Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BREAKING NEWS - Derek Bowman Back In Custody

Found in Manila. (Better test him for meth)

TS Latest News - Semper Virens escapee caught
Chris Durant/The Times-Standard Posted: 3:40 pm
The Humboldt County Sheriff s Department said Tuesday that the jail inmate who escaped from the Semper Virens county mental health facility has been caught.

Derek Wendell Bowman, 26, was found and arrested in Manila. He escaped from the hospital Aug. 5, just before 6 p.m.

Bowman was in custody on suspicion of resisting arrest, drunk in public and for warrants for forgery and burglary.

ER Mental health escapee back in custody

A convicted felon who escaped Aug. 5 from Sempervirens, a locked, county-run mental health facility in Eureka, was found Tuesday in Manila, according to an official from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Derek Wendell Bowman, 26, was re-arrested in the 100 block of Phillips Court, after Sheriff’s Detective Troy Garey received a tip that Bowman may have been hiding at a residence there.

Detectives accompanied by a U.S. Marshal “knocked on the door, and Bowman answered,” stated a news release issued by the Sheriff’s Office. He was taken into custody without incident.

Bowman was booked back into the jail on suspicion of a new charge — escape — and was booked again on charges pending at the time of his escape, which included forgery and resisting arrest, the release stated.
For the full story on Bowman, whose nine felonies were swooped up and dismissed on a single day, after his parents, through the Bear River Tribe, gave Paul Gallegos Ten Grand for his re-election campaign; after his mother, whose other son had MURDERED a Trinidad Rancheria Member, stood on the courthouse steps calling Gallegos' opponent a racist in an unrelated case - This publicity stunt is widely credited with turning the election in Gallegos' favor - for the unfolding story, including Gallegos denial, click on the Gallegos/Bear River label/link.

In July, Bowman was sentenced to 180 days, less time served, in the Humboldt County jail for a probation violation. However, according to jail personnel, he was released Sept. 11 to serve the rest of his time in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program.

This is more on Derek Bowman - the kind of guy Gallegos lets off -
"Derek Bowman, 23, testified that he was in a vehicle behind Suarez’s vehicle when the shooting occurred and left Justin D. Andersen dead..." Witnesses identify Suarez as shooter in 2003 drive-by. 4/14/2005

"Bowman, a convicted criminal who has served time in the California Youth Authority, said he is associated with the Nortenos gang. He confirmed that he was granted immunity by the District Attorney’s Office in the trial, so that none of the information he provides in his testimony against Suarez can be used against him..."
And: Officer's testimony differs from that of some witnesses 4/16/2005

Bowman was caught violating his probation, and now he is caught escaping. What will Gallegos do now?


  1. Just in time for him to hire
    yougo as his defense.

  2. the TS forgot to add that the reason he was in custody for forgery and burglary is because the idiot DA plea bargained 9 serious felonies away after he received 10 grand from Bowman's family.

  3. Yeah, everybody keeps leaving that part out.

    Click on the Gallegos/Bear River label/link to see the unfolding story (yes, both sides).

  4. I wonder if this will violate his probation?


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