Sunday, August 12, 2007

"more effective change agents"

OK, you know that "sanitation engineers" is the new name for "garbage men" - but what is a "more effective change agent"?

Answer.... a "more effective change agent" is - an activist. Why not just call 'em that? Well, ok, they're PAID activists-in-training.
"Two hundred student leaders converged on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol to put Congress in the `hot seat' on global warming through peaceful protest. The rally was the culmination of a seven-day grassroots activist training program called Change It, led by Greenpeace and sponsored by Seventh Generation..."

ALL EXPENSE PAID GREENPEACE TRAINING. Seventh Generation & Greenpeace are training and empowering dedicated student activists to become the next generation ... Selected students will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington

Guess nobody told them about the Y2K glitch Anon.R.mous and others are talking about...Years of bad data corrected; 1998 no longer the warmest year on record


robin shelley said...

Ummmmm... a cashier who knows how to count change back to you rather than relying on the computerized cash register to do it for them?

The Real Anonymous said...

Still want to know if you ever got the CAST information that you requested from PVG?

K T Cat said...

Well, a change agent is someone who makes things, er, change. A more effective change agent is one that makes things change faster. Or better. Or more. Or more effectively.

Something like that.

I hope I cleared this up for you.

Rose said...

Still want to know if you ever got the CAST information that you requested from PVG?

No. Not from Paul Gallegos' DA's Office. But I have to refile. (Chief Investigator) Hislop told me that the Eureka reporter had a similar Public Records Act Request in as well. I haven't seen any report, so maybe they didn't get theirs either.

It is ridiculous. I can understand why he would try to hide the stats - and why he doesn't want to show the sign-in/attendance sheets for the CAST meetings. It's because neither he not his appointee Jeffrey "" Schwartz attended meetings.

The Humbodt County CAST (Child Abuse Services Team) was once a model program. Now it is all but dead. Gallegos' priorities are Palco and legalizing pot. And taking vacations.

Thanks for the reminder, I will refile my request. It's been long enough.