Monday, August 27, 2007

Might as well just shut down all plans

The predatory litigious "Baykeeper" is back in the news.

...The city was on the California Coastal Commission’s May agenda for consideration for a coastal-development permit — one of several permits/certifications needed from various agencies — for the marsh construction phase that includes replacing a collapsing 24-inch culvert with a 48-inch culvert that connects the marsh and Humboldt Bay.

The Coastal Commission pulled the permit from the agenda.

Last year, high levels of dioxin were discovered in the sediment in a ditch bordering the east side of the former Simpson Timber Co. plywood facility off Railroad Avenue and adjacent to Del Norte Street. This information was contained in a report by Southern California-based environmental consultant Soil/Water/Air Protection Enterprise, which was hired by Humboldt Baykeeper and Californians for Alternatives to Toxics as part of their lawsuit against Simpson for alleged Clean Water Act violations...
(Read the rest: Marsh plan stalls)

Whaddya know - SWAPE provides litigation support! SWAPE provides witness and plaintiff identification services through the use of our network of legal clients and private Investigators. These resources are utilized for locating and interviewing persons and developing evidence for environmental claims cases.


  1. Would you rather see the project go forward without addressing the dioxin issue?

  2. the PALCO Marsh Restoration Project... To date (9/26/02) the city has (had) spent $1.1 million of the $1.5 million given to it by the California Coastal Conservancy to acquire and restore the PALCO marsh and surrounding lands. The entire marsh area north and west of Bayshore Mall is also known as the Eureka marsh.

    According to one Eureka City Council member, the project has taken far too long. But city officials claim it wasn't a matter of the city dragging its feet, but a series of circumstances that led to the delays: contaminated soil, discovered early on, stretched out the time-line; the Eureka Southern Railroad going broke added a few more years to the project; changes in the Coastal Conservancy's project manager delayed things even further; and then a new project design, which entailed refiling permits, added to the delay.

    The biggest delay was produced by the contamination, which took eight years -- from 1991 to 1999 -- to be cleaned up, Deputy Engineer Gary Boughton said.

    Source I know you like those sources.

  3. Bullshit. Boughton is a liar. Tyson has sandbagged this project for more than 10 years.

  4. After reading the artical that you reference above it is really hard to point fingers at Baykeeper on this one.

  5. They like to pretend the bay would not be being cleaned up without them when in fact the efforts have clearly been ongoing. This is one project that doesn't need another roadblock. This project isn't the one that interests them - it's the big money from Red Emmerson they want, but their "efforts" have stifling effects on others in and around the bay.

  6. Palco Marsh restoration is and has been on hold waiting for Waterfront Drive. If they did the Marsh first WF drive would be dead. Tyson has sat on the Coastal Conservancy's $1 million for restoration 10 years without doing squat.

  7. 11:27 sounds like the little man with the ball cap. He hates Tyson. How much dioxon has baykeeper cleaned up? How much money have they made in litigation?

  8. I could care less about the Baykeeper. I'm talking about roadblocks by our City Manager.

  9. interesting non-answere----- but how much have they cleaned up-----


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