Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Couldn't plea bargain this one

Testimony began Wednesday in the drug trial of a German citizen.

"...Heiko Forster, 32 ... has been charged with possession of heroin for sale, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine base and possession of a hypodermic needle, Klein confirmed.

If found guilty of the charges, *Arnie) Klein said Forster could face a maximum of four years in prison, that the possible mid-term Forster could face is three years — the low-term being two years — and a judge could, potentially, sentence Forster to a minimum penalty of probation.

If Forster is sentenced to a prison term, Klein said Forster will be required to complete 50 percent of the time...

...“(Forster) is a citizen of Germany,” McCrone said, “so the problem with this case is that if he were to plead (to a plea agreement) in this case, he would be deported.

“Everyone else (arrested in the incident) has pleaded guilty (to something).”

Klein declined to comment on specifics of the case after court proceedings Wednesday.

“I’m doing my very best to make sure the defendant gets a fair and impartial trial in the courtroom and not in the press,” Klein said. “I feel very confident, in the evidence provided to the jury, that there will be a favorable result for the prosecution.

Well, that last part, that's somethin' at least.

Any reports on what "Everyone else (arrested in the incident) pled guilty to, and how much time THEY got?

Drug case in hands of jury
German citizen convicted of one charge

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