Monday, June 04, 2007

More hilarity!

After you read the letter to the editor in either the TS or the ER...
Give the DA assault rifles
Investigators with the DA's Office need to have assault rifles
Then, read this:
Yeap, Bigfoot hunters giving out advice on firearms to DAs. Only in Humboldt County would this not seem odd.

Weigh in - who wrote the letter to the editor? Compare the well-organized repetitive talking points in the letter to the way the guy really writes in the "Bigfoot sighting." Are they the same person?

hat tip to anon.R.mous


  1. Here are some of the TALKING POINTS. Compare them to the Letter to the Editor:

    ...Paul's desire is to promote s-a-f-e-t-y among his workers and thus the community at large...

    ...If the lead investigator requests new equipment why would Paul stand in the way of that? We have school shootings, a massive methamphetamines problem and the police are often out gunned by lawless criminals...

    ...Investigators serve subpoena's which are not exactly documents filled with good news. These documents are often served on private property, in rural settings. You would attempt to viciously attack Paul for attempting to protect his staff?...

    ...The Investigators often have years if not decades of experience in Law Enforcement. You would question their motives or expertise?...

    ...Please remember that Paul Gallegos is first and foremost a family man. He has a wife and very young children...

    ...Paul is under attack for trying to provide the best for his staff....

    ...Paul is under attack yet again for trying to increase the capacity of his office to discharge its constitutional function....

    ...The investigators indeed are law enforcement officers. Would you tie their hands just because of personal political enmity? Would you allow partisan politics to interfere with justice and public safety? And would you do so in such a manner that children should be protected from hearing your hateful speech?...

    Can you imagine the meeting where these Talking Points were concocted? Oh, the indignance! Why would we DARE question Paul's motives?

  2. Seems to me that Ms. Sterling Nichols may be pulling an R.Trent Williams.

  3. Now they are saying the police are outgunned? After saying the police are trigger happy? Which one is it people? And I have never seen a DA serve a subpoena, it is a Sheriff or a private third party. In fact, they can't serve them, if they are part of the case, it has to be from a non bias third party.

    I wasn't allowed to be armed to the teeth when serving people, litttle did I know my live wasn't of value, but Paul "Pleabargain" Gallegos life is of value.

  4. Don't do what I do. Do what I say.


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