Monday, June 09, 2008

Tuesday's BOS meeting w/UPDATE

District Attorney
7. Extension of Extra Help Hours Past the 960 Hour Limit.
d. RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors approves the extension of extra help hours for Jessica Watson, Office Assistant I, pursuant to section 7 of Humboldt County Resolution, effective immediately to 1960 hour.
No impact on the General Fund.
The DA wants the Board to approve the extension of extra help hours for an Office Assistant who "provides office assistance to both (the DA's) staff and the general public in a critical position (Receptionist). This position handles all telephone traffic and direct contact with the public. (The DA's Office) and the general public cannot be serviced without this position especially while this department has TWO OFFICE ASSISTANT UNFILLED VACANCIES.
8. District Attorney Victim Witness Assistance Program Grant Application for FY 2008-09 (State General Funds - State Office of Emergency Services Funds).

RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors authorizes the Chair to execute the original Grant Proposal/Award Face Sheet and Certificate of Assurance of Compliance. There will be no County General Fund Impact.
The grant app

Does this mean the DA is actually going to step foot in the Supervisor's Chambers? Make an appearance? It's almost a first.

Haven't we seen this one before?
15. Adoption of Senior Deputy County Counsel Classification.
RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors:
1) Adopts the class of Senior Deputy County Counsel (salary range 504, class 0598, unit 8) into the classification plan;
2) Approves the revised salary range for Assistant County Counsel (from range 508 to salary range 530, class 0603); and
3) Approves the allocation of one full-time Senior Deputy County Counsel (salary range 504, class 0598) in budget unit 121, effective the beginning of the bi-weekly pay period following approval; and
4) Approves the disallocation of one Deputy County Counsel I-IV (salary range 489, class 0600) effective on the date the Senior Deputy County Counsel position is filled.
The impact to the General Fund for this incremental cost increase for
Fiscal Year 2007-08 is approximately $1,958 for Senior Deputy County Counsel and $3,214 for Assistant County Counsel.
For Fiscal Year 2008-09 the annual cost increase for (newly created?) Senior Deputy County Counsel is approximately $12, 727 and $20, 889 for Assistant County Counsel.
The item

Fascinating. Isn't this a new position that does nothing new? And with so much of the County's legal work farmed out, what are we really talking about here?

UPDATE: The County Counsel item was apparently pulled entirely, not just pulled out for discussion. This makes the SECOND TIME this item has been pulled.


  1. Maybe it got pulled because so far there is only an "interim" county counsel so how do you have an "assistant"?

    County counsel has so much to do with the lawsuits that need "managing" and all the leases the county keeps renewing that have to be rewritten or reviewed. Better give them more money as we might not be able to hire a replacement when they all leave. Isn't that the mantra at the BOS that everyone has to get a raise so they won't leave for another job. Where would they go? City of Eureka? Arcata? Fortuna? Not many places that give 100% paid health insurance.

  2. It's safe to say rewarding the coup failed. Twice.


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