Friday, August 17, 2007

Flashback to 2004

And I quote: "As Humboldt’s progressive community looks ahead, Salzman and other campaign leaders are fleshing out a Humboldt-specific strategy for sustainable economic development and crime prevention—the intellectual ground on which Gallegos and other politicians can stand to articulate a new politics grounded in old values."


  1. sustainable economic growth = an economic growth analyst with the county that is a major dope grower.

    crime prevention = letting the bad guys go.

    Wow, only from the regressive party.

  2. and who said this?

  3. That beautifully written self promotional prose was penned by the evil mastermind of the Gallegos mythology - Michael Shellenberger.

    It's all designed to appeal to your highest ideals, make you feel part of something great - and the decay behind the beautiful facade is as putrid and rancid a mess as has ever been seen.

    He used this in a piece for the "Environmental Grantmaker's Association." I keep telling you there's big money involved here.

  4. I should add that it was written to make him look good, Shellenberger is a prolific self-promoter, and it's all designed to aid in his own rise to power. It's great writing - and pure fiction.

    Gallegos has to be his biggest disappointment. Every time he turns around Gallegos shits on Shellenberger's pretty little picture, and Salzman has to be sent in to clean up the mess.

    I think they are growing tired of it though, I don't feel them in there covering for Paul anymore - and without the talking points and the strategic backup, his own failings are becoming more and more apparent.

  5. and the beat goes on ............

  6. Anybody care to rewrite it to say what really happened - and what they really meant?

    This ought to be a required assignment in all classes, understanding propaganda and doublespeak - with particular emphasis on "org" or NGO mission statements.

  7. What's behind door # 3 ?

  8. Now that PVG has given up the ghost on this murderer he has no excuse not to be finishing up the Cheri Moore case! right ? make sense ?

    And why has r. Trent fallen off the radar lately?


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