Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving a legacy

Over the weekend, some friends remarked on the legacy Paul Gallegos is leaving. Mismanagement, plagiarism, excessive plea bargains, the failed PL suit, the loss of staff, the loss of grants, questions of corruption - and that's just for starters.

While some of his early mistakes - like the way he handled the drive-by shootings - can be blamed on inexperience, he's now had 4 and a half years, and his record has gone steadily downhill.

What's his legacy?


  1. He distributed talent to other agencies througout the state and county, for which those agencies are eternally grateful.

    He gave the "progressives" a chance to show what they could do
    when given responsibility.

    He gave the voters a chance to be smart, to pay attention, to exercise the franchise responsibly...

    I could go on, but I think the point is made.

  2. Rose, clearly Gallegos' biggest legacy is that he gave you a new hobby! ;)

  3. Good work Rose, you're keeping those "other kind of people" on thier toes !

  4. A new man-lover for Heraldo, who, by the way, spends just a little too much time around the restrooms at the Crabs games..

  5. Gallegos's legacy? Sad, comical, corrupt ?

    Gag's has "prevented crime by preventing crime" ! More comedy.

    We have more crime victims because Gag's and his screwed up office dismiss or give away cases.

  6. And now he's losing another crack prosecutor, that topped out level four newly trained sex crimes wizard,

    If it's true, at least this time, no matter who he hires, it can't get any worse.

    And we'll all be "100% satisfied with the deal". For once.


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