Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gallegos on last week's Humboldt Review

Link to the podcast at KHUM. If that link doesn't work, go to the Humboldt Review archives and Right-click to download the August 16, 2007 mp3 file. I'll get it transcribed soon as I can. The topics are EPD/Large-scale Pot Grows/House Move. Gallegos is on in the last third, in case you're short of time.

Kevin Hoover interviews Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen, Mike Dronkers reports in on the Town Hall meeting regarding the Cotton death. Then Humboldt County Sheriff Deputy Mark Peterson and US Forest Service Special Agent In Charge, Ron Pugh and US Forest Service Assistant Special Agent In Charge, Bob Hernandez discuss the recent huge marijuana haul. Then, Kevin discusses it with Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos.

How do you think Paul sounds?

(Note a better link has been added.)

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  1. Sounds like he is heavily medicated.


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