Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In other Plea Bargains:

Walin sentenced after accepting plea
A judge found sufficient evidence, following an April 3 preliminary hearing, to bind Walin over on being a felon in possession of a firearm, a sawed-off shotgun; being a felon in possession of ammunition; possession of a sawed-off shotgun; assault with a firearm; felon in possession of a short-barreled shotgun; and grand theft auto, with a special allegation that Walin did so with a sawed-off shotgun and another special allegation that Walin has a prior felony vehicle theft conviction.

“The defendant (pleaded) to (being) a felon in possession of ammunition, (being) a felon in possession of a weapon — a shotgun,” Dollison said, “and he admitted to having (served) three prior prison terms.

Duane Bowie Jr. accepts plea agreement Monday, is sentenced
The plea agreement — being a felon in possession of ammunition — was a stipulated agreement, meaning a prison term was already agreed upon by the defense and prosecution.

In return for Bowie pleading guilty to the offer, it was stated in court that one of the two charges and all the special allegations — which could have increased potential prison time — were dropped. They included felony assault with a deadly weapon (a metal bed rail) by means likely to cause great bodily injury and allegations of prior prison enhancements.

And, apparently, an offer on the table for Robert William Stepp Jr. - the charges and special allegations Tuesday from the two cases — consolidated in the new information/complaint filed by the District Attorney’s Office on Monday: kidnapping for the purpose of carjacking; personal use of a dangerous weapon; false imprisonment; use of a deadly/dangerous weapon, a knife; committing a crime while out of custody on bail or on his own recognizance; attempted second-degree robbery; brandishing a deadly weapon in an angry/threatening manner; and unlawful possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

Would you rather see these guys going away for as long as possible?


  1. Wow! Daddy sure got his 10,000$ worth.

  2. I would rather see them donated to science and all the animals who are put into studies with no say set free!!! Power to the Puppies!!!

  3. Well, the rule in the office is to get something, no matter what, to keep the stats up. It would seem that protecting the public for as long as possible from armed drug dealers and kidnappers is secondary to protecting statistics. Too bad the office lacks the confidence necessary to actually try cases. And let's give a tip of the hat to yougo " trust me, they love the deal" Schwartz for cutting Nate Garza some slack. Wonder why yougo is soft on sodomy. So to speak.


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