Friday, August 10, 2007

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Cracks me up! Voting machines, surveillance cameras, domain names and this:
Finally, tonight -- a heartwarming story about the tenacity of our county’s agrarian heritage. Remember back when SoHum land subdivider Bob McKee and county government were battling it out in court over McKee’s subdivision of the old Tooby Ranch? Their fight has pretty much died away now, with the county having taken it in the shorts on most of the major matters of dispute. But if we turn the clock back, we remember that one of the county’s concerns was that the division of the 13,000-acre ranch into about 40 parcels would essentially take the land out of agricultural production.

Well, no one need have worried. On Friday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Task Force harvested 3,046 healthy flowering plants and 20 pounds of finished agricultural produce from five sites on just one of those parcels. They even invited one of the farmers to come back to Eureka with them, so as to hear more about his horticultural technique. Truly, a fine example of the Humboldt County can-do spirit.
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Same story - different papers:
ER More than 3,000 pot plants seized
Service of a code enforcement inspection warrant Friday in Southern Humboldt led to the discovery of 3,046 marijuana plants, according to a news release issued by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The plants, ranging in height from 1 inch to 6 feet, were allegedly found in nine structures located at five different “grow sites” on property located on Tooby Ranch Road in Garberville, the release stated.

Sheriff’s deputies and agents from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force additionally seized two diesel generators reportedly powering the growing operation.

Soran Zachary Anderson, 35, was arrested on suspicious of possession and cultivation of marijuana.

He posted $20,000 bail and was released from the Humboldt County jail, the release stated.

The case is under investigation.
TS Pot bust in Garberville
Humboldt County Deputies seized 3,046 marijuana plants in Garberville on Friday while assisting County Code Enforcement in serving an inspection warrant.

Deputies discovered nine structures that contained growing marijuana plants from one inch to six feet tall on property located on Tooby Ranch Road.

Two diesel generators that were used to power the growing operation were also seized by deputies.

Soran Anderson, 35, of Eureka was arrested and booked for cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana. Anderson posted $20,000 bail and was released.

County employee linked to pot bust 8/16/2007

And other busts:
ER Reefer sadness
08/12/2007 - excerpt: Conventional wisdom holds that pot heads are the last ones to turn to in a budget crisis, but one advocacy group is asking the state of California to do just that. As the state's budget impasse   

08/11/2007 - excerpt: The 2007 Campaign Against Marijuana Planting season started off with a bang this week as the state-funded effort assisted the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department in the finding and disposal of 134,082 marijuana plants in one location.   

TS Officials announce 'largest marijuana garden' bust in Humboldt County history
08/10/2007 - excerpt: Law enforcement officials today announced the 'largest marijuana garden' bust in Humboldt County history. In a press release, the Sheriff's Department said 134,082 marijuana plants that ranged in height from 1 foot to 3 feet were found at the Bear...

Scripture and marijuana laws 
08/08/2007 - excerpt: To make progress in the marijuana controversy, we must acknowledge that according to the Bible (Genesis 1), the plants growing and bearing seed on the earth were created, and declared to be very good by God, and given to human beings for food... from Letters to the editor

Pot bust in Garberville
08/07/2007 - excerpt: Humboldt County Deputies seized 3,046 marijuana plants in Garberville on Friday while assisting County Code Enforcement in serving an inspection warrant.Deputies discovered...

Pro-pot group marks 70 years of marijuana ban (68%)
08/03/2007 - excerpt: Aug. 2 marked an anniversary that not many people are aware of, but it's one that impacts -- and some say fuels -- the economy of Humboldt County. On Aug. 2, 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt  

Two arrested when code enforcement turns to pot bust
07/28/2007 - excerpt: Humboldt County Sheriff deputies backing up Code Enforcement investigators took over the case Thursday when marijuana was found on property off Bair Road in Redwood Valley.   

Marijuana taken in home invasion 
07/20/2007 - excerpt: Police are looking for three men who allegedly forced their way into an Arcata apartment and robbed the resident at gunpoint, taking property that included more than one ounce of marijuana.   similar results

Support for pot decriminalization 
07/20/2007 - First, thanks to Supervisor Roger Rodoni and Congressman Mike Thompson for thinking progressively regarding marijuana decriminalization and taxation.   similar results

Oft-raided pot grow hit once again
07/19/2007 - excerpt: A man who was arrested a few years ago at the same marijuana grow was nailed again Tuesday when authorities served a search warrant on the property on the Klamath River near Ah-Pah Creek.   

Supervisor: Legalized pot long overdue
06/17/2007 - EUREKA -- Estimating that marijuana brings some $5 billion into the Mendocino County economy, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors recently sent out an impassioned letter demanding that marijuana be legalized and taxed for the benefit of...

Two arrested in Arcata pot raids 
06/16/2007 - Humboldt County Drug Task Force agents raided three Arcata homes Friday, arresting two and netting an estimated $2.8 million worth of marijuana. Humboldt County Drug Task Force agent Jack Nelsen said a one month-long investigation involving...

Massive marijuana crops appearing in Humboldt
05/09/2007 -excerpt:  Finding 19,000 marijuana plants in the woods may sound like a significant bust, but it's becoming a more common scenario on public land and land owned by timber companies in Humboldt County, officials said. ..

Thousands of pot plants worth an estimated $55 million confiscated
05/19/2007 More than 50,000 marijuana starter plants that would have brought in an estimated $55 million were found in an area of the Upper Mill Creek Drainage...


  1. Tthe board of supervisors are an embarassment. It is time to address the marijauana problem!!! You now have armed Mexican cartels invovled in multiple grows. And YOU KNOW that they have been involved with the Meth and Heroin trade. Keep your heads in then sand. Are you proud for Humboldt County being known mostly for it's marijuana and drug culture???


  2. Actually, I was thinking I should put together a list of the drug related crimes that have made headlines recently - the dead couple, the home invasions, seems like there've been alot in Arcata - maybe Kevin is tracking it... then there's all the violent crime/shootings, all linked to meth... anyone who says crime is down here is on somethin'.

    Statistics may be being manipulated for political advantage...

  3. Gee Bob and marijuana ? What a surprise!

  4. robin shelley8/10/2007 11:15 PM

    Thanks in part to Prop. 36, drug treatment (aka "rehab") is HUGE business in California. The statistics touting the "success" rates of these programs are definitely manipulated... probably more for financial gain than political advantage... &, hopefully, will be garnering more media attention in the near future.

  5. PVG's liberal marijuana guidelines have influenced the massive amounts of marijuana being grown in Humboldt now?

    What does Roger (the bitch slapping Sup) have to say about this?

    What is this place going to be like in 5 years?

  6. Was that Tooby Ranch or Doobie Ranch?

  7. Hey! This IS Humboldt County...

  8. Hey - how about that 140,000 plant bust on the Hum/Trinity border. Sorry, I am not buying that it has anything to do with any Mexican Cartel. This is definitely our own criminal culture at work.

    The Board let the entire community down when they ok’d the village idiots 99 plant proposal and 215 brought the uglier side of this community out. The side of all play, all money and no work.

    As for Roger...his anti Tooby ranch and pro-pot stance is ridiculous and absurd and he has done great damage to us regular folk who go to work every morning in a profession or trade that is legitimate.


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