Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 442


  1. Paul is in a fix. The longer he drags his feet on this issue the bigger a moron he looks like. He can put out the party line of not being rushed into his "ruling" but we all know that is just BS. He has had all the reports, the coroners inquest, and plenty of time to investigate or do whatever it is they do up on the 4th floor.

    Maybe the T/S could start putting the day on the front page. He needs pressure !

  2. Of course, when you consider the fact that murder is off the table here (because there is no credible evidence of malice, from what I have read) the delay looks even worse (if possible). The worst (or best I suppose based on perspective) case scenario is some flavor of manslaughter. Even that is a stretch of course, and you are never going to get 12 random taxpayers to agree on that. Even in Humboldt.

  3. I agree. There are two major factors - one, they coulda shoulda waited longer (based on what we know from news reports, which isn't the same as being there and having to make a decision) - and two, if you point a gun at a policeman, you deserve what you get. There's no walking away from that basic fact. (Any gun, toy gun, flare gun, starters pistol, or real gun.)

    Nevertheless, Gallegos' camp politicized that shooting to the very hilt, played it for everything it was worth, and he has no business having anything to do with making any decision on this case EXCEPT to send it on to the Attorney General, where it can be investigated and evaluated by unbiased professionals.

  4. Unbiased professionals? People who were hired by Lockyer, the guy who lauded PVG as the greatest DA in the state? Are you kidding me?
    The AG's office will spin it as the
    AG's office sees fit. Just like everyone else.


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