Monday, August 06, 2007

Frustration and determination

From Lisa's website - - which has links to pdf documents, and recordings related to her sister's disappearance, comes this:

"And unfortunately, even now it’s been nearly 5 years since Andrea’s remains were recovered, and as far as I’m aware, her case is not any closer to being heard in court than it was when she was found, 22 years from the day she disappeared.  I have tried to get information on the status of Andrea’s case, pretty consistently not wanting to resort to drastic measures, I continue to email, fax, and leave letters for the District Attorney’s office.
The last real connection we had was last October, when Paul Gallegos admitted in an email he sent to me, that he had not been kept informed of the progress in Andrea’s investigation, but that he would personally take her case file, and get back to us within a couple months, since this email was written in October, we have been looking forward to a response since January 2007.   A few weeks ago, I emailed Paul again, and followed up with a copy to his office, it is now May 2007, and there has been no form of communication, what so ever."

page 12 on lisa's webpage
Has wma link to actual recording - but link is not working for me. The recording is of the actual phone audio message left from Charlie V. with the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office stating that Lisa had been given authorization to retrieve Andrea’s remains. Follow up calls determined that this was not the case, as Gallegos will not release the remains to the family.


  1. She really needs help with that webpage. It is painful to navigate.

  2. She really needs help with the DA who has made it impossible for her to navigate.

  3. And the next time there is a murder reported,Paul should follow the protocol set by his predecessors in this case and ensure that other priorities are dealt with before finding a body so that if a body is found 20 years later that D.A. can get penned with all the blame.Alright,that may be a little extreme.
    Hey people listen,I understand that he's not doing anyone favors here,but to put this whole blame onto him when a murder occurred in 1980 is just lame.Yeah sure nail his ass for not following up here,but at least try to be fair and place some blame onto his predecessors who seemed to think that finding the body wasn't their utmost priority either.It years to find a body,please place that blame where it belongs.

  4. There's plenty of blame to go around over the years, mresquan, and those are detailed in the book.

    But finding a body that had been hidden isn't all that easy.

    What we're talking about here is what has happened SINCE the body was found.

    It's not placing blame on Gallegos for what others did in the past, did you not read how he used Lisa LaDeRoute for campaign purposes, and that he now will not even return her calls?

    Sometimes I wonder what's the use, the facts don't matter. Paul has some kind of magic protection - no matter what he does, no matter how unconscionable it is, no matter how far outside the norm it is, no matter how corrupt it is, you all protect him. What is it about the guy that evokes that maternal instinct to forgive the kid who broke the window, and drove the car into a tree, totalling it beyond recognition.

    What about holding him to a higher standard, expecting him to do his job - and expecting him to return the woman's calls when he TOLD HER TO CALL on public radio in order to get himself re-elected.

  5. That book will be my next read.Right now I'm stuck looking through reports sent to me by Human Rights Watch.Quite a bit of interesting reading,including a report with concerns about the man from the thread above.

  6. Keep us posted, mresquan.


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