Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh Great.

Inmate escapes from county mental health facility in Eureka

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office announced Sunday that a man in custody at the Sempervirens mental health facility in Eureka escaped at approximately 5:47 p.m.

Derek Wendell Bowman is described as a 6-foot-4-inch-tall 26-year-old American Indian male weighing approximately 200 pounds with short brown hair.

He also has numerous tattoos on his body — particularly his arms, according to police.

Bowman has not been considered dangerous while he has been in custody, but county officials stated that he does have a history of violence-related charges.

At the time of his escape, Bowman was believed to have been wearing dark blue “scrub”-type pants and was traveling on I Street in Eureka in a maroon-colored Caravan being driven by a woman.

The method Bowman used to escape is being investigated.

If anyone sees him or knows of his whereabouts, they are encouraged to phone the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at 707-445-7251.

Remember Derek? Whose nine felonies were swooped up and dismissed on a single day AFTER his parents, using the Tribe's money, gave Gallegos ten grand+ for his re-election campaign? After his parents, whose OTHER son MURDERED another Native American, stood on the Courthouse steps calling Gallegos' opponent, Worth Dikeman, a racist. (Worth put their other son away.)
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  1. What do you wanna bet that IF he even gets charged with escape, it will be probation again!

    boy - 10 grand buys a lot of Humboldt INjustice.

  2. I won't take that bet...

    Probation it will be or they won't even charge it and violate him on his old stuff....

    With time served, he will probably just leave the county jail and never go to prison.

    Oh yeah, this is so corrupt and so much will his family pay off Paul with now.

  3. Anyone heard any updates?

  4. I heard this morning that he is still on the loose.

    I would like the DA to comment as to why this guy got a paid for plea bargain before and why.

    Seems that this case should also be referred to the AG's office because of the paid for controversy from his folks buying off his previous nine felonies.

  5. Sooner or later. the Attorney General has to do something about what is happening here. The stack of complaints will add up to something they can no longer ignore.

  6. AG? never happen. And if it does, PVG will get a whitewash/endorsement.

  7. I don't completely agree with 1:45, but close. The AG will not get involved because this is a political problem. This county either voted (or stayed home) and the idiot was re-elected. So, the end result is you wanted it, you got it...enjoy it Humboldt. What cracks me up is all of the hypocrites here. For instance, you got the fringe screaming about Bush and Gonzales for firing US Attorneys just for politics when they were doing a stellar job. Hey folks, how was Gags’ firing and cleaning house of all but 3 deputies any different? Answer - Gallegos was more blatant.

    Or the charges that Bush lied to the public about Iraq ? Gags has told so many lies and gotten caught, I don’t have the paper to write them all down.

    No Rose, the AG will not step in no matter what. This is not like South Carolina where the AG got involved concerning Nifong. No, that won’t happen in California. And it’s a shame. Seems that most people get apathetic concerning politics because so many folks (not all mind you) that get into it locally or on the state level are dumbshits that can’t hold a job anywhere and are corrupt. You sort of get used to it.

  8. maybe yougo could be assigned to a newly created "give bowman whatever his daddy says" task force.

  9. Why isn't there a mugshot in the paper? How are people supposed to know if they see him?

  10. ok can we get a definitive answer on schwartz? are we done with this putz or not?


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