Sunday, August 12, 2007 moving on to private practice, hallelujah!

I go out for awhile and look what happens! Shoulda been front page news. Deputy district attorney moving on to private practice

A deputy district attorney is leaving the office this month to move into private practice in Arcata.

Jeffrey Schwartz said the motivation for the move is to have more flexibility in his schedule to spend time with his family.

”You can't do it with this job,” Schwartz said.

Before coming to Humboldt County in 2005, he was a defense attorney in the San Francisco area.

He has been practicing law for about 20 years.

”I'm going to set up a private practice and go out on my own,” Schwartz said.

He said he'll probably continue practicing criminal law but would like try out other specialties.

He has a 2-year-old son and having the flexibility to spend more time with him is the reason for the career change, Schwartz said.

He said if all goes well, his practice in Arcata will start in September.


September? That's funny, since he has had his private practice listed in the phone book for a long long time.

Who will be "in charge" of the CAST program now?

Now, who's left?

He said he'll probably continue practicing criminal law but would like try out other specialties.

I'm just wondering - what might those "other specialties" be? Predatory litigation? Big money in that. Very little work.


  1. wants more time to spend with his family? That's got to be a joke! The jackass was never put in 40 hours a week on his best week. He's got to be the laziest DDA ever.

    Praise Jesus he's gone.

  2. It's a crime that he got paid at all!

  3. More Time With My Family
    Right. And the check is in the mail

    "A Nexis dump indicates that at least twice a day somebody tells the press he or she has swapped the horrors of work for the bliss of family...

    Many tender the family alibi because they're ashamed of having been fired, or embarrassed to admit that they've conceded defeat to the god of success... or because they're going nuts on the job.

    By citing family, the worker neutralizes the stigma and efficiently blocks further questions. No responsible reporter will allege a firing if she can't prove it, because that would risk a libel suit. Besides, only a pit bull would continue to tear into the flesh of a foe that has rolled over on its back to signal surrender."

  4. Just browsing the internet, You have a very, very interesting blog.

  5. You, too. Welcome.

    And Thanks. I wish mine weren't necessary.

  6. So for how many years and how much money we got what out of this guy?
    How many trials
    How many "eat the sheet" no deal pleas?
    How is he regarded by the bench, bar and law enforcement?

    And he chose to leave? Gallegos wanted to keep this guy while he
    fired the likes of Jackson and Dikeman?

  7. Hey Rose - just visited and this is interesting.

    yougofree didn't quit last month because he wanted to get an additional 2 weeks of free admin time which didn't kick in until after July 1. He also needed to drain all possible vacation and sick time since he didn't get that either.

    What a lazy SOB.

  8. I just want to see who gives this guy real money to represent them in court. On the other hand, probably the same people who voted for the current DA. And it will be fun to see how the remaining DA's treat yougo once he's private.
    Will yougo get the kind of deals he gave away, or will he be manhandled based on his proven inability and unwillingness to try cases?

  9. Looks like PVG already misses, him,
    now he's the one giving cases away.


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