Monday, August 20, 2007

Interesting Letter to the Editor

He couldn't do it, Kathy. He couldn't risk losing a trial Dikeman had won. It was a real case, and he no longer really has anyone to prep the cases for him - remember the cases he tried and was winning were all prepped by people who are no longer with the office, people who knew what they were doing. He might have had to call Debi August to testify, if he followed the original witness list. He also, in my opinion, would have faced conflict of interest allegations, big time. Pleading Kesser out was a given from the get go. He'll probably try throwing the book at Leahy.

Dear Editor,

Humboldt County’s esteemed district attorney wants to deal with Kesser for hiring someone to kill his wife? Both Kesser and his girlfriend should be retried and hopefully found guilty one more time.

The entire retrial is a farce to begin with! Both of these individuals should rot in prison for the rest of their lives for arranging the murder!

Just because Gallegos resented Worth Dikeman is no reason to set these two free or make a deal with them.

Mary Kesser was brutally murdered in her home — the innocent victim of three twisted minds. Her son has been left without a mother. What is the judicial system coming to in Humboldt County? It seems to me that it’s all politics. Where is the justice in that?

This is just one more reminder of why I left Humboldt County.

Kathy Sutter
Reno, Nev.

Murder retrial an example of why writer left Humboldt County

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