Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guilty pleas in big heroin case

Unclear from the story whether they pled to lesser charges:

Two Los Angeles men have pleaded guilty to drug charges related to a major heroin bust on March 12.

The men were caught with nearly 2 pounds of heroin in their car parked in the Bayshore Mall parking lot after the Humboldt County Drug Task Force called in a K-9 from the Arcata Police Department. The dog pointed out the drugs stashed in a hidden compartment in the center console.

Ignacio Bojorquez, 50, pleaded guilty Tuesday to transportation of heroin, possession of heroin for sale, and use of a concealed compartment to hide heroin, said Deputy District Attorney Maggie Fleming.

His trial was set to begin Tuesday. A special allegation regarding the large quantity of heroin makes him ineligible for probation. His sentencing will be heard on Sept. 25

The passenger in the car, Blas Parra, 27, has also pleaded guilty to the same charges. Parra's sentencing is set for Sept. 12.

The maximum sentence for the crimes is five years and eight months in prison.

”The DA's Office appreciates the hard work of the drug task force,” Fleming said. “Here is an example of the agents following up on information and seizing 2 pounds of heroin before it was distributed in our community.”

It was one of the largest heroin busts in recent Humboldt County history, and a major bust by any standard.
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  1. DDA Maggie Fleming did this one. There was no weenie plea bargain. No chickenshit plea to a misdemeanor to avoid doing that yukky work stuff.

  2. How'd she get assigned to white dope, though? Who's doing asset forfeiture? And who is assigned to child abuse?

  3. That office doesn't do child abuse cases anymore - did't you hear.

    Did you ever get the statistics you asked for?

  4. DDA Fleming did the asset forfeiture even when she was assigned to CAST. Fleming does the drug cases, asset forfeiture, and other major felonies such as the attempted murder of Judge Neville. DDA Fleming is a local treasure no matter what kind of shitbag politician she works for.

  5. I hope you can understand and appreciate 4:23 - that that is why so many people worked so hard to try to get Worth elected in the last election? It was to save people like Maggie, who did not speak up. To stabilize that office, to improve the working conditions, and restore sanity to the operations.

    From my perspective, playing the little game that they weren't going to get involved in politics sealed their fate. They should have spoken up and spoken out, and been straight with people about what was happening there. Not doing so sealed their fate and the fate of people who have been victimized but are not seeing justice done.

    That DA's Office belongs to the people. And the people generally vote for DA and then go on with their lives and don't give it another thought because they expect it to run professionally and smoothly. IF they people knew what has been done to their office, they would do the right thing and FIX the problem. Then they would go back to not caring. That's what good government is - boring.

    Be very clear. No one is disputing or impugning the integrity and professionalism of Maggie Fleming, Max Cardoza and Wes Keat and the numerous amazing people who are doing the hard work.

    This is about incompetence at the top. It is about political games and lies.

  6. There is a real problem when the "boss" can fire anyone without reason, without explaination. Especially if the "boss" doesn't care if that termination negatively effects the office, as long as he got his revenge and the satisfaction of being a bully.

    I just hope some honest and decent person is stupid enough to run against PVG during this next election. Stupid as you would have to be stupid to want to take over that mess. You know the power hungry Paul is not going to give up his $130K a year job with medical benefits for his family and unlimited vacation.

  7. I think that there are some that may disagree with that Rose.

    I know that these people must have families and mortgages, but so do all of us.

  8. Right. You have families and mortgages and when you have to eat shit to keep a roof over your head, you do. Expecting others to tilt at windmills and get fired is absurd and selfish.

    All the information needed to tell anyone who to vote for was out there courtesy of the Eye and the Journal.

    You might recall that all the DDA's took public stands against Gallegos when he first ran, and got ignored.

    You might not know that Gallegos demanded Chris Andrews be fired for supporting the recall, only to find out that his union protected him.


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