Friday, June 08, 2007

What's an "affordable" house?

Just for fun... Calculate how much house you (or your friends and family) can buy

In related news: Affordable homes built in Arcata - no word on the selling price, or the new buyer's incomes, or who foots the bill, but the homes were recently sold to low-income working households as part of The Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corp. (HBHDC’s) permanently affordable homeownership program, - purchased by working households on limited incomes with the help of the city of Arcata’s First Time Homebuyer program...

The three-bedroom/1.5-bathroom homes offer approximately 1,300 square feet of living space and are equipped with a 1-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system, solar hot water system, “SunTunnels” for natural lighting, Energy Star appliances and a personal computer.

In an effort to preserve the affordability of the homes, HBHDC, a private nonprofit organization, stated in the news release that it will retain ownership of the land and the homeowners have agreed that if they want to sell the home in the future, the home will be sold at an affordable price to another low-income household.

Happy homes
 The Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corp. held a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of three new Community Land Trust homes located on Aloha Way in Arcata. The homes were recently sold to low-income working households as part of HBHDC’s permanently affordable homeownership program. The Community Land Trust keeps the homes affordable in two ways. First, while the homeowner owns the house, the land underneath is owned by the CLT and leased to the homeowner. Aside from keeping the home price down by removing the land from the speculative market, the land trust uses public dollars effectively because the public investment into the land rolls over from one household to the next; no further public dollars need be spent to provide the permanently affordable housing in the community. Second, in exchange for the opportunity to buy a home the buyer otherwise could not afford, the homeowner agrees that if and when they sell their home, they will sell it at an affordable price. Essentially, the homeowner agrees to take limited equity and leave the rest in the home so the next low-income family can afford the home. Pictured, left to right, are Beth Matsumoto, Susan Vandermeer, Jenny Vanella, Larry Detker, Arcata Mayor Harmony Groves, Orion and Bella Waters, Jake Smith, John Wooley, Dana Gregg and Alyson Hunter, all of whom participated in the event. Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, property owner Jesse Kaono Wedemeyer, who named the street the homes are on, blessed the new homeowners with a Hawaiian song, “E ke hao,” translated in English as, “I honor you as a sacred spiritual being.” Daniel Solomon/The Eureka Reporter
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  1. Off topic but WHY IS IT that the District Attorney has yet to announce his decision on the Moore shooting? It's been 14 months ! The EPD officers involved have a right to know as the DA hinted at prosecution. Is the DA intentinally attempting to imposs some kind of emotinal ditress ? To punish the officers, or EPD in general? The public has a right to know. Why is the DA sitting on this issue ? Does he think it will go away?

    It is ironic to me that there is no uproar from Hearadlo, Eric, and others over this last standoff, ending in the death of a 26 year old in Hoopa. Had the exact same thing happened in Eureka the Blogs and the letters would still be demonizing the EPD. Why does the Sheriffs office and the Tribal Police get a pass? And I don't think the Sheriffs Office people did anything wrong it's just a little strange that the local "cop hating" brigade is more or less silent on this one.

  2. You're not really off topic. It's a good question. I'm making it a post. Seems like there ought to be a daily countdown.

    I still maintian he hasn't made a decision because he can't. His handlers want him to crucify the EPD officers, the evidence won't allow him to do it. He knows it. So he is stuck between a rock and hard place. he wants to do the right thing because there is a grain of decency in there, but he can't. The consequences are too severe.

    For all the postulating that he had to remain separate from law enforcement, I don't hear anything from his supporters now that he wants to take over from and BE the cops, and even more fully armed. Or any word about the intent of the assault weapons, which is clearly spelled out in the budget item, It is for asset forfeiture, it is to go out and SEIZE assets - and that can only mean one thing - pot growers and drug dealers. And that means his fundraising base - or are the ones who gave him money safe?

  3. And anyone with any insight knows that the majority of the Asset Forfeiture money comes from marijuana cases. So the marijuana money will be used to buy all the extra real police stuff including assault rifles? Sweet. I wonder how his SoHum buddies really feel about that? I guess the ones that don't get caught don't care that much.

    I think it's important to keep this one on the front burner. The DA needs to be held accountable.

    The DA's buddy Ken Miller is outraged at anything involved with EPD but, the Sheriffs Office standoff where the mentally ill guys stays in a burning trailer and dies doesn't even get a mention or a letter to the editor.

    What a strange place we live in.


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