Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two down - decision on Honda shooting

DA: Police not at fault in death of Jonni Honda

Officers involved in the December shooting of Jonni Honda acted lawfully and in self defense, according to a copy of a report released by the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office today.

Jonni Kiyoshi Honda, 51, of Big Bar, was killed in a standoff last December when detectives learned he was in a room at the Super 8 Motel in Eureka and showed up to arrest him on suspicion of child molestation.

"Compelling evidence establishes that Officer (Joe) Marsh, Officer (Rob) Mataxas and Sgt. (Michael) Johnson were presented with a situation that actually and reasonably appeared to be a life-threatening situation to some or all of them and others," said the report from District Attorney Paul Gallegos. "In fear for their lives, and the lives of others, and forced to make split-second decisions because of the nature of the circumstances and locations of the respective parties, they fired several rounds at Honda ending the threat posed by Honda by his death."

The report said the use of deadly force was "reasonable and justified."

TS 'Self-defense' in Jonni Honda shooting
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  1. 491 DAYS ! It would be interesting to know the date when the final report was given to PVG.

    Maybe compare the amount of time it took PVG to make his ruling on the Honda case (time between receiving the reports and making the ruling) to the Cheri Moore case?

    The cops, the community, and the county deserve better than this.


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