o for something (or he me) and GAG's kind of 'warned me' about him - in fact.

    As to where was GAG's in all this?

    I saw him across the street from the frist home that was busted. The one on Victoria, at a dinner there for the AIDS RIDE and donations to the HIV KIDS fund raiser. For a short time with wife and kids.

    Oups sorry - I know this crowd is the type that feels HIV/AIDS is a punishment from god ... so I guess you'll beat up Gag's for being there too ...

    Say is it also 'punshiment' on the kids who get it too? HIV KIDS severs 208 local kids who are impacted by AIDS. About 25% have the Dx. the rest have parents with it. HIV KIDS takes these 'at risk' kids and gives their parients food and cloths for them so the children don't know they are getting 'charity' 11K was rasied by Bob O.s bike ride this year all the money that goes to HIV KIDS goes to the kids. All its workers are totaly vollenters none are paid for their time.

    Anyway that is last time I saw Gag and his family blowing threw.

    NOT SAYING GAG is invloved with HIV KIDS - just saying he was at Bob O's party - and he wasn't drinking or smoking pot - fyi - though I didn't check under his car seat. though he's driven my kid home - and she's not mentioned anything - I'll have her look! (he'll get a kick out of that! I'm sure! - "Oh Paul got to check under your seat ROSE BLOG SAYS theres POT found there by your machinic! Can't wait to 'check it out" wish I knew this BS tonight - I'd have the whole party out there looking threw his car!)

    You guys are so nuts-y coo-coo!


  11. Rose stinks !

  12. Oh I found out were Gag was, had some time off went down to Standfor to check on Jonie's cancer. She's 3 years clear now. I think I heard that is where he was this last week.


  13. Oh, anonymous DT, you didn't fall for that one! Did you? Wait until Mon you will get an earfull

  14. The invasion of the Lost Paradise property , crudely called BuddhaVille, is the most recent example of the governments new strategy of prosecuting property owners.
    The federal government has been using the RAVE Act USSC 856 to prosecute many property owners in California. You can find information about the RAVE act at the following sites:

    The theme of most federal prosecutions in this regard is to charge a defendant with conspiracy and 856 (RAVE ACT). Conspiracy is governed by mandatory minimum sentencing. If you are convicted in a conspiracy with over 100 marijuana plants you will be sentenced to five years, in a conspiracy with over 1000 plants you will be sentenced to ten years. Unfortunately the judge and jury have no discretion over your sentencing in a mandatory minimum case. Most defendants when facing mandatory minimums decide to plead guilty rather than face an uncertain outcome in court which could lead to lengthy prison terms. When pleading the government typically agrees to reduce the sentence to a non mandatory minimum charge; the RAVE Act USSC 856 is a non mandatory minimum charge. What is important to note is that the federal government indicts using charges that will lead to a guilty plea, the longer the sentence the more likely a defendant pleads guilty (whether or not they are actually innocent).

    Recently the government has been focused on targeting real property owners in order to put a dent in marijuana crime. Unfortunately this is quite effective because a property owner has both their freedom and their finances to lose. You can read more at the following sites:

    Humboldt County has a major housing shortage. There is very little land available for new families to homestead. This shortage combined with a difficult regulatory environment has led to property owners using other forms of ownership. The same thing has been happening for sometime in San Francisco and the people have responded by creatively following the law so that they can have a form of home ownership. The following website explains a lot about California models of co-ownership:

    Equity or ownership co-operatives are an effective form of land ownership. Their organizational framework is usually established by the developer of each project and its lawyers.

    Co-owners have been called something more than a tenant , and something less than an owner. Typically, a corporation owns the property, and each purchaser receives a share in the corporation, together with a non exclusive long-term right to use in one particular area. That right is usually documented by an "occupancy agreement."

    One can investigate what form of co ownership "Lost Paradise" is using the following website:

    Contrary to reports, Lost Paradise is not an LLC, it is a corporation. A corporation is not the best current model of ownership for real estate. In fact most real estate investors use LLC's because of the favorable tax regulations that corporations do not enjoy.

    A corporation in Humboldt that owns land in the same way as Lost Paradise is: The Big Lagoon Park Corporation. The Big Lagoon Park Corporation has enabled the co ownership of approximately 50 acres of land with 76 shareholders on the coast just north of trinidad for over fifty years. The Board of Directors has done a great job in helping to make sure that this corporation runs efficiently through proper by-laws and governance.

    It is important to note that just because you are a shareholder of a corporation that may be involved in illegal acts, you are not necessarily responsible for the corporations actions. The Enron case is a great example of this. It would be a shame if the federal government used 450 agents to investigate shareholders of the Lost Paradise corporation solely because they were owners. All of the shareholders of Enron were not investigated.

    There are many working models of co ownership through out Humboldt and California. It is unlikely that the reason for this attack on civil liberties was because of the manner in which title to the property was held. More likely is that the federal government is all about seizing assets. Real estate owners typically have very visible non liquid assets that are easy to take and assess. Real estate owners are usually the most political for this reason: government is constantly stealing from them. Property owners in Humboldt county should be outraged at this recent invasion and should be worried about what is next. Will we see an increase in civil forfeiture like we saw in the late 80's?

  15. Whatever Josh, your lengthy attempt at obfuscation does nothing to change the fact that you are a liar, a thief and prolific scam artist, one who has hurt many in our community. Ironic that you bring up Enron in your canned speech that you have been posting on multiple sites. Was Ken Lay a role-model for you? News flash, the word is out on you and no one believes your crap anymore. Why is mister transparent posting as anonymous now? Your writing style and multiple links give you away, jerky.

    -your buddy Beowulf

  16. Are you collecting overtime Beo? You should really read some of the links. Investigate some of these other co ownership models before you waste more tax dollars on another invasion.

  17. The Feds knew that Paul really doesn't have a working knowledge of criminal law. Besides, he would just get in the way. They were wise to just let him go surfing.

  18. Newsflash...every time Gallegos wants to avoid the public or other department heads, he says his wife has cancer and needs treatment. He has used that excuse to the board and he was outed because he actually was packing his car for a boating trip on Trinity Lake and then left messages which were forwarded that he was actually leaving town on a boating trip to Trinity. He also used that excuse with the Grand Jury and was also busted on another vacation instead.

    My bet is he is up at on some lake somewhere and we will hear the “cancer” excuse again. Hell, why doesn’t he just say the “dog ate my homework?” It is more convincing.

    The guy has completely gone under the radar since the attorneys for Douglas and Zanotti filed their motion to dismiss his indictment. Too embarrassing? Uh - duh!

  19. Never really had the full hard on for Gag's,just thought he was a bit lame. Now that I've heard this revolting news I'll have downgrade my opinion. Seen at a Bob O. party. Now baby that's rock bottom.


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