Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye Jeffrey "" Schwartz

Today was Schwartz's last day in the Humboldt County DA's Office. This is a good thing. 'Bout goddam time.

Remember, Under Gallegos the DA's Office has "lost:"
DDA Zach Bird
DDA Jose Mendez
DDA Ed Borg
DDA Worth Dikeman
DDA Frank Dunnick
DDA Eamon Fitzgerald
DDA Heather Gimle
DDA Paul Hagen
DDA Nicole Hansen
DDA Shane Hauschild
DDA Andrew Isaac
DDA Allison Jackson
DDA Harry Kassakian
DDA Elizabeth Norton
DDA Murat Ozgur
Patrick Pekin
DDA Amanda Penny
DDA Gloria Albin-Sheets
Jennifer Strona
DDA Andy Truitt
DDA Nandor Vadas
DDA Rob Wade
Bill Rodstrom
Investigator Chris Andrews
Investigator Chris Cook
Investigator Jim Dawson (retired)
Paul's secretary Gail Dias
Office Manager Linda Modell
Investigator Eric Olson
Investigator Kathy Philp (retired)
Investigator Dave Dave Rybarczyk
Investigator Dave Walker
Child Interview Specialist Laura Todd
Senior Legal Secretary Melissa Arnold
Alternate Child Interviewer Jennifer Maguire

And, of course: Schwartz and Stoen.

Question, still, is "Who's left?"

Maggie Fleming, Max Cardoza, Wes Keat, Stacey Eads (on leave),
Allan Dollison, Arnie Klein, Jeff Schwartz,
Mary McCarthy, Davina Smith and Randy Mailman (the newest hire)

Two deputies leave DA's Office 3/8/2007
Update: 6/12/2007
County Counsel Kim Kerr - Longtime employee of the county takes job in Ione

Like Stoen leaving, this is good news... "" Jeffrey Scwhartz is leaving the DA's Office, going in to private practice (No surprise since he has had his "practice" listed in the phone book for the better part of a year, while acting as a prosecutor, which should be a big no-no.) 8/31/07, is gone.

1/2008 Davina Smith moves to the County Counsel's Office.

9/25/08 Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel, who has been handling the (Belant) case, will be leaving the office for another job at the County Counsel Office, Gallegos said.

1/5/10 Kathleen Bryson, hired and reputedly fired by Gallegos, is now running against him... ◼ Local attorney throws hat in the ring for DA


  1. It's about time !!!!! That worthless piece of shit has been a leak in the County payroll for way too long. He should never have been hired, should have never made his probation, and never been given top step salary. Shame on PVG.

    The stink will never go away.

  2. You forgot Zach Bird on your list of dearly departed, happily prosecuting in Sacramento County.

  3. Oops. Duly noted and added. Thanks.

  4. There is no probationary period in
    the DDA's contract. Whether you are there one day, right out of law school, or whether you have been steadily prosecuting for 15 years, you serve at the whim of
    the elected DA, who can fire you
    with no cause, or bad cause, or good cause. The staff has a contract that prevents that, requires several administrative steps and an provides appellate review, but not the lawyers. So remember to give the supes credit for that long list of lost lawyers, some of whom had talent and some of whom are making more money prosecuting elsewhere.

  5. Is it not the case that PVG, in his first campaign against Mr. Farmer, promised that he would obtain civil service protection for the attorneys? A promise which has, apparently, fallen by the wayside.

  6. and you better hope he doesn't try to implement it now, and lock in people like schwartz, dollison and other newbies. that barn door has already been left open and the horses are all gone.

  7. Oh yes, he expressed great admiration for the deputies and said he would strive to give them the protection they had earned, in part so that they could fearlessly
    tell the public the truth about
    what goes on.
    Which, given the march of time, is
    beyond hilarious.

  8. 8:10 a.m. - right on. With the crappy wages, disgruntled bloggers, and anti-law enforcement sentiment among the community...add in no job security, can you blame anyone from leaving? What happened to Mendez?

  9. What if Schwartz got fed up with Paul too? Perhaps he's leaving to prepare for a run against Gallegos, from the left? I hear a lot of lefties saying it's time to get a new DA.

    Of course I just made this up, because I like the guy and I would like to think that he sees what a terrible DA Paul is.

    Probably just wishful thinking.

    But you know Rose, that would be the best way to beat Paul. Find somebody who is even more of a lefty/enviro-type than he is.

    Conservative voters want to get rid of Gallegos and the left wouldn't be able to resist a real progressive (rather than a ken doll liberal).

    Schwartz and Hagen come to mind as potential candidates. But then... pretty much anybody but Darth Dikeman would be able to win.

  10. You must be kidding. You're nuts if you think Schwartz is in any way qualified to run that office, his reputation is like Schectman's - very bad.

    And much as I am going to be for "anyone but Paul" - this is not a partisan office, it is not a right or left position - and any serious candidate needs to leave their agendas and partisanship at the door.

    You've seen what "progressive" gets you - it means letting all the bad guys go free and prosecuting the innocent people like Sean Marsh. It means tolerating poor work habits and a lackadaisical attitude about the job, it has meant the destruction of programs that once meant alot to true "democrats," who took to being called "liberal" and then switched to "progressive." Progrmas that protect battered women, and abused children, Programs like the Victim Witness Program and the CAST unit. (Schwartz, if you remember was appointed to head of CAST and didn't do a single thing in his entire well paid time.

    Your "progressive" has set the county back some 20 years. Regressive, that's more accurate.

    Besides, if you really want the truth, Worth Dikeman was a lifelong democrat, from the time he registered to vote - far from the "conservative" you make him out to be, ignorant of the facts as you are. He was also immensely qualified to run the office, and was the choice of the people who work in the office and know what is needed.

    So don't pretend party affiliation has anything to do with what you want.

  11. My point is less about my own partisanship than it is HumCo voters. Paul was reelected because left of center voters weren't willing to bail on him for someone that looked less liberal. People didn't vote for him because they think he's doing a great job. Many voted for him simply because he went after Pacific Lumber.

    Find a likeable, competent candidate that is left-of-center. It will be easier to win.

    What about Paul Hagen?

  12. I like Paul Hagen.

    But I am not buying the left-of-center scenario.

    People voted for Paul intially because they thought change was good, thought Terry had been there too long, so they threw the dice. In the Recall, most people felt he (Paul) hadn't really been given a chance, felt sorry for him, and were sold on the idea that the Recall was only about Palco trying to buy their way out of a lawsuit. Faced with that fact, voters chose to do the right thing. Little did they know Gallegos' true colors. In the last election, it wasn't until the very end that enough people came forward, talking to the various editors, that the media support for Gallegos finally broke, and the truth began to come out. Still not in time for voters to make an informed decision, however.

    I'm being challenged by robash on another blog who states that I do not respect the will of the voters, who, after all, he asserts, have voted for Gallegos three times... quite the contrary - I have deep respect for the voters who take pains to become informed, and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so because the media did not tell both sides of the story early on. I sincerely believe that, given all the facts, the voters will make the right decision (which in this case would be to fire Gallegos.)

    I guess what I am saying - bottom line - is I don't think lefty/liberal/progressive is the deciding factor. Not in this race. It will be faith in a person - faith that they can do the job, that they understand the job, that they are willing to take on hard cases, and put bad guys away and do everything in their power to protect the people here.

    Paul pretended to be that person - go to his website (still up) and get a good laugh and a good lesson in propaganda - the falsity of his claims becomes clearer every day. "Visionary" - my ass.

  13. Make that - not just "his" claims, but his, Salzman and Sterling-Nichols' claims... or rather, LIES.


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