Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gallegos still has his fans

This morning's paper touched off a rant in the coffee shop - the guy starts going off about the brutal cops, how bad EPD is, and cited as evidence "You can tell how bad they are, just look at how they treat OUR DA."

Ya gotta be kiddin' me.

-- Just for the record - what does the guy do for a living? He works in the pot fields. Who would he call if he needed help? Not the cops - he is armed.


  1. So you gonna give Paul any credit on Applegate? Or are you so bitter and mean that you're going to hold to the line of bullshit you've been spewing here online? Enough is enough Rosie, you will have to continue your search for the Anti-Christ elsewhere.

  2. That comment's not up to your usual standards.

    But you can put one in the Good Boy Paul column. I didn't think he was going to pull it off, but he did.

    Told ya long ago the original concept for the blog was two columns, side by side, one being "Good Boy Paul" - and "at the end of the day" we would see which column wins.

    The Good Boy Column is less than an inch long, even with this addition.

  3. Speaking of things not up to the usual standards, what happened to your gaggle of like minded 9/11 conspiracy nuts? What happened to all your commenters hon? What happened to all those hate mongers you like to encourage?

    Rosie, I know you like to put on a good show but if nobody's watching you anymore, wheres the fun in that?

    As a side note for you and your gang, did you know Paul was scheduled to fly on September 11th, but got a phone call urging him to reconsider his travel plans?

  4. What ARE you smokin? Paul's going on another vacation? September 11th rates are supposed to be more reasonable these days. Shouldn't he stay here and get some work done? Being short staffed and all?

    Anyway, stalkerman, the record stands, plagiarism, plea bargains, the full catastrophe - you don't really want me to run down the list, do you?

    Maybe I should, though, there's alot of new visitors from all over the country who don't know the whole story. I'll work on it.

    My work's almost done, though. Except for the crazy man in the coffee shop, there aren't many people left in this county who aren't fully aware of your boy's incompetence.

    Hey - he has another chance for another Gold Star - the 500 days mark is coming up. Think he'll come in under the wire?

  5. Jeez - Applegate was a no brainer. Its rare that you get the guy red handed actually shooting the victim. Usually, its by circumstantial evidence alone.

    Shit - a third grader could have put that on which is precisely why the village idiot took the case to try.

    It is also why he plea bargained the Kesser case.

    You give it up hon!

  6. Rosie, I know you like to put on a good show but if nobody's watching you anymore, wheres the fun in that?

    Check out the counter, dearie. Hate to tell ya, but I am not the only one watching Paul.

    And, in case we forget, the bona fide 9/11 conspiracy nut is on your side, good ol' Mr.

    God, I love it when you pop in - you open the door every time for a reminder of why we're here. Plagiarism, assault weapons, plea deals right and left, it's a soap opera, a train wreck - and you know it.

  7. Yay Paul He won applegate.
    a case worked up by Dikeman
    a case in which the victims came to court and said
    that guy shot me
    that guy shot my dad

    even yougo or jose M. could have won that case. Paul took it precisely because it was unlosable.

    More to the point, another DDA
    ok it was the reliable, long
    serving Ms Fleming, just won
    another CAST case. That's how many she's won, over the years? And how many did yougo win?

    and isnt it interesting how many
    CAST cases Paul has taken? Oh,
    wait, that would be none. Those are tough cases, require a lot of time, time spent with VICTIMS.
    Live victims.

    Dead victims are easier. Ask

  8. robin shelley8/22/2007 6:35 PM

    Is Anonymous 1:13 the nut from the coffee shop this morning, Rose?

  9. Nah. I'll be surprised if he can use a computer. See if he's back tomorrow.

  10. The Applegate case was NOT a whodunnit hon. There were eyewitnesses to that. The case was about whether or not Gags could prove it was premeditated. And on that one uncontested issue guess what hon...he lost and lost big. Gallegos couldn’t prove that the guy premeditated the murder even though he drove back a couple of hundred miles just to kill. What a lame ass.

  11. And used a gun and shot more than one person. Good shot, 9:18.

  12. your coffee idiot can't blame the cops anymore, the dude was out of his gourd on acid. who knows what posion was also in the acid? Damn those evil cops, forcing acid on the homeless.

  13. I read this blog regularly. 1:13pm must not be that bright. Over the past few months it's obvious that more and more people are not statisfied with PVG or the performance of the DA's office.

    Mr. is a loser that PVG accelerated to top step salary and then withing a few short months swept him out the side door. The criminals best friend can now spend more time with his family?

  14. Added to the post above -- Just for the record - what does the guy do for a living? He works in the pot fields. Who would he call if he needed help? Not the cops - he is armed.

  15. Gag's still has his fans? But the list is getting shorter! Will it get short enough to save us from another four years of Gallegos?

    His personal top pick for ADA, the world infamous Tim Stoen, fell on his sword and left in shame. (Jeff Scwartz) fell on his Swiss Army knife and left to spend more time with the family (my ass). Arnie Klien has been unusually quiet lately. And R. Trent has been ... missing .. from the press.

    Those in the know, that see what the DA's office is and isn't doing on a daily basis, have even gone quiet. Have they just given up?

    Someone in this thread said has got more criminals off as a DDA than he ever did as a defense lawyer. Ain't that the truth.

    Even the plagiarism stuff has faded from view. Such a fine example of an elected official!

    And what is it 500 or 501 days since the Cheri Moore shooting? How many days since all the reports were completed? Since the coronors inquest was completed (what a waste of county resources).

    The big question will anyone run against PVG ? Who would want to take over the mess PVG has created? Who would want the likes of R. Trent to vicously attack you in the press and the blogs. It's possible that Humboldt County will get PVG and his kind of "justice for all" for another four years just because nobody that is qualified would want to step on that great big pile of S*&^.

  16. PVG has the job for life. And the voters have only themselves to thank. Not only for electing him, but for electing supervisors who have steadily empowered the DA to do whatever he wants. The DDA's who have been lost had no contractual job protection, and that is NOT the DA's fault. The DDA's contract is with the county, and the county has for years, via
    Rick Hoeg, told the DDA's if you think you can do better, leave.
    So they did, in droves. Rose has more than once run the list of the departed, and almost every single
    Farmer hire is now serving another
    DA, making more money, with civil service protection. The people PVG has hired either cannot get work elsewhere, or were making even less money than Humboldt pays-- at least two hires came in the form of a couple from Del Norte.

  17. The guy's a doper and he refers to
    PVG as "our DA". What refreshing honesty.


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